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Stock Footage Unlocked by Zack Murray

Stock Footage Unlocked by Zack Murray
Original Price: 697$
You Just Pay: 59.95$(One Time 88% OFF)
Author: Zack Murray
Sale Page:_https://www.stockfootageunlocked.com/
Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email.
Contact me for the proof and payment detail: email_Ebusinesstores@gmail.com Or Skype_Macbus87

The world of consistent passive income with your footage is just around the corner.
But getting started hasn’t looked so easy.

  • You love the idea of making regular income every month from your videos, but you’re not sure your work is good enough to stand out in the market.
  • You don’t have the time to spend hours going through your files, figuring out which sites to use and how to upload, with no guarantee you’ll ever make a sale.
  • All the stock footage sites are already way too oversaturated, and anything you upload will just get lost in a sea of other videos.
  • You take on jobs just for the paycheck, but you’d love the freedom that passive monthly income would bring for you to work on what you’re really passionate about.

The 5-Module Course Roadmap
The exact steps to take to build a unique stock footage portfolio that makes consistent sales.
Cheat Sheets & Templates
Reference guides to keep you organized throughout filming, editing, and publishing your work.
Private Facebook Group
Lifetime access to the Facebook group where you can collaborate with likeminded creators and get all your stock footage questions answered.
My Premium Content Guide
Learn what footage is popular and needed in the market right now.
Maybe you’re thinking, how does this guy have so much confidence that selling stock footage will work for me
Because I was you. A few years ago I was a freelance videographer trying to make extra income between cheap video jobs.
I loved the idea of selling stock footage, but the market seemed WAY too oversaturated, and I didn’t think my videos were good enough to stand out.
I decided to try anyway, and I ended up selling my first clip for $20.
After that I kept uploading, and I set out to learn what sold, what sites were getting results, and how to market my footage. Before long I was making consistent sales — not pennies but actual good money!
With only around 200 clips in my portfolio, I was making $450/month in totally passive income.
That consistent revenue totally took the pressure off.
Since then I’ve continued to grow my portfolio and increase my revenue.
I’ve been able to use my earnings to:

  • Pay my bills
  • Upgrade my camera gear
  • Travel to awesome places
  • And help fund projects I’m passionate about.

I learned that no matter how saturated the market might seem, if you know the right way to sell your videos, you CAN make regular passive income selling stock footage.
And I want to help you do it too!
What You’ll Learn
Learn exactly what kind of clips are selling in the market and what clips aren’t.
Learn techniques to improve your cinematography and create eye-catching, scroll-stopping videos.
Learn what camera gear I recommend and how to get the most out of what you have.
Learn what not to shoot when creating stock footage.
Get a behind-the-scenes look at my streamlined editing workflow from start to finish.
Learn what to look for when trimming your footage.
How to color correct your videos to be cinematic and timeless.
Preparing and exporting your videos for each stock agency.
Learn the best methods for tagging your videos to let people find your footage and increase your sales.
Create video titles and descriptions that will get your footage noticed.
BONUS: My streamlined Metadata Template to make keywording quick and easy.
In-depth overview of all the best websites I recommend for selling your footage.
Pros and cons of the unique qualities and revenue models of each site.
How to navigate the contributor portals of each platform.
Learn how to save hours when uploading your clips.
Learn how to price your footage to be competitive and still make sales.
Learn how to develop a system and stay consistent to guarantee long-term stock footage success.
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