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Steven Kotler – Habit Of Ferocity Quest

Steven Kotler – Habit Of Ferocity Quest
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Author: Steven Kotler
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In Just Minutes a Day, Steven Will Show You How to Easily Reap The Habit of Ferocity: the Behavioural Formula Used by Visionaries, Artists, and the World’s Top Performers to Put Success on Autopilot.
If you’re passionate about personal transformation, it may sometimes feel like your brain is your worst enemy.
Take exercise for instance: is working out really the hard part? Or is it pushing through the inner resistance, just so you can show up at the gym?
The reason your well-meaning brain sabotages you is simple: whether it’s post-workout exhaustion, or the effort it takes to learn a new professional skill – it’s been conditioned to shield you from pain, failure, and discomfort.
This made sense for our prehistoric ancestors constantly trying to outrun saber-toothed tigers.
But in today’s world, failure and discomfort are necessary stepping stones towards surviving and thriving.
So if you find yourself too often wrestling with your own mind instead of realizing your fullest potential, consider this:
Steven Kotler
“What If You Could Rewire Your Brain To Reject Mediocrity – And Automatically Choose
Transformational Growth Instead?”
This programming is what separates top performers from everyone else. It’s what gets them up in the morning when others sleep. It’s what motivates them to keep trying where others give up.
It’s what empowers them to achieve the impossible – when others can only dream of it.
This is the upper hand you’ll gain through The Habit of Ferocity: Mindvalley’s new Quest with acclaimed high performance expert Steven Kotler.
By drawing on the latest findings in neuroscience, physiology, and psychology, Steven trains you to adopt the peak performance formula known as ‘ferocity’: the one differentiating habit that makes the world’s most successful people, unstoppable.
Whether you’re looking to get ahead in your career, master a new skill, amplify your creativity, productivity, and focus, or simply be your best self – mastering ferocity will turn extraordinary performance into an effortless habit for you.
Switch Off Mediocrity. Switch On Ferocity.
Ferocity is a series of neurological and physiological habits that automate peak performance.
When you have ferocity, you are perpetually motivated to grow and push your boundaries – instead of hiding in your comfort zone.
You have constant access to your peak focus, productivity, creativity, and intuition – no more wasted time or energy.
And you are consistently unstoppable – even when faced with unexpected setbacks and adversity that would previously leave you giving up.
Switching on your ferocity means switching on your ability to achieve goals and solve challenges that others might consider impossible.
Many of the world’s top performers embody ferocity – often without even realizing it.
But by studying and synthesizing this phenomenon, Steven Kotler has created a framework that anyone can follow to rapidly and permanently channel its power into their lives.
The key lies in understanding the ingredients of ferocity. Lining up your extrinsic and intrinsic motivators. And rewiring your mind to channel ferocity on autopilot, with no conscious effort or resistance.
In The Habit of Ferocity Quest, Steven himself guides you through every step of this transformational process – until ferocity becomes your default state.
How The Mindvalley Team Harnesses Ferocity
To Do Our Best Work
At Mindvalley we’re huge fans of Steven Kotler. In fact we’re so in love with the concept of ferocity, that our team culture and many of our internal processes are designed to facilitate it.
For example our 3 Most Important Important Questions ritual, which every team member is required to answer upon joining Mindvalley, automates motivation and gets us focused on our biggest goals.
Then there’s our approach to setting goals: 50% of them must be BIG, with a high risk of failure. That’s how we develop the risk-taking attitude necessary for ferocity to thrive.
And if you were to visit Mindvalley HQ, you’d see that even our office architecture is designed to maximize flow: another key ingredient of ferocity.
The bottom line is this: ferocity empowers us to do better work, make a bigger impact, and rise above even the most stubborn obstacles. It’ll do the same for you too.
What You’ll Learn
How The Habit Of Ferocity Turns You Into A Peak Performer
Productivity & Focus
You find yourself doing better work in less time, as you gain mastery over the peak states of consciousness that bring out your best.
Problem Solving
You gain the clarity and insight to solve challenges that others can’t (and that probably held you back in the past too).
Creativity & Intuition
Your creativity and intuition dramatically amplify, resulting in brilliant ideas, solutions, and visions – often seemingly out of thin air.
You become a far more assertive communicator, capable of sharing your ideas with magnetic clarity, charisma, and energy.
Grit & Motivation
You become far more resilient in the face of adversity and unexpected setbacks, allowing you to persevere where others would give up.
Learning & Growth
Your capacity for learning expands, allowing you to absorb information and new skills far faster – like new skills, languages, musical instruments, and more.
Ferocity VS Flow: What’s The Difference?
If you’re familiar with Steven Kotler, you probably know him for his research into the peak state of consciousness known as flow.
So how is flow connected to ferocity, you might be wondering?
Ferocity is a behavioral formula that automates many markers of peak performance: including motivation, grit, and yes – flow.
Most people only ever experience flow in brief, uncontrollable flashes. But when you learn how to channel ferocity, you’re laying the foundations for entering and staying in flow, more frequently and consistently than ever before.
Program Curriculum
What You’ll Learn In
The Habit Of Ferocity Quest
The Habit of Ferocity is a 35-day online journey towards your fullest potential. Starting July 1, you’ll join Steven Kotler and thousands of students worldwide as he installs in you the frameworks, thought models, and behavioral changes that facilitate ferocity.
Steven is a brilliant and captivating teacher – and this Quest is the next best thing to having him as your personal coach.
In just 15 – 20 minutes a day, you’ll experience profound changes in the quality of your thoughts and actions. Your focus, performance, creativity, and tenacity at work will amplify. And your disempowering beliefs and habits will melt away, as grit, flow, and motivation start becoming your default states.
By the end of the Quest, the thought of giving up or retreating will seem completely alien to you – as you become reprogrammed for a lifetime of high performance, perseverance, and the power to achieve your biggest goals.
Enroll today to lock in your Masterclass discount, and begin this 35-day Quest with our global community. And remember, your experience is completely risk-free thanks to our 10-day money back guarantee.
· Chapter 1: Your Ferocity Primer
· Chapter 2: Automating Motivation
· Chapter 3: Automating Flow
· Chapter 4: Automating Grit
· Chapter 5: A Lifetime Of Ferocity


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