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Simplertrading – The Moxie Stock Method Class

Simplertrading – The Moxie Stock Method Class
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What Will You Learn?

Who Uses This Strategy:

TG Watkins


 What if you could look beyond price and identify big moves in stocks before they happen?

Now is your chance to discover how TG achieved 103% account growth with his Moxie Stock Method in a little over a year. Thanks to his proprietary Moxie Indicator he consistently predicts ‘pops and drops’ in stocks that allow him to book returns of 10% to 200% (often within days).

For the first time, TG is revealing how he catches ‘Moxie Stocks’ before they take off. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, this step-by-step training is designed to provide everything you need, including TG’s breakthrough Moxie Indicator, proven pre-trade checklist, and Moxie Scans for TOS.

TG also recorded an Indicator Installation Session to show you exactly how to apply the Moxie Indicator to your TOS charts after the indicator is delivered.

The Moxie Stock Method Class:

    • How to use the Moxie Indicator to read the profit potential of any stock
    • How TG avoids trades that could tank his account
    • TG’s strict rules and checklist for entering positions
    • How to use triple leveraged ETFs to your ‘unfair’ advantage
    • How TG plays bearish stock setups without options


Moxie Indicator + Indicator Scans

3 Days Live Trading Sessions with TG Watkins (Recorded)

Asset Class/Markets:

Primarily equities but a broad range within that asset class. Can be used for futures and Forex.

Skill Level:

Basic to advanced

Why Buy This Class:

You will learn how price interacts with moving averages in ways you have not seen before. Lucrative, repeatable patterns which help you see the entry and exit coming. See through the noise of price like never before with the Moxie Indicator

Course Breakdown


    • 1: Introducing TG and his charts: 44 minutes
    • 2: Gaps, Moats, Elf Shoes: 23 minutes
    • 3: Moxie Indicator; Divergences: 50 minutes
    • 4: Moving Average Weakness, Full Trend Cycle: 53 minutes
    • 5: 15 Minute Moxie: 30 minutes
    • 6: Moxie Scans, Day Trades: 21 minutes
    • 7: Chart Examples with Q&A: 56 minutes
    • 3-Days Live Trading Sessions (Recorded)

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