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SimplerTrading – Raghee Horner – Submarket Sonar – Live Trading + Indicator

SimplerTrading – Raghee Horner – Submarket Sonar – Live Trading + Indicator
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What Will You Learn?
Who Uses This Strategy: Raghee Horner
What: Any Trader looking forward to getting an edge just after the opening bell. To be able to trade big money flow buying and selling. Identify key liquid levels with volume and activity. Find levels of retracement or reversion to the mean. Capitalize when the market has gone “too far”. Get safety in numbers from finding confirmation that the price level will hold.
Submarket Sonar Strategy Class –
Learn what the big money flow measures, tracks and trades.
Why they buy where they do and how we can find these levels.
The skills to anchoring Volume Weighted Average Price, Volume Profile, and Standard Deviation.
The three indicators that track the big money flow simply and cleanly.
How to use these levels to trade in any time frame in futures, options, ETFs, and stocks.
Build and manage a longer-term portfolio.
Position trade and see Sector Rotation in real time.
Identify trends that most traders don’t see before it’s too late.
Find the levels that institutions follow.
Capitalize on underpriced and overvalued options.
Day trade futures like the S&P and NASDAQ.
Learn about the two trends in any market.
How to strategically anchor to create your “trading edge”.
Also Included:
Indicator Setup and Q & A with Eric Purdy, 1 session, 48 minutes
Submarket Sonar Strategy Sessions: 4 sessions, 4 hours 15 minutes
2 Days Live Trading Sessions with Raghee Horner
Asset Class/Markets: Be prepared to avoid the icebergs hiding below the surface with the VWAP Max set of tools to help you unlock trades and identify market opportunities on Futures, Options, Stocks, ETFs and Indexes.
Skill Level: If you’re someone that wants to utilize the VWAP Max tools to gain your “trading edge” in various markets and intraday, day, swing or position trading and timeframes then the VWAP Max trading system will help take your trading to the next level with confidence and control.
Why Buy This Class: Learning how to use the VWAP Max tools will allow Traders to have price and volume visibility and confirmation into the markets to capitalize on. The anchoring guiding lights can help identify the invisible price and volume levels where Traders should be trading at or standing aside.
Course Breakdown
Chapter 1: VWAP, VProfile, VScore, and Anchoring: 58 minutes
Chapter 2: Deeper Into VProfile and VScore: 53 minutes
Chapter 3: Buybacks, Sector Rotation, and Macro Data: 70 minutes
Chapter 4: Price Action and Stocks: 75 minutes
2-Day Live Trading Sessions

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