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SimplerTrading – Futures Freedom Plan (Elite Package)

John F. Carter – SimplerTrading – Futures Freedom Plan (Elite Package)
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Author: John F. Carter
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Precision Futures Trading Strategies
How Even Beginners Can Profit from Futures with Limited Risk

Why are so many traders attracted to trading futures?
Trading futures allows greater leverage. With futures, small changes in the price can create an opportunity for rapid, substantial gains if you know how to limit your risk.
As the Director of Options at Simpler Trading Danielle Shay had only traded stock options before she discovered futures. Her goal was to learn a handful of high-probability setups.
Raghee Horner has traded futures for over 30 years and is a published Forex author. Raghee runs the Simpler Futures Gold Room and is the Managing Director of Futures at Simpler Trading.
Together they created the Futures Freedom Plan to teach a simple, beginner friendly plan for successfully trading futures.
In this popular course you’ll discover Danielle’s high-probability intraday setups and Raghee’s intraday and swing trading setups.
You’ll also get Raghee’s proprietary indicators that are designed to help traders of any skill level clearly see opportunities on any chart like a pro.

What is the Futures Freedom Plan?
Do you know how to take advantage of choppy markets where the Dow moves hundreds of points – sometimes within hours? Big, sudden market moves present opportunities for substantial profits.
Danielle and Raghee will teach you how to trade futures from square one in Futures Freedom Plan. They reveal reliable market patterns using free tools that all traders can use to quickly learn how to leverage the patterns for maximum gains.
Futures Freedom Plan is the blueprint for The How, The When, and The Why behind trading futures. You can learn to read the markets and how they move so you can recognize strong trends and when to exploit them.

Futures Freedom Plan
Futures Freedom Plan reveals clear entry triggers to confidently find valid trade setups. This helps you avoid emotional trading while finding profit targets. You can let the market tell you when to get out with gains while limiting risk.
Patterns are the key to futures trading for Danielle and Raghee. You’ll be able to learn patterns like “The Correction/Trend Continuation,” “The Shift,” and “The Choppy Market Fade.” Danielle and Raghee focus on how to recognize these patterns that reveal if you should follow the trend, brace for a reversal, or just stay out.
In addition, you’ll receive the Futures Freedom Plan step-by-step trade checklist with guidelines for any size account – small or large. You will also learn to use Raghee’s powerful tools – the ST_Darvas Box, GRaB Candles, 34 EMA Wave, and the ST_Propulsion indicator.
Futures Freedom Plan is the program for you to learn both swing and day trading futures with the same tools and strategies used by Danielle and Raghee. You can follow Danielle to catch strong trends intraday and apply Raghee’s swing trading setups for catching bigger moves.
Just like these three trades Raghee took that added up to $4,500 per contract:

Discover the four key elements to successful futures trading:

Understand the method behind a 30-year career. This is the how, the why, and overall concepts behind what we do in the futures market. You can leverage decades of market experience to develop a profitable futures trading plan.

Understand how to gain an edge in your trading. This is the recognition of the key moments to jump into the market. Danielle and Raghee each offer unique and proven strategies for timing trades with the most potential for profit.

Understand how to put your knowledge to work. You’ll learn to time entry into a trade and when to exit a trade for maximum gain. However the market shapes up, you’ll understand the best opportunities available.

Learn favorite futures setups and tips from Danielle and Raghee. Traders want to know what Danielle and Raghee are doing daily in their trades and how they plan for the future. You’ll learn about their personal paths to financial freedom while trading futures.

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