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Ryan Deiss – Social & Community Mastery

Ryan Deiss – Social & Community Mastery
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Author: Ryan Deiss
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What You’re About To Discover:
The “Social Success Cycle” framework that gives you instant clarity on the 4 categories of social media marketing activities (and the category every business should begin with).
How to create your Customer Avatar in order to architect a social media strategy that attracts leads and buyers (our simple Customer Avatar Worksheet will show you how to build your avatar).
How to recognize and leverage the strength (and avoid the weakness) of both “Seeker” and “Engagement” social media channels.
The “10-Minute Social Media Audit” that immediately identifies gaps in your social media marketing so you can close them.
The two categories of social media marketing that can (and should) be automated by software (don’t worry, we tell you which programs to use).
The “Feedback Loop” process that exponentially increases the impact of social media marketing on product/service development, customer service and content creation.
The 5 keyword categories that matter when monitoring the web for customer service and reputation issues (“Listen” for these keywords and you’ll immediately join the social conversation about your brand).
The Social Listening Keyword Research Planner that makes social listening campaign set up a breeze.
How to set up social listening using paid tools (and an alternative method using free tools for those on a tight budget).
The simple 3-Step Social Media Customer Service Plan to employ when dealing with angry customers on public social channels.
4 methods to growing connections on any social channel (look out for the “Indoctrination” and “Bouncing” processes).
7 blog post templates that create high-quality, “shareworthy” blog content with speed (never get stuck for blog post ideas again).
The Social Media Topic Map handout that transforms boring, “ho hum” social media channels into thriving social communities.
The 6-Step “socialization” process you’ll apply to every new piece of content you create (this will maximize your social media exposure).
How to defeat the “Social Fire Hose” (and create social media updates that get noticed in the sea of social status updates).
How to leverage “Long Tail Media Outreach” (in order to generate traffic, links and authority from blogs, podcasts and more).
How to combine Social Media Topic Maps and “The Short List” process to create a network of influencers (these can really can “move the needle” for your business).
How “Reverse Media Outreach” works today (and how to position yourself to take advantage of it)
The “Value First” strategy that seamlessly and subtly transforms casual social media connections into leads and customers (without being sleazy).
3 types of “Value First” offers (and when to use each one).
How to employ “Content Segmentation”, social media and social advertising to ascend social connections to leads and customers.
How to use content + social media to intersect with “The Customer Journey” from the Awareness to Conversion stage.

Course Breakdown:
Module 1: Start Here
Lesson 1: From The Author
Lesson 2: Social Success Cycle
Lesson 3: Social Media Marketing Goals
Lesson 4: The Customer Avatar
Lesson 5: Which Social Media Channel Is Right For You
Lesson 6: Engagement vs Seeker Channels
Lesson 7: 10 Minute Social Media Audit
Lesson 8: Social Media Dont’s
Lesson 9: When to Automate

Module 2: Social Listening
Lesson 1: Why Listen?
Lesson 2: Social Listening Goals
Lesson 3: Social Listening Tools
Lesson 4: Social Listening Metrics
Lesson 5: Social Listening Setup
Lesson 6: Social Listening Keyword Planning
Lesson 7: Tool Demo: Keyword Alert Setup
Lesson 8: Listening Without Paid Tools
Lesson 9: Using A Feedback Loop
Lesson 10: Tool Demo: Tag And Task Setup
Lesson 11: The 3-Step Social Customer Service Plan

Module 3: Social Influencing
Lesson 1: Why Influence?
Lesson 2: Social Influencing Goals
Lesson 3: Social Influencing Tools
Lesson 4: Social Influencing Metrics
Lesson 5: Growing Social Profiles
Lesson 6: Social Media Bouncing
Lesson 7: Social Media Topic Map
Lesson 8: 7 Blog Post Templates
Lesson 9: Socializing Blog Content
Lesson 10: Step 1 – Splinter
Lesson 11: Step 2 – Visualize
Lesson 12: Step 3 – Broadcast
Lesson 13: Step 4 – Tag
Lesson 14: Step 5 – Monitor
Lesson 15: Step 6 – Schedule
Lesson 16: Tool Demo – Edgar
Lesson 17: Defeating The “Social Fire Hose”
Lesson 18: Tool Demo – Facebook’s Boost Post Function
Lesson 19: What’s Your SOP?

Module 4: Social Networking
Lesson 1: Why Network?
Lesson 2: Social Networking Goals
Lesson 3: Social Networking Tools
Lesson 4: Social Networking Metrics
Lesson 5: What Is Media?
Lesson 6: Long Tail Media Outreach
Lesson 7: What Does Long Tail Media Want?
Lesson 8: Networking By Topic Map
Lesson 9: The “Short List”
Lesson 10: Reverse Media Outreach
Lesson 11: Staying Compliant

Module 5: Social Selling
Lesson 1: Why Selling?
Lesson 2: Social Selling Goals
Lesson 3: Social Selling Tools
Lesson 4: Social Selling Metrics
Lesson 5: The Value First Strategy
Lesson 6: Value First Offers
Lesson 7: The Customer Journey
Lesson 8: Content Segmentation
Lesson 9: Segmentation + Retargeting
Lesson 10: DEMO: Setting Up A Segmented Website
Lesson 11: Content + Social Media + Ad Retargeting
Lesson 12: Putting It All Together

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