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Robert G, Rebecca Brizi – How to Run a Business with Freelancers

Robert G, Rebecca Brizi – How to Run a Business with Freelancers
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Author: Robert G, Rebecca Brizi
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What you’ll learn
STOP being trapped in your office job due to lack of resources!
STOP being stuck in Your Own business due to lack of resources!
LEARN How to Run Your Business using Freelancers
AVOID having to hire a bunch of staff

FREE up Your Time so you can concentrate on what you’re good at!
FIND the best Freelancers
CHOOSE the Freelancer who best suits your needs
CHOOSE the Best Payment Method for your freelancers
This Course is for anyone who would like to run their own business, not have to do it all themselves, and does not want to have to hire a bunch of staff
This Course is for those of you who would like to work on your own, or who are maybe already working on their own, but have hit a bottleneck. There’s only so much work one person can handle on their own. So how can you expand or keep growing, without having to set up an office and hiring employees?
Well, it turns out you can do this by working with Freelancers. And in fact, Freelancers will give you access to the best talent worldwide (and not just your metro area, which would be your limit for employees).
And yet, usually, when you ask someone if they outsource to Freelancers, they reply with some horror story, or some reason or another as to why they cannot and will not delegate to Freelancers.
And they’re not wrong!
Many things can go wrong when outsourcing to Freelancers, and many things do! On the other hand, when things go smoothly, the relationships can be extremely beneficial for both parties, becoming more and more so over time.
This course goes into detail with regards to hiring Freelancers and working with them, so that you can let them handle the other aspects of your business, while you concentrate on what you love to do.
Who this course is for:
Anyone who would like to get things done, using experts in the field no matter where they are around the world

Robert G, Rebecca Brizi – How to Run a Business with Freelancers: Videos, PDF
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