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Parker Walbeck – Full Time Filmmaker 2018

Parker Walbeck – Full Time Filmmaker 2018

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What’s inside Full Time Filmmaker?
In this program, we cover everything from the very basics of what gear to buy and how to use it, to advanced cinematography techniques, my full editing workflow, and the steps it takes to run a successful business! The curriculum currently consists of over 80 training videos (16 hours) and I add new videos every month to keep the learning relevant and up-to-date.
What kind of camera gear should I buy?
How do I technically use my camera gear?
How do I make my films look cinematic?
What is my post-production workflow?
How do I find clients and make money?
How do I work behind the scenes on each unique shoot?
Our World Wide Community
One of the biggest perks of a traditional film school is networking with other talented filmmakers. That’s why we’ve created a private Facebook page designated for members to collaborate, share work, give/receive feedback, ask questions, share articles, and learn and grow together.
What Separates Us From the Competition?
Having purchased many online courses myself, I believe Full Time Filmmaker is the most efficient and informative online course available, giving you everything you NEED to know, without all the fluff. No other course offers regular video contests, feedback to student videos, and personal access to a practicing professional, who regularly adds NEW content to keep the learning relevant and up-to-date. This industry evolves so fast, it’s nice to know your mentor is evolving too.
What we’ll cover in this training…
How Did I Get Started? I walk you through the exact steps I took to launch myself as a professional creating video content in a variety of industries.
My 10 Secrets to Cinematic Shots I’ll go over some of my most frequently asked questions teaching you my top secrets in just an hour.
My 6 Steps to Making Money I’ll show you how to immediately start making money on your expensive camera investments.

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