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Modest Mitkus – Create Once, Sell Forever

Modest Mitkus – Create Once, Sell Forever
Original Price: $299
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Sale Page :_https://www.modestmitkus.com/products/create-once-sell-forever#pricing


Create Once, Sell Forever is a video course where I show you my framework on how to build a $35k/month digital product business from scratch.
A few years ago, I was running my own UI/UX studio. I won one of the biggest clients in my country, received awards, earned 6 figures, and was my own boss.
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Living the dream, some would say.
Except, I wasn’t.
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Every day, I had to perform to please people I didn’t know or even like:
– 2-4 daily calls that I hated (sorry ex-clients)
– No work freedom, always following others’ direction
– Knowledge used for others’ profit, with little pay or recognition
I was just a person hired to perform to THEM in the way THEY wanted.
Let me tell you.
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“Do your job and shut up” doesn’t feel like a dream at all, even when you’re making 6 figures from it.
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And that wasn’t even the worst part.
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When I reached my all-time high income, I realized there were limits. If I wanted to make more money, I couldn’t do it on my own. And I had already been feeling burnout for a few months then. Great, huh?
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There were 2 options:
– I could suck it up and continue working for others, as everyone does.
– I could use my savings and f**k everything and try for the following year.


I felt desperate realizing that even though I had money and a future, there was no happiness in that. So at the top of my career, I dropped everything and dedicated myself fully to creating and selling digital products.
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At the time, I had 0 followers and 0 traffic.
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To this day, I can clearly remember that moment. It was a beautiful spring day; I was spending time walking my dog with my girlfriend.


Modest Mitkus – Create Once, Sell Forever : Video, PDF´s
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