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Law School for Everyone Constitutional Law

Law School for Everyone Constitutional Law
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The U.S. Constitution is at the core of the American political system. Yet, despite its central role in our lives, this ever-controversial founding document is vague about many of the issues confronting modern society.

Americans wage many of today’s fiercest policy debates and culture wars as battles over constitutional meaning. Constitutional law implicates everything from abortion to same-sex marriage to the scope of presidential power in times of war. Quite simply, many of the most important issues of the day are ultimately questions of constitutional interpretation, and the Constitution rarely answers these questions clearly.

Law schools across the country teach constitutional law, because the subject is so fundamental to our democracy. It’s the area of law that determines what federal and state governments are permitted to do, and what rights you have as an individual. It is, as award-winning law professor Eric Berger of the University of Nebraska College of Law describes it, “both law and politics.”

In this class, you will examine many facets of constitutional law, including:

• How should lawyers and everyday citizens alike interpret the Constitution?
• How should we apply the Constitution to situations the Founders couldn’t imagine?
• Is the Constitution working well as is, or does it need fundamental changes?

Questions like these lie at the heart of Law School for Everyone: Constitutional Law. In 12 lectures, you’ll get the same accessible, well-rounded, and balanced introduction to constitutional law as Professor Berger’s own law students. You’ll examine pivotal Supreme Court cases to learn how interpreting the Constitution has radically affected American society. You’ll consider the Supreme Court’s role in deciding-and sometimes avoiding-questions of constitutionality. And you’ll investigate how changes in public opinion can influence how the Supreme Court interprets the Constitution. While the open-ended nature of the Constitution’s language makes constitutional law often uncertain, you’ll come away from this course with a better understanding of its many nuances and complexities, as well as its profound importance for the future of the United States.

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