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Ken McCarthy – Money Independence Day

Ken McCarthy - Money Independence Day

Ken McCarthy – Money Independence Day
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People talk about it, worry about it, dream about it.
Today there are not not only TV shows devoted to it but also whole TV channels.
It’s a topic of endless interest – and it generates a lot of emotion.
Like most people, I’ve been fascinated by the subject of money too.
I’ve also had some very interesting experiences with it:
* I worked on Wall Street in the late 1980s and still have lot of friends who are part of that scene.
* I’ve met and talked with four billionaires (Jim Clark, Marc Andreessen, James Barksdale and Scott McNealy)
* I’ve been part of the Internet revolution since before Day One and have seen many fortunes made and lost.
Here’s a secret about me…
For every book I own about marketing (and I have hundreds of them), I have a book about money.
I’ve never made a business of giving market advice, but occasionally I have shared insights – publicly and in writing.
Like in 1994, when I recommended business owners and investors take the Internet seriously
Like in 1998, when I recommended that investors STOP taking the Internet so seriously.
Like in 2002, when I said the Internet was going to come back stronger than ever after the dot com crash.
Every time, I was going against the flow in a big way.
If I were an investment advisor, these three calls alone would have been enough to put me in the Investor’s Hall of Fame.
But that’s just the tip of the iceberg
I’ve also issued occasional private market advisories to my System Club members.
Like in 2005 when I advised all System Club members to rethink what their business – and life – would be like if there were to be a sudden and drastic credit crunch – which I called “inevitable.”

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