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Jon Dykstra – Blackroom Blog Profits 2018

Jon Dykstra – Blackroom Blog Profits 2018
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Author: Jon Dykstra
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Master blogging and become profitable in a comprehensive course for setting up your site, getting traffic and monetization strategies.

Master blogging and become profitable in a comprehensive course for setting up your site, getting traffic and monetization strategies.

Class Curriculum:
Start Welcome & Time management (14:16)
Start Quick Start Guide (6:32)
Start Suggested Tools
Start Sample Day Outline
Step 1 Picking A Niche
Start Picking A Niche Intro (16:47)
Start Niche Selection (33:11)
Step 2 Outsourcing & Simplifying
Start Outsourcing with Mike (26:11)
Start Outsourcing with Jon (19:17)
Start Making Procedures
Start Screenmeter To Look Over Work (2:42)
Start Sample Of A Google Folder To Organize Work
Step 3 Create Content
Start Intro to Blog Content (11:56)
Start Structuring Content into Series (Silos)
Start 8 Ways to Create Great Affiliate Content
Start Content outsourcing (25:19)
Start Article Ordering Instructions (Template)
Start How to Instruct Writers So You Get Good Content
Start Guest Blog Content (11:39)
Start Your About Us Page
Start Content ROI Calculator
Step 4 Monetize Your Site
Start Intro To Monetization (7:54)
Start Monetization with ads (Adsense, etc.) (28:23)
Start Content and Ad Format Map (GRAPHIC)
Start List Building Money (11:36)
Start Affiliate promotion basics (10:39)
Start Finding affiliate programs (7:28)
Start Finding Good offers (15:21)
Start CPA Companies (14:32)
Start Secrets to aff promotions (18:55)
Start Email Marketing
Step 5 Get Traffic
Start How to Set Up Pinterest Account (Step-by-Step – Everything)
Start Pinterest Tips and Tricks
Start How to Create Boards and Pins (5:02)
Start Pinterest Case Study (3:26)
Start Pinterest Traffic (37:54)
Start How to Set Up Rich Pins (1:58)
Start Pinterest Analytics in Google Analytics (1:35)
Start Canva Tutorial for Great Pins (6:51)
Start Best On-Site Social Sharing Plugins
Start #Hashtag Directory (All Niches)
Start Tailwind Pinterest Strategy (Step-by-Step)
Start 4 Examples of Successful Pins
Start Intro To SEO (17:11)
Start KW Research: “Flipped Method” (Our unique approach to KW research) (30:26)
Start Seed Keyword Vault (Flipped Method)
Start KW Research: Google Autosuggest on Steroids (3:45)
Start KW Research: Find unlimited KW’s in the Form of Questions (we love these) (3:27)
Start KW Research: Merchant Product Curation Concept (So Easy) (8:11)
Start SEO Backlinks (19:40)
Start Onsite SEO (18:57)
Start SEO Increasing Your Click Through Rate (10:36)
Start SEO Step-by-Step Checklist
Big Sales & Services
Start Finding Experts For Sales & Coaching (24:32)
Start Big Sales & Services (13:48)
Start Fixing My Friend’s Sales Page – Copywriting Tricks (49:40)
Selling Your Site
Start Selling Your Site (29:38)
Taking it to the Next Level (More of My Favorite Niche Blog Methods)
35 days after you enroll
Start My 2 Favorite/Highest Earning Ad Networks (Never Shared Publicly – Major Mobile Ad Boost)
Start 1 Free Tool that Can Dramatically Increase Affiliate Commissions (with Same Traffic) (10:43)
Start How to Create Cornerstone Content Blazing Fast (11:41)
Start KW Research: Low Competition Gems from the Competition (5:08)
Start B2B – How to Find Recurring Commission Business Software to Promote as an Affiliate (9:35)
Start Content Concept that Attracts Links (Only minutes to create) (6:50)
Start Hybrid Pagination for SEO and Page Views (5:13)
B0NUS: My Most Successful Passive Income Model (7 years running)
Start B2B Model Explained in Detail (Part 1)
Start B2B Model Explained in Detail (Part 2)
Start B2C and B2B Combo for Niche Domination (7:44)
Price: $997

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