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Igor Ledochowski –  Hypnotic Journeys

Igor Ledochowski –  Hypnotic Journeys
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Author: Igor Ledochowski
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How Hypnotists Just Like You Are Making A Solid Income
From “Hypnotic Journey”
Group Programs…
… And Getting More 1-On-1 Clients
As A By-Product …
… and how you can too …
From: Igor Ledochowski

ear Reader, If you want to know how even a “beginner” hypnotist can
reliably fill a hypnosis practice (and get paid well to do so)… then
here’s how some in-the-know hypnotists are already doing it.

And why you can do the same thing with the information that follows.
Here’s what it’s all about:
Recently in Las Vegas I spoke from the stage to a group of hypnotists about a simple, reliable and repeatable process that…

Enables you To Get Well-Paid
To Create Demand For Your
“Core” Hypnosis Services
It “gets around” all the typical problems and limitations that hypnotists routinely run into when trying to fill a private practice the traditional way.

For example:
One of my students in Florida – who had been struggling and failing to build a hypnosis practice the traditional way – came to me for advice.
I outlined to him what I’m about to outline to you.
I told my student in Florida that all he needed to do was follow a NEW, yet SIMPLE model and process that’s designed to make a six figure a year income from hypnosis.
And guess what else?
I Told Him To Work This New Process
(At Most) A Couple Of Hours A Day,
Monday To Friday
Nothing about his hypnosis skills was to really change.
He’d still be the same person.
He’d be living and working in the same area with the same “opportunities.”
All that would be different is instead of using the traditional model to fill his hypnosis practice – he was now to follow the simple, reliable and repeatable process I outlined to him.
And the reason I told him that was so it would…
Allow him to “reach” more people with his hypnosis.
Allow him to have a greater impact in his community (impacting many people with hypnosis that wouldn’t otherwise get in touch with him for help).
Allow him to leverage his time and… in a very real sense… have people pay him weeks in advance to get a “taste” of what hypnosis can do for them.
And perhaps best of all:
Even if nobody ever came forward for one-on-one hypnosis sessions… the new model I told him to follow (the model and process I outlined to him)…
These videos are now available and are titled: Hypnotic Journeys Group Hypnosis
If you are smart enough to watch these videos you will get every secret, every insight and every nuance you need to be successful at running profitable group packages delivering Hypnotic Journeys.

Here is a run-down of what you will get out of watching the videos:
The hypnosis practice know-how of conducting group sessions.
What you can typically charge individuals for group packages.
How many people you ideally need in a group.
How to position yourself to different types of groups. Should you call yourself a hypnotist or…
How to best name and title your group package program (for maximum number of paying participants).
Examples of “low hanging fruit” for getting immediate interest in your group program packages.
Why people will not buy a hypnotic journey. But what they will buy instead.
The real difference between a guided visualization and a Hypnotic Journey (and why it makes all the difference in the world to the success of your group sessions and ultimately your business income).
The all-important 4-step process of putting together a seamless group session experience.
How to use and leverage the dynamic of the group so the “trance engines” influence the trance-ability of the rest of the group for you.
Once you start following my Group Program model you’ll be adept at mastering (and leveraging) the human-dynamics in the room in such a way that…

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