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Fight Smart – Head Movement Mp3 (by Travis Roesler)

Fight Smart – Head Movement Mp3 (by Travis Roesler)
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Don’t get punched… you can easily learn how to make your head very difficult to hit in a fight.

By adding the right defensive movements to your fighting style, you can have a huge advantage in any type of hand-to-hand combat… both in the street and in the ring.
It takes one punch to knock you unconscious…
and that’s bad.
Getting punched is bad

Don’t get punched

Fights are bound to happen. Even if you try to be a ‘nice’ person, you’ll probably be forced to ‘defend yourself’ at some point or another.

The truth is, even if you know how to fight, no matter how hard you can strike, or how tough you might be, all it takes is one single punch to leave you sleeping and defenseless on the sidewalk.

That ‘truth’ put butterflies in my stomach throughout the course of my teenage and adult life.

Fear makes you queazy… not a good feeling.
However, if you can’t get hit,
then it’s almost impossible to lose…

(So if you can Bob and Weave, I suppose your problems are solved.)

Unfortunately, no one ever teaches head movement! The ‘art’ of dodging punches has practically disappeared from modern martial arts! Even if you tried to go out and learn, you probably wouldn’t be able to do it.

If I had a dollar for every “Black Belt” who I’ve seen fighting with his head always in the exact same predictable spot… I would probably have about 50 bucks… so… I could buy something kinda cool.

Look, I don’t care how good your offense is, if your head never moves, it’s going to get punched… I learned this the hard way.

Trav about to lay the smack down…

At one point, I had a semi-serious career as a professional fighter… and I got punched in the face A LOT. My defense was simply horrendous… and I maintained the nagging fear that one single mistake might leave me twitching and unconscious in front of my friends and family.

However, I did get to train and learn all day long…

I was able to experiment with countless martial arts, and I got to work with dozens of fight trainers. After going through about 15 of them, finally, one single coach was able to show me the amazing simplicity of head movement… and my entire game changed.

The bruises on my face slowly faded away, and the fear of getting knocked out in a street fight actually became laughable. I muse admit, it was pretty sweet.
Then, I taught this stuff… for 12 years.

Trav coaching…Being a fighter doesn’t necessarily make you a coach. A great trainer is able to break down and explain the finer points of every technique so that anyone can do it… I was basically forced to learn this skill by opening a private MMA training business, and doing it for 8 hours a day.

For more than a decade I taught kids, moms, old people, and completely unathletic noobs how to bob and weave.

Average Joes became impossibly hard to hit, and they built counter-punching skills that could instantly knock people unconscious.

More importantly, I became very aware of what makes every single technique work, the most common mistakes that people make, and I figured out exactly what I needed to say in order to get people to do the moves correctly.
This simple system
will make you practically un-hittable.

If you want to learn one of the best defensive skills in all of fighting, I literally guarantee that I can teach you. In a few weeks, you can have an unfair advantage in self-defense scenarios; and if you go to a gym, you will have a major edge on the other people you train with.

Other fighters will be dumbfounded

The shameful neglect of head movement in most martial arts will give you an amazing edge on other people you might face. Other fighters will have crappy defense, and they will freeze as soon as they stop landing punches and start getting smacked in the head. You will quickly become one of the best fighters at your gym.
Dodge and then Counterpunch… it’s a great way to win.

Not only does dodging punches leave your face intact, when you make your opponent miss, he is left off-balance and vulnerable. This is the perfect time to knock him out� if you know how to do it. On top of your head movement, the counter punching techniques that I teach will allow you to win fights within seconds.
Confidence is powerful… in more ways then one

People can sense confidence. When you learn this type of defensive movement, it can completely change your attitude. Confidence in your defensive skill will change the way that you carry yourself. Fewer people will want to fight you� and girls seem to like it ??
Get into shape!

Nothing is more useless than running on a treadmill. If you�re going to exercise and get into shape, you might as well build a powerful fighting skill. The workouts and drills in my training system will drastically improve your physique, and give you some solid abs.
Be impressive.

Winning fights is cool, but being un-punchable is amazing. If you dodge even a small handful of punches and then win a fight, it will be considered a �legendary� event� and people will tell tales of your awesomeness. (I�m not even kidding.)

Deciding not to learn this skill could be most unfortunate…

Getting knocked unconscious is really, really, realllllly bad

When your sleeping body finally hits the ground and your head spikes off of the pavement, it tends to leave a mark. It�s hard to defend yourself from head-stomps when you have no control of your body�
Losing a fight can be humiliating

Losing a fight can be really embarrassing� depending on the fight (and who you�re fighting). There�s often a lot at stake from a personal level, and people see you get your butt kicked tend to remember it. It�s a crappy impression to leave on someone, and it can cost you some respect.
Backing down from a fight is more humiliating than losing

If you don�t know how to truly defend yourself, you�re more likely to wimp out (even if you�re a trained martial artist). The only thing more humiliating than losing a fight is showing people that you didn�t have enough courage to fight at all. When you know that your opponent probably won�t lay a finger on you, it makes it a lot easier to step up to a challenge.

The Head Movement Training Program
will teach you how to instinctively dodge every punch.

You can master a really sweet defensive fighting style
in a few weeks… if you work at it.

I’ve developed a training program which will quickly teach you everything you need to know about the art of head movement and counter-punching. It’s a condensed version of years of my defensive boxing and MMA training.

I’ve created more than 50 instructional videos, written workouts, and other unique training tools that will help you learn every technique, every concept, and every movement necessary to make every punch miss.

If you go through this course, these movements will be embedded into your muscle memory, and you will be able to execute them at any moment’s notice… without having to ‘think about it’. Accomplish this, and you will win every fight that you face.

Here’s a breakdown of the program:

The Bob and Weave game consists of a small handful of slips. Do them the right way, and punches will miss. If you do them the wrong way, your head might get clobbered, you fall off balance, and you waste all of your energy.

The first thing we need to do is build the right technique, so you have a solid foundation.
Part 2. – Movement, Angles, and Positioning

Standing in one place and slipping will not work. The bob and weave game is just as much about footwork as it is about head movement. You will learn the best ways to position yourself and move to keep you safe (which will also leave you ready to counter attack.)
Part 3. – Drills and Equipment

Head movement requires some control over your body, and the basic drills in this program will help you to build it (without needing a gym). A couple of incredibly cheap pieces of equipment (like a rope) can help you to drastically improve your defense. We will highlight the best drills and equipment for building the skills you need.

People ask me all of the time, �How do you know what punch the guy is going to throw?� and �How do you know which slip to use?� People struggle to grasp how they can �read� their opponent in a split second. This program answers such questions in detail and gives you the simple secrets behind reading your opponent, and reacting with the �right� movement.
Part 5. – Workouts and Training

Throughout the entire Head Movement Training Program, I provide you with workouts to reinforce the skills that you learn. Knowledge is power, but knowledge and practice is diabolical. These workouts are constructed from my extensive knowledge of exercise physiology/kinesiology, and countless hours of fight training. They are designed to embed these moves into your muscle memory so that when the time comes, your body moves instinctively� without �thinking�. Additionally, these workouts will also get you into phenomenal shape.
Part 6. – Keeping Distance

At this point in the course, you will have more than enough head movement skill to dodge punches, now you will need to learn how to keep the guy away from you! More space equals more time to read your opponent�s strikes, and more time to react. I�ll give you the best ways to knock your opponent back and keep him back, so you can have the distance that you need to bob and weave effectively.
Part 7. – Counter Punching and Destroying Your Opponent

Look, head movement is nice and dodging punches is cool.. but, we need to be able to finish fights. One of the best times to crush your opponent is right after he misses a strike, and you will learn the absolute best ways to do this.

Additionally, one of the best ways to attack your opponent is by adding head movement to your strikes! You will become hard to hit while you�re attacking� that is a recipe for dishing out damage, and not taking any.

By learning how to add crushing attacks to your defensive (and offensive) slips, you will make yourself a very dangerous fighter.

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