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Digital Concept Art And Storytelling

Digital Concept Art And Storytelling
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Learn how to paint in Photoshop and tell a story with your art

Ever wondered how to paint in Photoshop and tell a story with your art? Picture the scene: Two soldiers are out on a routine patrol and decide to take a lunch break. Soon after they sit down, they’re joined by an unexpected guest – a cute squirrel that wants a bite of the juicy apple one of them is about to eat.

Nice story, huh? Well, if you’ve ever wondered how artists tell a story in their drawings and paintings (and how YOU can do the same), you might want to check this new video course out.

But we’re pretty sure Digital Concept Art and Storytelling will show you more than just how to paint in Photoshop. Once you’ve watched each fun video in this eight-part course, you’ll also have lots of other art skills at your fingertips.

Check Out This Course And Get:
A complete guide to setting up your tools and interface in Photoshop to help you get results faster
The skills to create thumbnail sketches and develop your ideas through strong compositions
Awesome time-saving tips such as Photoshop actions and color swatches
An easy-to-follow guide to mixing colors digitally
Everything you need to tell a story in your art and add those all-important finishing touches
If you’ve ever wondered how to paint in Photoshop, this course will answer a whole lot of questions for you. And, if you’re already an experienced digital artist, you’ll find plenty in here to help you take your art to the next level.

Telling a story is a great way to really draw people into your paintings, and this video course from Jan Pedrojetta will show you how to add all those small details that make such a huge difference to your finished painting.

And, once you’re done, why not test your knowledge on our New Community Site? You’ll find assignments to help you get the most from our courses, and you can share your work with fellow Pencil Kings members and get the answers to any questions you might have.

We hope this course on Digital Concept Art and Storytelling helps you learn how to paint in Photoshop or develop your existing art skills. And, if you like it, feel free to tell your buddies about it! Get social with us or leave a comment – we love your feedback even more than we love art (and that’s a lot!)

PS. Don’t have access to Photoshop or prefer to use other digital art software? No worries – pretty much everything in this course can be applied to any program you use. Happy painting!


Digital Concept Art And Storytelling: Video, PDF´s
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