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Dean Somerset – Advanced Core Training

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Dean Somerset – Advanced Core Training
Author: Dean Somerset
Sale Page :_http://advancedcoretrainingseminar.com/

Why Everyone Needs Core Strength & Core Stability
Core strength and stability is something everyone needs to produce a forceful movement, whether that’s bending down to tie your shoes, lifting a bag of groceries out of the car, creating first-step speed or lifting your max in the gym. Core stability means having the ability to preserve the position of your spine while other body parts, like your shoulders and hips, do the heavy lifting instead. The spine acts like a buffer driving force from one end to the other, without bending or breaking in the process.

What is Advanced Core Training?
This is a video seminar that goes through the most cutting edge techniques, science and application to assess core function, program core training along the continuum of health and performance, and produce the strongest core possible.
Taking advantage of isolational and integrational postures; as well as speed, power, & strength training characteristics; neural affect; and breathing techniques we get your core off the floor and make every movement your most powerful and strongest possible.
What is included in the Advanced Core Training Product:
– Core training physiology. How a core training response differs from one goal to another, and from one method to another, plus how to work them together.
– The Core Training Continuum. The crux of the program, depending on what the individuals goals are it will show you exactly how the variables of core training can be altered to achieve the best results possible.
– Exercise dissection and demonstrations. This hands-on clinic shows how to use the various stages of the continuum appropriately to get the results you’re after.
– Lesser known exercises with big payoffs. See movements that solve significant problems and help bridge the gaps common issues and simple solutions.
– Q & A session. Dean answers live questions from the audience in a wide range of topics regarding core training and training environment

Dean Somerset – Advanced Core Training Contains: Video, PDF´s
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