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Danielle Leslie – Course From Scratch 2.0

Danielle Leslie – Course From Scratch 2.0
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Course From Scratch 2.0
Learn the framework I used to translate my passion & expertise into a unique online course & launch profitably

Your Instructor
Danielle Leslie
I’ve helped influencers including Guy Kawasaki earn collectively millions of dollars by monetizing their content & expertise through online courses.
I got my start at Udemy where I worked as the Course Launch Coach for almost 3 years helping thousands of people launch their courses and build a following from scratch.
I created #CourseFromScratch, a program that helps people turn their passions and expertise into digital products for more income, freedom, and online fame.

Course Curriculum
0 // WELCOME » Get Started
Welcome! (10:48)
Complete the Getting Started Questionnaire
Join the CFS Members Only Group
Submit for Coaching Calls » See the Full Schedule
Claim your Bonuses

1 // MVC (Minimum Viable Course) » Set your Launch Goal
Get your CFS Workbook
New Member Orientation » DO NOT SKIP THIS 🙂 (91:25)
Block your calendar + post the evidence
What’s a MVC (Minimum Viable Course)? (12:52)
Print your MVC Canvas
What the Tech?! The Tech You Need (& Don’t Need) (8:20)
How to use the Brand Ascension Pyramid to successfully launch your MVC (10:42)
Set your Course Launch Goal (16:19)
✏️Milestone 1 of 6 ✏️ Set your Course Launch Goal

2 // CULTURE ADD » Define your Course Topic
What is your Culture Add? (14:53)
Course Topic Library » See 50+ Member Course Topics
Course Topic Discovery » Write your Big Promise Statement (17:05)
Write your Brand Authority Bio & Create Your Brag Bank (13:07)
✏️Milestone 2 of 6 ✏️ Write your Big Promise Statement

3 // CFS MINDSET » Create your Success Ritual
Create your Atomic Habits (11:33)
Create your Miracle Morning (12:00)
Embrace The Dip (10:27)
✏️Milestone 3 of 6 ✏️Write your Morning Success Ritual

4 // CUSTOMERS » Build your List of MVPs
3 Customer Lanes » Find your MVPs (Most Valuable PAYERS) (34:05)
Define your PCPs (Perfect Customer Profiles) (9:59)
Hold 3 PCP Interviews
Create TASTY Content like a Pro
Build Your Email List: “It’s a license to print money” -Jeff Walker (6:40)
*BONUS* 7-DAY EMAIL LIST BUILDER: 0 to 250 subscribers (real quick)
* BONUS IG Growth in 20 Minutes/day (14:16)
Continue Growing Your Course Waitlist » Deploy your TASTY Magnets (61:06)
✏️Milestone 4 of 6 ✏️ Grow your list to 250 MVPs

5 // CONTENT » Create your Course Framework
Build your C.A.R. and Create Your Course Milestones (21:25)
Learning & Doing Objectives (21:31)
Create your Fancy Framework (Unique Methodology) (28:38)
Select your TASTY Title (13:04)
Update your MVC Canvas
✏️Milestone 5 of 6 ✏️ Create your Fancy Framework

6 // CONVERSIONS » Get Course Sales #buttsinseats #dollarsinthedoor
How to Price your Premium Course (30:01)
Calendar Scheduler » Prepare Your Phone Funnel (50:25)
TASTY Content » Book Phone Calls
Phone Call Script » Get Course Sales #buttsinseats
OPTIONAL: Partner with Affiliate/Promo Partner (40:01)
OPTIONAL: Email Launch » Send these emails
✏️Milestone 6 of 6 ✏️ Enroll 3 or more PCPs into your MVC

TECH TOOLS » Get the Complete Guide
CASE STUDIES: See how they did it! (298:37)
LIVE Q&A CALLS (Recordings) (3345:57)
Claim your 3 months free of Teachable (when you’re ready)!

VAULT // Over 100 Member Examples & Templates
TASTY Content » See 10+ Member Examples
100 Student Success Stories» Get Inspired

// Overview // Webinar From Scratch
WEBINAR SLIDES TEMPLATE: $130,000 in 2 months
WEBINAR EMAILS: What to send & when
WEBINAR OUTLINE: Overview of the Content (7:19)
WEBINAR CONTENT (Part 1): 3 Lies & 3 Truths (7:21)
WEBINAR CONTENT (Part 2): The Offer (10:34)
WEBINAR CONTENT (Part 3): The Rock Bottom Story (11:00)

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