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Dan Kennedy – Event Hacks

Dan Kennedy – Event Hacks
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Author: Dan Kennedy
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Discover The Most Powerful Marketing Strategy You Can Deploy To Attract, Retain And Ascend Customers To Bigger, High Ticket Packages. And Make More Money In A Single Weekend Than Most People Do In A Single Year
This Is the ONLY System That Shows You How To Market, Fill And Monetize Your Event-From 500+ Person Seminars At Huge Hotels To More Intimate Workshops And Retreats With 5-15 People
And, for the first time ever, we’ve decided to reveal our top-secret “event hacks” so you can follow in our footsteps and have your own powerhouse events thanks to:


How To Fill, Market & Monetize – Every Time!
Event Hacks contains the keys to kingdom when it comes to planning, filling, and monetizing a powerhouse event. You’ll discover our EXACT blueprint-including action plans, budget worksheets, marketing strategies, and monetization strategies it would otherwise take you years to create and “figure out” on your own.
This is the official playbook we use every 2-3 months to fill our SuperConference℠, Info-SUMMIT℠, and Fast Implementation Bootcamps, that you can easily “copy and paste” for your own events. In other words, we’ve already done most of the “hard work” for you-just use what we’ve already invested years and millions of dollars to test, tweak and refine.
Imagine what it would be like to have a roomful of your “raving fans” who traveled either across town or across the country to see you. Just imagine how much bigger your bank account will look once you pulled off a blockbuster event.
And think about the “unfair advantage” you’ll get over your competitors who don’t have these proven Event Hacks-who aren’t going to add live events to their market mix.
You’ll be able to enjoy a pleasant, worry free, stress-free business life because you’ll have the most powerful marketing tool you’ll ever have that’ll allow you to get, retain, influence and “weed out” your top 1% customers from the rest of the pack.
.something that is almost impossible with practically any other marketing method!
All of this will be possible thanks to Event Hacks-which goes deep, deep, deeeeeep into how to promote,
fill, and monetize an event so that you can simply piggyback upon our successes. You can use these hacks for:
Customer appreciation events to strengthen the bond between you and your customers. This is where you’ll have food, entertainment, and all kinds of “good stuff.” But you still have to sell it hard as you’re basically asking people to take time out of their schedules to attend.
One-on-one “intensive” workshops where you only invite 10-15 people to come and “get their hand held” in the subject pertaining to your niche. This is literally money that’s waiting to be tapped by you.because there’s always a handful of people who would pay big money to come to one of your events.
Free events for your customers (or members) where you upsell prospects on your products/services. Free events need to be sold as hard as paid events.as the objections are still the same. We hold our Fast Implementation Bootcamps several times a year for new people who come to GKIC to grow their business.
Here Are The 3 Money-Making Components Of Event Hacks:
Money-making Component #1 Core Trainings From Me, GKIC Founder Dan Kennedy
.where I’ll cover the “nuts and bolts” of what it takes to fill and monetize events-from deciding whom to invite to how to segment your list so you’ll get the biggest bang for your buck for your marketing dollar.
Each training will come to you on 8 Audio CDs and 8 DVDs along with Enhanced Transcripts of each training so that you can make notes, highlight places you can refer to again, and serve as a “quick review” when you need a refresher on these core concepts.
I have over 40+ years of experience in marketing and I am instrumental in helping GKIC attract over 1 million to their seminars-and sell over $100 million in revenue. People pay me $19,000 for a single consulting day and up to $2 million dollars for marketing campaigns-most of which includes marketing for seminars and bootcamps.
In other words, I have the “stuff” and breadth of knowledge to help you to make sure that your next event goes off without any snags. Here’s just some of what you’ll discover:
The many objections that hold people back from coming to an event-and how you can get rid them of these barriers with your marketing.
The optimum timeframes that you need to start marketing your event (it sure ain’t 1-2 weeks beforehand.)
The 6 ways to monetize an event (it’s a LOT more than getting sales from the stage.)
The psychological triggers you have to hit when it comes to promoting an event.
The unreasonable emotional FEARS (“you’re going to lose a lot of money. nobody’s going to show up”) and how you can conquer them.
How to segment your list to get the most out of your marketing dollar when it comes to putting on your event.
How to choose speakers.and how to talk about them in your marketing materials so that your attendees will want to see them.
The best time to sell your prospects on coming to your next event (we regularly fill 20% of the room with this strategy.)
The 4-step marketing campaign architecture you can easily “swipe and deploy” for your next event.
Which media you should be using to market your event (Hint: it’s not just email and a sales letter.)
.and a whole LOT more!
Money-making Component #2 Five (5) Booster Trainings From GKIC Experts
.that cover the “nuts and bolts” of how to market events in 2017-including today’s emerging and breakthrough technologies thanks to the advent of social media. You’ll get audios and enhanced transcripts of the following:

Booster Training #1: How To Fill An Event Using Facebook by Kris Murray (MP3 and Digital Transcript): There are 1.8 billion monthly active Facebook users which is a 17 percent increase year after year.according to Facebook itself. That’s a lot of people you could be getting in front of-and the good news is that this booster training will show you how to harness Facebook to fill up your next event.
Booster Training #2: Sponsorship At Events by Dan Kennedy And GKIC President Nick Loise (MP4 and Digital Transcript): Sponsors boost the chances that your event will be profitable. Dan and Nick cover how to look for sponsors and how being a sponsor at a GKIC event could be extremely beneficial to your business.
Booster Training #3: How To Fill Your Events Using LinkedIn Hacks by Jorge Olson (MP3 and Digital Transcript): LinkedIn is the world’s #1 business to business social media site, so if you’re selling B2B, you’ll want to listen to this training. You’ll discover how to fill your events with this valuable platform-even if you have zero experience and zero connections.
Booster Training #4: How to Fill Your Niche Events by Marty Fort (MP3 and Digital Transcript): You don’t have to be in a big niche like marketing or weight loss in order to have an event. Marty Fort has been working with music academy and studio owners for many years. He’ll show you how to fill an event-regardless of the size of your market.
Booster Training #5: Current Trends, Ideas And Changes in Event Planning Hacks by Sonal Sullivan (MP3 and Digital Transcript): You’ll discover critical details when it comes to event planning that’ll allow you to create the most profitable event possible-especially since it’s more challenging to get people to events and they’re bored of the same ol’ thing.

Money-making Component #3 Tools, Templates, And Action Guides
.that you can easily edit and customize for your own events. This will save you a lot of time and money and get you to easily implement these important steps so you can be on your way to putting on your lucrative events in no time. You’ll get:
Fast Action Guides for the core “Dan Kennedy” trainings you can use to speed implementation on your way to putting on your own blockbuster event.
Event Planning Workbook that’ll fast-track the planning process – and help you discover your target audience, where to hold the event, and (most importantly) the purpose of holding your event.
A 101-Page Event Marketing Swipe File containing samples and examples from our Info-SUMMIT℠, SuperConference℠, and Fast Implementation Bootcamps you can easily “swipe and deploy”. This collection will save you from figuring out what to say or write when creating your marketing materials for your events. This collection is worth the investment all by itself!
Inbound Script, Marking Plan and Sale Letter Templates you can edit and tweak for your own events (this is a huge timesaver!)
Facebook Event Marketing Checklist and Swipe Campaigns that’ll get you up-to-speed and on the fast track to implementation so you’re not “spinning your wheels” with your Facebook campaigns.
A Sponsorship Prospectus Example you can model and handout to potential sponsors. This includes all the language and hot buttons you need to use to attract sponsors to your event so you don’t have to “guess” what to say.
LinkedIn Hacks Checklist that’ll speed you through setting up a profitable LinkedIn campaign to attract cold prospects.
Action Guide For Filling Niche Events that’ll help you implement everything you need to make sure your event is successful and profitable.
Action Guide For Event Planning that’ll help you with the details of putting on an event – including audio/visual, food, transportation, contracts, etc.

Dan Kennedy – Event Hacks : Videos, PDF
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