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Carlos Xuma – Ultimate Inner Game

Carlos Xuma – Ultimate Inner Game
Original Price: $166.97
Author: Carlos Xuma
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The Ultimate Inner Game is a concentrated program of what Carlos Xuma considers the best tips, methods, strategies, and inner game techniques.
It was created to give men only the most necessary skills to conquer your “inner game” while quickly eliminating all the useless things that do not work.

Carlos Xuma designed the program to help men raise their overall confidence level, without confusing affirmations and weak self-hypnosis. It is aimed at helping men get women as well as with other areas of their life requiring powerful confidence.
It includes 10 Ultimate Inner Game modules and 2 master class sessions.
Here are some of the other things this Ultimate Inner Game system will show you.

– Understand the complete inner workings of your mind and your thinking – so that you can get “under the hood” and pimp your inner game ride to do what you want to do.
– How to re-write the conscious and subconscious “rules” that you obey – most of the time without ever questioning them – even when they’re no longer working for you – so that you can redirect your destiny and achieve what you want with women – and with every area of your life.
– One simple hidden technique that takes 10 seconds and will instantly flush away your guilt, anger, resentment, frustration, disappointment, fear, or any negative emotion.
– Learn how the 7 Domains of your self-esteem works – in complete detail – so that you can control the level of your self-confidence and keep it consistent.
– The secrets your therapist will never tell you about that will get you stronger inner game in days instead of months and years. (if more guys knew about this, therapy would be dead.)
– Do you feel like shyness is keeping you from meeting women, making new friends, and experiencing life? You’ll learn about the different kinds of shyness, how they work, and step-by-step instructions on how to break through the shyness barrier in your life.
– How to get the right parts of your brain working TOGETHER instead of as enemies, so that you can stop second-guessing yourself, and find your inner source of courage and passion.
– How to jump-start your social circle of friends – in just 3 weeks.
– The Truth about “manifestation” – and how “The Secret” misleads and tricks most guys.
– Learn the 5 Domains and the 7 Skills of emotional intelligence, and identify where you need to develop most to master yourself and your feelings.
– How to master the the 3 Essential Skills of “state change” so that you can instantly get in a better mood, and motivate yourself to do things you normally find difficult or impossible to accomplish.
– Why slow changes you make are harder and take more energy than the quick changes.
– The 14 Steps of Emotional and Self-Mastery and the 6 Needs we all share – When you learn these, you’ll be able to unlock any person’s motivation and drive.
– How to completely turn off that “worry voice” in your head that keeps you living in anxious fear.
– 7 Steps to defuse and manage your fear and keep from reacting automatically to social challenges.
– Want to learn practical, simple steps to getting peace of mind and lowering your stress level that doesn’t take a lifetime to learn? You’ll get them in sections 4, 8, and 10.
– How to recognize your unhealthy thinking when it raises its voice, and how to prevent it from wrecking your approaches and conversations with women.
– How to ask your woman for things without sounding like a needy wuss-bag.
– How to fix up the holes in your self-confidence so you can interact with women on a strong and confident footing.
– The 6 Critical Steps to plan and create real lasting change in your life – from your identity to your habits to your beliefs and way of thinking.
– The easiest methods for relaxing, clearing your head, getting out of your head, and getting back in the moment with women – or anyone. With step-by-step, real-time guidance through the exercises.
– How you inherited bad mental habits and trains of thought, and how to finally get rid of them without a bunch of therapy and painful self-analysis.
– Simple exercises to identify the places in your life where you are letting women control you instead of taking the confident LEAD of your own life.
– Do you ever find yourself making decisions to make people like you more, or just to not look bad? Here are some simple techniques to clear your head and get back to the REAL and authentic you that earns their respect and admiration.
– Do you find that women don’t seem to be interested in more dates with you after your first date? Here’s why. and it’s one of the easiest parts of your inner game to get tuned up.
– 4 Principles of Thought that show you how feelings, moods, and emotions work. Once you understand how this part of you works, you’ll be able to stop reacting or feeling influenced by women and social pressure.
– The big mistakes men make with their “panic” and anxiety attacks – and how to use the emotional energy to build self-confidence.
– How to make any “technique” you’ve learned work better, faster, and longer than any of the guys who just learn “the words.”
– How to take “rejection” and “failure” situations with women and turn them around into something that improves your self-confidence and self-esteem – without cheezy affirmations.
– How to remove the negative habits you’ve developed that end up destroying your relationships.
– Ever wonder how some pathetic guys have no problems meeting women? Why smart guys have more trouble with women than the “dumb” guys seem to.
– How to get past the need for memorized “lines” and “routines” with women so that you can project your powerful confidence and masculine identity to create GENUINE attraction.
– Learn the simple technique to handle the guys that try to make a fool out of you and tool you.
– How to get past your approach anxiety with women – or any social group -so that you can quickly and easily walk up to any woman you see and start a conversation, without fear or nervousness.
– How to avoid the women with issues and baggage and find the women with healthy psychological patterns – so you can stop going through the torture of relationships that are doomed before they begin.

Bonuses include:
– Ten Master Class Sessions
– Brent Smith Interview
– David Wygant Interview
– Zan Perrion Interview
– Sean Stephenson Interview
– Total Advanced Coaching Sessions
– Extra Master Class Modules
– Decker Cunov Interview (from A.M.P.)
– “Doc” Amir Georges Sabongui Interview
– Ultimate Inner Game Primer Video Class
– Bryan Bayer Deep Inner Game Video Class
– 253 Page Reference Notebook (ebook)
– Dating Younger Women Advanced Session Carlos Xuma with Dean Cortez

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