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Starting Your Business Transformation

Starting Your Business Transformation
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There is never a perfect time, situation or circumstance to start your business transformation. Start where you are, and build from there.

“Great leaders don’t have all the answers: they ask better questions.” – Barry O’Reilly

Transforming organizations, teams, or even yourself is challenging. There’s no one-size fits all method to achieve success. It’s a combination of hard work, persistence and patience. That said, the most successful enterprises are continually experimenting to learn what works and what doesn’t. They focus on meeting customer needs by clarifying goals, shortening feedback loops and measuring performance based on outcomes, rather than outputs. To become a high performance organization, you must develop the capability to continually adapt, adjust, and innovate. This requires a deliberate practice of experimentation and learning. In this module, I distill a set of practical strategies and principles to help businesses on their journey to become high performance organizations.

In Unit 1, I’ll introduce you to the Improvement Kata, a scientific and systematic approach to problem-solving first developed by Toyota. The Kata is divided into two parts: the Planning Phase, where we apply critical thinking to our problem-solving effort; and the Execution Phase, where we evaluate the solutions or experiments we’ve designed during the critical thinking phase that we hope will solve our problem.

In Unit 2, I’ll talk about leading a transformation effort. The key here is that Transformation is a top-down effort: Leadership cannot simply mandate that others change what they’re thinking or doing, they must personify the change they wish to see. And organizational change must become a habit, not an event (or worse, a series of isolated events.) We do this by changing our systems of work, and I’ll talk about that in detail in this unit.

In Unit 3, I discuss running and scaling transformation initiatives, and how-as a leader-you can start to coordinate and organize the transformation initiative and all its components. I’ll introduce the Hoshin planning process, which looks at what it is we’re trying to do, where we’re trying to address it, and how we’re going to get there.

And in Unit 4, I’ll explain my Ten Principles for Business Transformation, a set of rules based on our own experience in guiding large organizations through the process of transformation.

To succeed, people must feel empowered to try out new ideas and make decisions that involve risk, while recognizing their responsibilities to customers and ensuring that they maintain alignment with the overall organizational strategy. Leaders need to set context and limitations for everyone, while ensuring that the latter is not unduly restrictive. When everyone is united in pursuit of a common purpose, and we have empathy with our customers and their needs, true transformation is within your organization’s reach.

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