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SQL Bootcamp SQL and PostgreSQL Database for Beginners

SQL Bootcamp SQL and PostgreSQL Database for Beginners
Original Price: $10.99
Author: Dave Kaminski
Sale Page :_https://www.udemy.com/sql-bootcamp-sql-and-postgresql-database-for-beginners/

What you’ll learn
How to Install PostgreSQL and PgAdmin 4
Retrieve the data using SQL queries.
Insert, update and delete data from tables in PostgreSQL.
Filtering, Grouping and slicing the data from the tables in PostgreSQL.
Various Built In functions in PostgreSQL.
Learn Data conversion functions in PostgreSQL.
Step by STEP approach in constructing a complex SQL queries.
Learn how to Join the data between various data sets.
Learn all the SET Operators in PostgreSQL.
Use the real Time NORTHWIND data set in the queries.
No prerequisite software required. You should be able to use PC/laptop comfortably.
No Prior Knowledge of PostgreSQL required.
*** This Course purchase includes video lectures, practice files, quizzes, & assignments, 1-on-1 instructor support, LIFETIME access and a 100%MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE***
Please note that this course will be continuously getting updated with more videos to keep you up to date on PostgreSQL. You will find lot of new lecture covering new features in the area of PostgreSQL. Best part about this course is that, You can also demand a lecture on a specific topic of PostgreSQL, which comes under the scope and I will make sure that the section on that Topic is added .
This course is designed for the beginners and freshers to gain knowledge on PostgreSQL and to use them in their projects/assignments. You will find different techniques to construct the SQL queries. The professionals who have zero knowledge or very less knowledge on SQL queries, will find this course extremely useful.
Learning SQL and PostgreSQL also helps you to become better data analyst and eventually would help you to get into the field of Data Science/ Data Analysis/ Data Visualization.
I will Guide you through a STEP by STEP approach on how to write SQL Queries. I will also explain about different ways to write very efficient SQL queries. I will first start with the installation of PostgreSQL database and PgAdmin 4 and then will install the North wind database model. I will then start writing some of the Simple SQL Queries and then slowly move towards filtering, grouping and slicing the data. Then, I will be working on more complicated topics like Joins, Operators, Inbuilt Functions and eventually by the end of the course you would be able to write complicated SQL queries.
You should be able to complete this course in a week time, if you dedicate 2 hours of your time daily and this journey will take you from zero to Hero.
Important Topics covered:
Installation of PostgreSQL and Pgadmin 4
What is a SQL and Database and its Background
Understanding the Northwind Data Model
Selecting the data from Tables
Filtering the data from Tables
Usage of Arithmetic and Logical Operators
Understand the GROUP BY , HAVING
Understand Various SET Operators
Learn Various Joins in PostgreSQL
Step by Step approach in creation of Complex SQL Queries
Sorting of Data
String, Number In Built Functions
Data Conversion Functions
DML and DDL Statements
Briefly, The knowledge of SQL and PostgreSQL is a must for IT professionals and this course is one stop shop for gaining this necessary and in-demand skill.
Trust me, I will make sure you have an awesome learning experience and will hold your hand and take you step by step!!!
Happy PostgreSQL Learning 🙂
Who this course is for:
Beginner who want to learn DBMS/PostgreSQL management system.
Anyone with a basic knowledge of SQL, but is new to PostgreSQL.
Aspirants seeking career opportunities in RDMS Database and SQL.
DBA, Developers, Support Analyst who need to create PostgreSQL SQL queries in their day to day work.
Database developers interested in Data science.

SQL Bootcamp SQL and PostgreSQL Database for Beginners: Videos, PDF´s, Template
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