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Spencer Vann – Surplus Fund Mastery 2020

Spencer Vann – Surplus Fund Mastery 2020
Original Price: $1997.00
You Just Pay: $129.95 (One Time – 95% OFF)
Author:_Spencer Vann
Sale Page:_https://www.surplusfundsecrets.com
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Every Thing You Get
The 6 Week Zero To Hero Curriculum

Week 1
Surplus Warrior Mind
Learn To Think Like A Million-Dollar Entrepreneur
Unlike other programs where ‘experts’ teach you tactic after tactic with no real world results, we spend time building the fundamentals of how to ACTUALLY think like an entrepreneur. Without this foundation the rest of the tactics and strategies will do NOTHING to help you!

Week 2
Surplus Warrior Persuasion
Learn The Keys to Getting Clients to Beg for you to help them
Week 2 is all about becoming a Surplus Fund Expert as fast as possible. That way even if your a complete beginner with Surplus Funds, you’ll be able to easily sound like you are a veteran with years of experience. You’ll learn how to use Facebook and Linkedin to find deals, proper set up of professional accounts how to use email to find and open deals, how to use direct mail to find and open deals, and most importantly the secrets to instantly sound like a Surplus Fund expert when interacting with clients (even if you have no prior experience).

Week 3
Surplus Warrior State
Build Your Surplus Fund Expert Foundation
Don’t have a ton of experience? Never closed a deal before? Don’t have a ton of knowledge on Surplus Funds? THAT’S FINE. This week of Surplus Fund Mastery is dedicated entirely to helping you build a solid foundation for Surplus Funds without knowing anything before! State Funds is by far the easiest place to start when it comes to recovering Surplus Funds!

Week 4
Surplus Warrior Mortgage
Learn The Contracts and Systems we Use to 10x our Business
This is all about how to farm deals and how to read and comprehend Surplus Fund Contracts. You’ll learn the exact contracts, how to use them, explain them to clients, and of course what to do after you have them signed, what steps you need to take after you have a deal under-contract, what systems we use to organize our data so we can follow up persistently, and a breakdown of how to use reverse lookup tools such as Spokeo!

Week 5
Surplus Warrior Tax
Build Your Surplus Fund Tax Foundation
Week 5 is all about becoming a Surplus Fund Tax Master as quickly as possible! That way you can be a ‘full-stack’ expert on Surplus Funds and build your tool belt so no matter the situation, whether your clients money is at the State Level, or they recently lost their home to a mortgage or tax foreclosure, you are an absolute EXPERT!

Week 6
Surplus Warrior Scale
Learn The Systems We Used to Take Our Business to the 7-Figure Mark
Surplus Warrior Scale is the final week of Surplus Fund Mastery, in it we detail the exact steps we took (and have helped other Real Estate Entrepreneurs take) to grow a business from $10k per month, to $10k per week, to $10k per day! This is an advanced module and the systems and tactics we teach can apply to all businesses not just Surplus Funds!

FREE Bonuses
The 5 Week Zero To Hero Curriculum
Bonus #1
Surplus Fund Killer Closer Scripts
David Church has been in the game for over 15 years and made almost 40,000 cold contacts in his career… so what if we handed you an exact blueprint of what we learned from making all of those cold contacts? Would that help you get started??

Bonus #2
Expert Deal Processing & Contracts
Build Your Surplus Fund Expert Foundation
Not only do we teach you step by step how to find, open, and close a Surplus Fund Deal…once you have it under contract we provide our ACTUAL lawyers & deal processors we use to close the deals!
AND of course give you guys all of the contracts you will need to authorize a deal…we always recommend that you run these through a lawyer, but since our lawyers are the ones that wrote them. And we actively use these to close deals they will be a huge help!

Bonus #3
The Surplus Fund Mastery
Mastermind Group
The #1 way to grow as an entrepreneur is to interact with like minded successful entrepreneurs. When you join Surplus Fund Mastery you are going to get access to pur exclusive customer only Surplus Fund group where you can access our coaches at any time and get super fast help on any issues that is blocking your success.
Even better you will be linked up with other successful Surplus Fund Experts and see what’s working and stay on the cutting edge of the Surplus Fund world by being in the most elite Surplus Fund Facebook mastermind group ONLINE.

Bonus #4
Surplus Warrior Lead Stash
You do not have to drive a SINGLE mile to any courthouses to get a Surplus Fund deal. One more time : YOU WON’T HAVE TO LEAVE YOUR HOUSE TO DO A DEAL!
With the Surplus Warrior Lead Stash you will be given all of the leads and information for all 50 states across the country! Again, you will be provided with full fledged access to leads, laws, and contacts in all 50 states so you can easily jumpstart your business!

Bonus #5
Free Surplus Warrior T-Shirt
Join the #SurplusWarrior movement and dawn your free Surplus Warrior T-Shirt. By joining Surplus Fund Mastery you are becoming a part of a high-level, real estate group dedicated to your success.
Direct Surplus Fund Coaching

“Anyone can sell a course and run off. We don’t provide a course. We
provide direct customized guidance on your unique journey to success…”
Your Greatest Asset
Will be the extreme abundance of access to our coaches and team. When you join multiple 7 and 6 figure entrepreneurs take interest in YOU and your success.
Get lightning fast help to YOUR problems and solutions in our live
coaching calls streams 2x a week
Why Do We Have Refund Requirements
Look at the results above. Surplus Fund Mastery works. Period. It only works though IF you use it.
When you come on you have multiple 7 and 6 figure earners committing to taking time to coach you and get involved in your success. We are here to get you results.
The best way for us to get you results is to get you to use the course. If you use the course and our coaching and fail we take full responsibility and will cover your entire purchase.
All we ask is that you give the program a full shot and LET us help you get the results so many others have

What Would 10 Year From Now You Say?
This is as risk free as it gets, more importantly though…
What is the risk of not trying this? What could you lose by not making the decision to join this program and make change in your life?
Where could this decision take you 10 years from now? How could making this work change the entire trajectory of your life?
Every 8,7, and 6 figure earner on this page was once a “normal” person and locked into the “safe life matrix”. Every one of them made a decision to become an entrepreneur no matter what..
And look where that one decision go them
This your chance to make the same decision risk free, at 50% off and join us in taking absolutely control of your life

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