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Selena Soo – Impacting Millions 2019

Selena Soo – Impacting Millions 2019
Original Price: $2997
You Just Pay: $159.95 (One Time – 95% Off)
Author: Selena Soo
Sale Page_https://www.impactingmillions.com/enroll
Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email.
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Delivery Will be :
Module 0: Wednesday, April 3 at 9am ET – Ready For Delivery
Module 1: Wednesday, April 3 at 9am ET – Ready For Delivery
Module 2: Monday, April 8 at 9am ET – Ready For Delivery
Module 3: Monday, April 15 at 9am ET – Ready For Delivery
Module 4: Monday, April 22 at 9am ET – Ready For Delivery
Module 5: Monday, April 29 at 9am ET
Module 6: Monday, May 6 at 9am ET
Module 7: Monday, May 13 at 9am ET

It’s Your Turn to Reach Bigger Audiences and Land the Opportunities of a Lifetime

Create Your Plan to Become a Media Star
In Module 1, you’ll create your own strategic publicity plan to make it easier for you to land dream opportunities that take your business to the next level.
Discover top 20 media outlets that are right for you, and create an action plan to get these exciting opportunities
Learn how to use publicity to land more 1-on-1 clients, sell out your group program, or land a lucrative book deal
Leverage your publicity so it reaches more people in your target audience and establishes you as an industry leader

Get the Media to Fall in Love with You
In Module 2, you’ll learn how to position yourself as a credible expert to the media, even if your business is new and you don’t have a lot of experience. I take you through a deep dive process to uncover the hidden gems in your backstory that helps you get the attention you deserve.
Craft your unique story – one that will inspire reporters to profile you and recommend you to their audience
Discover 17 credibility markers you can use to establish yourself as a leading expert, so that you’re regularly featured on your favorite websites, podcasts, influencer platforms, and TV shows
Uncover what the media is really looking for when they decide which stories to cover

How to Pitch, Land, and Leverage Guest Posts
Guest posts are an easy way to get started with publicity. While print magazines only publish 10 to 12 issues per year and have limited space, online publications constantly look for fresh content. In module 3, you’ll learn how to pitch, land, and leverage guest posts to get publicity as quickly as possible.
Create attention-grabbing headlines that editors at sites like Business Insider, Huffington Post, and MindBodyGreen won’t be able to resist
Get the proven formula for writing guest posts that garner hundreds (or even thousands) of likes, shares, comments, and links
Develop a method to follow-up with editors and form meaningful relationships with them, so they’ll want to work with you again and again

Get Your Story on Top Podcasts
When you share your story on a podcast, it helps you connect with your audience in a more personal way. And Module 4 shows you exactly how to land the podcast opportunities of your dreams.
Get insider tricks for landing interviews with experts in your industry including on your favorite podcasts
Learn how to ace your podcast interview: I give you important tips to prepare, including commonly asked questions, to get you ready
Find out how to use your podcast interviews to create more raving fans – who can’t wait to work with you as private clients or in your group program

Secure Guest Expert Opportunities with Industry Influencers
If it’s your goal to be promoted by the biggest influencers in your industry, Module 5 is for you. In today’s world, influencers have their own unique platforms – their membership sites, Facebook groups, premium group programs and masterminds – where your ideal clients are hanging out. These visibility opportunities can rapidly grow your business!
Learn different ways you can collaborate with industry influencers to get introduced to their fans
Discover how to get chosen for these elite opportunities, even if these influencers have no idea who you are
Leverage these guest expert opportunities to enroll more people in your high-end offerings

Get Featured in Prestigious Print and Digital Magazines
If you dream of being in one of your favorite magazines, I’ll show you how! This highly coveted opportunity is an excellent way to reach the masses and give your brand a colossal boost. Getting into magazines can be competitive, so I’ll share my insider secrets to getting featured time and time again.
Discover the secrets to getting YOUR name in top magazines like Oprah, Fast Company, Glamour, TIME, and more
Get insider tips for developing stand-out story ideas and memorable quotes that magazines love to cover
Learn the proper way to follow-up and nurture relationships with magazine editors, so you become a trusted resource to them

Land Interviews on Popular TV Shows
Want to get the attention of millions of people, instantly? TV allows you to reach the masses and become a household name. After all, think about what happens to people when they get discovered by Oprah! Learn the dos and don’ts of being on TV, so you can make the most of this valuable opportunity.
Learn how to get featured as a guest expert on top TV shows including The Today Show, The Dr. Oz Show, Good Morning America and more
Discover the do’s and don’ts of being on TV so you can put your best foot forward and avoid rookie mistakes
Get my top tips for creating powerful sound bites that turn new fans into regular clients
To sum it up, Impacting Millions shows you how to get the publicity opportunities of a lifetime, so you’re the indisputable choice for your ideal clients.
You’ll learn how to strategically leverage publicity to grow your brand and audience like never before!
Exclusive Enrollment Bonuses (Total Value = $10,547)

BONUS #1: Personalized Coaching From Me (Total Value = $3,000)
You’ll receive 6 Group Q&A Coaching Calls with me, where I can answer your personal questions about landing dream publicity opportunities to grow your business.
I’m blocking out 2 hours per call (12 hours total) to answer your questions, but will stay on until each and every question is answered!

BONUS #2: Monthly Webinars with Senior Media Coach, Lynya Floyd (Total Value = $3,600)
Every month, you’ll also be invited to a Media Mentor Webinar, led by my Senior Media Coach Lynya Floyd. She’s a veteran magazine editor and writer for publications like Money, Glamour, Essence, Family Circle and Cosmopolitan. She’s also helped entrepreneurs, like you, get into media outlets like Business Insider, Forbes, and Entrepreneur.

BONUS #3: Access to The Master List of Our Favorite Media Professionals, which includes 300+ contacts and email addresses (Total Value = $1,500)
Use our Master List of Our Favorite Media Professionals to find contact information for important media contacts, including staff writers, editors, contributors, and podcasters. Our list ensures you have contact info that’s accessible in one place, to save you time before your scour the internet in hopes of finding the correct person to pitch.

BONUS #4: Professional Media Bio Review (Total Value = $150)
We hired a team of expert copyeditors to personally review your media bio so it’s spotlight ready. Our copyeditors will make sure you’re including the best credibility markers and information so you always appear to be a top expert in your field, even if you’re brand new.

BONUS #5: One-Year Membership to the Impacting Millions INSIDERS CIRCLE (Total Value = $1,500)
Connect with the next generation of influencers and thought leaders!
There’s a saying that your network is your net worth. It couldn’t be more true.
Personally, I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for my incredible network of friends and colleagues who gave me access to high-profile visibility opportunities.
I want the same for you, so when you join Impacting Millions, I’m giving you access to the Impacting Millions Insiders Circle – for a full year.
The Insiders Circle is our elite, private community filled with other high-achieving entrepreneurs doing big things in the world.
Together, we help each other get to the next level by sharing opportunities and strategies.
For example, if a group member lands a spot on Hay House Radio or a two-page magazine spread, I invite them to share their secrets and answer your questions in a special thread called Insider Shares.
When someone in the media asks me if I know a great health, business, or relationship expert for a story, I share these “unadvertised” opportunities with you in the Insiders Circle Facebook group.

BONUS #6: The 60-Day Impact Challenge…with fun prizes you can win! (Total Value = $797)
It’s important to us that you get results during our program, and one way we’re doing that is through “The 60-Day Impact Challenge”.
During this challenge, you’ll follow a step-by-step roadmap designed to eliminate overwhelm and keep you taking small (yet powerful) steps forward as you pursue publicity. These steps build on each other so you get results quickly, making a huge impact on your business.
No more wondering “What should I do next?”. The 60-Day Impact Challenge takes the guesswork out of what you should be working on!
And as an added bonus, you get points as you complete each step, and we’ll be awarding great prizes to those with the most points. (A little friendly competition never hurt anyone!)
“I always knew I was meant to be famous, but Selena helped it happen way faster.”

PAY IN FULL TODAY to unlock these bonuses…
Bonus 1: Three Guided Implementation Sessions (Value $900)
Included With Impacting Millions – when you pay in full today
During our three guided implementation sessions, we work together as a group to complete specific tasks. During this dedicated work time, we’ll focus on developing your media bio, creating your story ideas, and writing and sending your pitches.

Bonus 2: Professional Pitch Review (Value $300)
Included With Impacting Millions – when you pay in full today
Send one of your pitches in for a professional review. Our seasoned media professional will review it and provide you with video feedback with ideas to improve or polish your pitch so it’s media ready.
Total Value of Pay-In-Full Bonuses = $1200

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