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Schoolism Story Driven Illustrations With Djamila Knopf

Schoolism Story Driven Illustrations With Djamila Knopf
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Powerful art is usually a combination of technical skill and some undefinable lightning in a bottle that we often imagine just HAPPENS.

This class will touch on fundamentals such as composition, perspective, color, lighting, etc., but what we will really explore is that LIGHTNING part. While I believe there is not and furthermore, CANNOT be a formula for creating successful art, I DO believe my strategies for making illustrations that tell emotive stories is duplicatible and will get you most of the way to making art that connects powerfully with your audience.

I will focus most of my time on topics such as ideation methods, the storytelling mindset, and visual emotion. Each lesson will have a demo to go with it so you can see my principles in action. And by doing the assignments, by the end of the class, you will have completed 3 story-driven illustrations, a variety of thumbnails, and detailed sketches.

I believe the best and most engaging art is that which tells a story and provokes an emotional response from the viewer. This is what I strive for every time I open a blank page and I hope my class will help you do the same.

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