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Saving Data In Your iOS App using Core Data

Saving Data In Your iOS App using Core Data
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All apps manage the display, retrieval, and persistence of data. Being able to save data locally is very important in order to continue to provide a good user experience for the users of your app who are operating in an offline mode or have an unstable internet/cellular connection. Core Data is a powerful technology that Apple provides that allows data to be persistent in memory as well as saved into a SQLite database stored on the device.

This class covers specialized topics around Core Data as well as fundamentals of Test Driven Development. This course is broken down as follows:

Learning what Core Data is and implementing out our Core Data APIs
Testing our Core Data APIs using concepts of Test Driven Development
Connecting Our Core Data APIs to our app UI.
Learning techniques for preloading data at app startup.

This class is intended for intermediate iOS developers who already are familiar with the fundamental skills and want to extend those skills to locally persist data using Core Data.

Specific Topics Covered In This Course:

Fundamentals of the Core Data API
Different ways of persisting data using Core Data (in memory, SQLite)
Learning how to utilize the NSPersistentContainer
Learning how to create a managed object model (NSManagedObjectModel)
How to structure data relationships in the NSManagedObjectModel
Loading cached data into a table view using a NSFetchedResultsController
Fetching, saving, deleting, and updating NSManagedObjects using a NSManagedObjectContext
Techniques for unit testing by applying concepts of test driven development (TDD)
Dependency Injection
Techniques for pre loading locally bundled data into your application at startup

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