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Ryan Lee – Micro-Business Workshop Recordings

Ryan Lee – Micro-Business Workshop Recordings
Original Price: $295
Author: Ryan Lee
Sale Page :_https://ryanlee.samcart.com/products/micro/

What You Get:
Your Step-by-Step Blueprint to Instantly Transform You Into a Lean, Mean, Entrepreneurial Machine.. In One Day!

Get ready to have your eyes opened – and once they are – things will never be the same again.
This workshop will be different because we’re going to “workflow” the entire process, step-by-step.
We’ll start at the beginning, dig in deep and keep going. You’ll see me go through the complete workflow of building a business from scratch (and how to do it at record speed!).
By the end, you’ll have absolute clarity and confidence on how to build your dream business without any special skills.
Plus, along the way, I’ll dispel every myth, lie, and the pitfalls to avoid. This will save you tens of thousands of wasted dollars and years of time you’ll never, ever get back.
You will get the absolute, 100% truth.
Armed with this knowledge, you’ll make better decisions and you’ll know exactly what you’re doing. It’s like a real-world MBA in one day.

Here’s just a few of breakthroughs you’ll have during this one-time only LIVE workshop.
– Micro-Offers: my proven formula to create the perfect offer (get this wrong and you’re toast).
– Micro-Marketing: the only time you should post on social media (social media can make or break your business)
– Micro-Launch: the “No-Launch”, Launch: My proven method for creating profit – from scratch – in 24 hours.
– Micro-Memberships: The right way to launch a membership site or continuity program (miss this crucial step and you’ll struggle to fill your group with more than 5 members!)
– Micro-Certifications: How to turn your IP into a profitable certification that’ll convert 7X higher than other offers and has built-in recurring revenue
– Micro-Metrics: forget all the complex metrics. You really only need to know these 3 numbers.
– Micro-Managing: When to outsource and what you can do yourself (goodbye platform nightmares!)
– Micro-Coaching: How to sell coaching – and the right way to stand out from the crowd
– Micro-Email: How to generate an extra 5-figures from EVERY email you send.. in just 3 minutes
– Micro-Branding: The one tiny tweak I made which added an extra $79,812 in monthly revenue
– Too much more to list there.

Ryan Lee – Micro-Business Workshop Recordings: Video, PDF´s
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