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Robert Bruce – Astral Projection Mastery Course

Robert Bruce – Astral Projection Mastery Course
Original Price: $9,99
Author: Robert Bruce
Sale Page :_https://www.udemy.com/course/lucid-dreaming-obe-out-of-body-experience-astral-projection/?gclid=CjwKCAiA8qLvBRAbEiwAE_ZzPbytGuHF2m0OcNUgOarZSJKsTMp2dhNWdxgNBtDuVzTUzFFt_4DtvxoCpzIQAvD_BwE&matchtype=b&utm_campaign=LongTail_la.EN_cc.ROW&utm_content=deal4584&utm_medium=udemyads&utm_source=adwords&utm_term=_._ag_78754155773_._ad_388036053348_._kw_%2Bastral+%2Bprojection+%2Bcourse_._de_c_._dm__._pl__._ti_kwd-649458347898_._li_9040353_._pd__._

The Astral Projection Mastery Course is put on the famous author Robert Bruce. In earlier works such as Astral Dynamics, written in 1999, Robert Bruce pioneered many concepts and techniques that are today fundamental in learning astral projection. He was one of the first to talk of practical exit techniques such as “The Rope Technique”. Robert Bruce, though his company, Astral Dynamics has designed an online course that will help you astral travel.
This online course will give you access to 15+ hours of video material that give practical instructions on everything from relaxation methods, to the induction of altered and trance states to full out exit techniques. These videos can be either downloaded or streamed. As well, you will have access to Robert Bruce directly though his exclusive forum.
Astral Projection Mastery will teach you:
How to eliminate your anxiety about astral projection and reprogram your brain to give you results
How to “shut off” the annoying chatter inside your head
In-depth instructions for performing my “tactile imaging” techniques to leave your body
How to enter the deepest Theta trance states
Directions for accessing the Akashic Records to learn your Past and Future Lives

Robert Bruce – Astral Projection Mastery Course: Video, PDF´s
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