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React – Getting Started

React – Getting Started
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Learn React, React Hooks, and Component Best Practices
What you’ll learn
How to program React web applications
How to setup a new React project and what development tools are used to code a React application
How to code React components with a focus on best practices
Use hooks including the state, callback, effect and ref hooks
Learn about the thinking patterns developers go through when building a React application
Knowledge of JavaScript and basic web development is a plus!
In this course series, professional React Trainer, Eric Greene, will walk you through the essentials of building React web applications. This content is the same content (plus some extras) that he covers in his Introduction to React courses which he delivers around the world to companies from the Fortune 100 to Silicon Valley tech startups. The course is delivered as 100% live coding with occasional diagrams. No boring content slides, just real coding all the way through. The emphasis in the course is best practice and patterns with a goal of learning important conceptual ideas. This is not a course about the React API, its a course about using the React API properly to build great web applications!
As part of the course presentation, Eric will share with you the correct and incorrect thought processes which many developers go through to build React components. The goal is not mastery of the React API, but mastery of correctly using the React API. Building component trees which follow best practices and patterns is at the heart of great React programming. Eric’s goal is to help you avoid common pitfalls and incorrect coding approaches which feel easy in the moment, but end up leading to lots of problems down the road. Eric will explain the proper use of props and component state and the importance of mastering the communication of data between components in the component tree. As part of that discussion important topics such as prop types, default props, custom hooks (for reusable state management), etc… are covered in great detail.
As Eric says in his classes, “learning React is only hard because it’s new to the student not because it’s actually hard”. Learn React the right way, and take the mystery and hardness out of coding React applications today.
Who this course is for:
Programmers who are new to React.
Programmers who have used React for 6 months or less
Programmers who want to learn about React Hooks

React – Getting Started: Videos, PDF
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