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Penetration Testing & Ethical Hacking

Penetration Testing & Ethical Hacking
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this is one of the famous courses of cybrary for ethical hacking.

Module 01 – Phases of Penetration Testing
1º Passive or Active Information Gathering or Reconnaissance2º Scanning the target3º Gaining access to the system or server4º Maitaining Access5º Covering the tracks

Module 10 – Denial of Service
DDoS, rDDoS, DoS, rDoS1. ConceptsReducesRestrictsPreventsFloods2. ImpactsLoss of goodwillDisable NetworksDisable organizationFinancial loss3. DetectionActive profile analysisChange point analysis4. TechniquesBandwidth FloodSYN Flood (3 Way-Handshake)

Module 11 – Session Hijacking
It’s a Kali Linux and Windows tool for session hijacking

Module 12 – Hacking Web Servers
Hacking WebServers1. ProductsIIS 17%Apache 65%Nginx 13%GoogleLightHTTPD2. ImpactWeb defacementCompromisesData tampering” ” TheftPivot Points (To get inside the internal network)3. TechniquesDirectory traversalHTTP Response splittingWeb cache poisonSS

Module 13 – Web Applications
Another HTTP tool to query web servers for indentification.

Module 14 – SQL Injection
SQL Injection (CheatSheet)1. ConceptsHTTP Post RequestNormal code analysisUpdateSelect, WhereFrom “mytable”Drop2. AttacksRemote code executionAvailabilityBypass auth admin’ –Info disclosureData integrityPassword grabbingXFER whole DBOS interaction3.

Module 15 – Wireless
Wireless Hacking1. ConceptsExtension to wiredMulti Access Points3G/4G HotspotsLAN to LAN2. Standards802.11 A / B (2.4GHz)/ G (2.4GHz)/ I (WPA2)/ N / 16 (WIMAX)3. ComponentsSSID (Wireless Name)OpenShared KeyAuth ComponentsBSSID (MAC)4. AntennasDirecti [view]

Module 16 – Mobile Hacking
Mobile Hacking1. TerminologyROMBrickingBYOD (Bring Your Own Device)2. VulnerabilitiesApp storesMobile malwareApp sandboxingEncryptionJailbreaking / RootingPrivacy / GeolocationPhysical3. PlatformsAndroidMac OSBlackberryWindows4. AttacksMalware –>

Module 17 – IDS, Firewalls & Honeypots
Evading IDS / IPS, Firewalls and Honeypots1. ConceptsPlacementHIDS – HIPSNIDS – NIPSPort ScanFirewalling2. CategoriesIntegrityProfileAnomaly (Protocl)StatisticalSignatureKnowledge (Rule)Behavior3. FW ArchitecturesBastion hostScreened subnetMulti home

Module 18 – Buffer Overflows
StackExecuting it via GDB(gdb) set disassembly-flavor intel(gdb) listNormal execution of the code(gdb) run $(perl -e ‘print “A”x10;’)Starting program: /root/Desktop/Notes on Certifications/CEH/stack $(perl -e ‘print “A”x10;’)The value is AAAAAAAAA

Module 19 – Cryptography
Download the advanced encryption package for windows to test it.

Module 02 – Footprinting
Lauch application and choose your target… 3:)We will have a report…We can make reportsView synopsisCreate chartsGet GeoLocationLog ViewerStats

Module 03 – Scanning
ON the OSI Model we will use IPv4 – IPv6 – ICMPTCP(Flags) UDPBasics- Hosts { UP/Down- Ports/Services { Available/Responding- Vulnerabilities { On the target- Diagrams (no need to scan) Technics- Ping Sweep- Subnet Masks- TCP (SRAF UP – SYN; RST; ACK

Module 04 – Enumeration
Windows PSTools are located in:c:\> dir \windows\system32\ps*c:\> dir \windows\system32\ps*.exe

Module 05 – System Hacking
Snow is a steganography toolWill be used to hide information on files.snow -C -m “This is the hidden message that cannot be found” -p “password” snow.txt snowsteg.txtExtract the informationsnow -C -p “password” snowsteg.txt
Hope it helps. thank you.

Penetration Testing & Ethical Hacking Contains: Video, PDF´s
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