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Onursal Aldırmaz – Affiliate Marketing – Clickbank & Amazon (English Subtitle)

Onursal Aldırmaz – Affiliate Marketing – Clickbank & Amazon (English Subtitle)
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What you’ll learn
In this course, you will learn how to choose a profitable product at Clicbank. You will also learn how to market the product.
You will be able to make money with Clickbank without a website and create a profitable advertising campaign.
You will create a simple landing page without the need for domain name and you will create regular marketing subscribers.
You will attract customers to market your Clickbank product on social media without spending any advertising budget.
You will become the sales partner of the Amazon. You will be able to select products that you can market from millions of products in the Amazon.
You will not need to think about marketing strategies when opening your own online store in the future.
You will learn the secrets of Pinterest. Thus, you will send thousands of customers to the product page in a short time.
This course is suitable for those who are yet to step in electronic commerce and who are proficient in electronic commerce who want to increase their knowledge and experience.
It does not require special computer or marketing skills.
To create campaigns on various platforms, an optional spending of between 5 and 25 dollars per day can be made.
It may require some investments for the use of various tools on the Internet (OPTIONAL).
A computer with Internet access
Hello, valuable entrepreneur. When I was writing this text, I thought about how I could call you. Then I compared you to myself. I know now that you have the question. “How can you compare me to yourself before you know me?” Let me try to explain to you:
One day I shopped over the internet, I wonder how these products are added here, who owns these goods, and questions such as whether I can make such a trade or not. But I didn’t have the money to buy goods! “But is this the only way to trade on the internet?” I asked him about the affiliate marketing system. I’ve started to suffer a lot of damage when I’m moving around with a lot of products through trial and error and my sense of 6. that says, “Look, this product is definitely sold.” So I decided to get training from professionals. Thus, I began to gain earnings both in short time and with minimum budget. And I’m here !!! This research has brought you to this platform, as you have probably done research to gain the freedom that you dreamed like me and to give yourself a chance on a low budget. You know, I was at your place! As an individual, if you use both time well and converting your money wisely into this platform makes you a valuable entrepreneur for me as I mentioned at the beginning of this text.
What are my experiences that I will share with you after my experiences and trainings?
* What should you choose from hundreds of products in Clickbank?
* How can you evaluate Clickbank’s metrics? What does metric mean?
* How do you know the product that will bring revenue in Clicbank steadily?
* What are the products you should stay away from in Clickbank?
* How do you create an ad campaign to sell quickly?
* What should you do to get more regular income in the long run?
* In the future, you will also benefit from these partnerships…
Questions you might think about:
Question: What are the materials I will need for this course?
Answer: A computer with Internet access, a credit card for advertising (it can be a credit card that is someone else own)
Question: Is it possible to learn this information without taking the course?
Answer: Of course. However, you need to spend more than the costs of the course. Because there is a cost of education as well as the price of trial and error. And this can lose much more than the cost of training. Like Time + Money.
Question: How much budget should I allocate for affiliate marketing?
Answer: This varies depending on the type of product you support. But do not forget that everything is under your control. In other words, you determine the limit …
Question: I have not received any training on digital marketing before. Do you have any technical information I need to know before joining this training?
Answer: Step by step all the details are mentioned in this course. You’ll know why you did what. Therefore, the courses you have taken or did not have any determinism.
Who is the target audience?
This course is ideal for those who want to earn additional income from today’s most popular trading platforms such as clickbank and amazon.
This course is ideal for those who want to improve their digital marketing ability.
Ideal for those who want to step into electronic commerce without installing a website.
Ideal for those who want to earn additional income on a low budget.

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