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Nick Shackelford – How To Run Facebook Ads

Nick Shackelford – How To Run Facebook Ads
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How To Run Facebook Ads by Nick Shackelford Torrent 2How To Run Facebook Ads by Nick Shackelford Torrent


You’re about to discover the exact “algorithm-proof” process Nick Shackelford has used to help 150+ different businesses…even complete beginners on all kinds of budgets…and even helped Apple get new customers for its iPhone 7, iPad Pro, and Apple Watch…
All while profitably spending more than $100M just on Facebook ads in the last few years!
It’s a step-by-step process distilled from his hundreds of thousands of tests, failures, and wild successes. He’s already done all the hard work and sleepless nights so you don’t have to!
And yes, these are 100% real companies, real stories, real results. We’ll show you them in just a second…
They’re from everyday people whose businesses have “blown up” using Facebook ads. Just like the countless other businesses and entrepreneurs who have as well.
But this isn’t another letter trying to convince you about the power of Facebook ads. Maybe 10 years ago it would’ve been, but not today.
Today we both know that using Facebook ads has become “par for the course” for any business wanting more leads, sales, or any kind of accelerated growth.
The reason more than 9 million businesses now advertise on the platform is in
large part because of what we call “Facebook Money Math”…
That’s a 2X ROAS (return on ad spend) or a 200% return on your initial investment.
Today even the most beginner advertisers can launch new campaigns that allow them to consistently spend $1 and make $2… Or spend $1 and make $3, $4, or even $5!
If right now you could invest $1 into a Facebook ad and make $2, what business owner wouldn’t do that math again and again until they simply couldn’t anymore?
Or even if you could invest $1 and get back that same $1 (so you breakeven) BUT…you also got a new customer. Who wouldn’t still do that deal? Essentially free customers?!
That’s why it might be the most profitable business building skill in our digital age.
And it’s typically the #1 investment every business that’s winning online right now is making every single month.
Which is why you see everyone from bootstrapped entrepreneurs launching businesses from their bedrooms, to Silicon Valley startups and the biggest most cash-rich brands in the world…
All advertising on Facebook.
Because all hype aside…
Actual fortunes are being made faster using Facebook ads right now than possibly any other marketing medium in history. With some hard work and the right knowledge, it can legitimately be the quickest way to making life changing profits online.
But the ugly truth many “gurus” try to hide from you?
It can also be the fastest way in history to waste money. If you’ve ever tried to run your own ads, you know it’s not always the “ATM machine” many guru’s make it out to be.
Here at Foundr we’ve worked with thousands of different businesses. From ecommerce and digital products, to service, software, and everything in between.
And almost always, the ones who are crushing it the most are running Facebook ads.
And those who have “roller coaster” sales, or struggle to really scale as fast as they believe they can…are typically struggling with Facebook ads because of…
One “guru” says do this. The other says do that. The last thing you want to do is play “Facebook guru roulette” when your money is on the line. Instead you need a proven “algorithm-proof” strategy that works in all niches and industries.
Unfortunately many ads are built to fail from the very start. They’re missing the foundational “building blocks” which must be in a place for an ad to be profitable. If you’ve ever wondered “where do I start” when running ads…you start here.
What works today is outdated tomorrow. With Facebook compliance and policies changing faster than any other platform, founders don’t have time to stay on top of everything. They need operational help, not more “hacks”.
What clickthrough or conversion rate is normal? How much money should you be spending? Without accurate metrics to use as performance baselines, you end up guessing while wasting time and money on ineffective ads.
Spending money on an agency just to have little to no results. They overpromise and underdeliver. Instead learn to run the ads yourself using a proven process you can turn over to an in-house team member who then runs them for you.
Launching a new ad that starts out well but completely dies off a week later and not knowing what happened. You don’t have the experience or a “30,000 ft view” to diagnose the problem and make the right adjustments.
Not having a clear-cut process for taking ads from “scratch to scale”. When you can quickly identify and cut losers, while scaling and optimizing winners…it doesn’t take long till you hit a home run and change your business forever.
Not knowing the right way to run audience, creative, and copy split tests to boost conversion and create “control” ads. Knowing how to properly split test is the fastest way for any business to grow. No matter the industry or niche.
Unable to pin down why your ads aren’t getting as much engagement as they should.
Watching your ad costs skyrocket but not knowing why or what to do about it.

But all too often people spend all their time trying to solve the issues above, without ever realizing they’re simply symptoms and not the root cause of their struggle on the platform.
Today nearly everywhere you look there’s a new “guru” popping up pushing outdated tactics, “hacks”, or short term fixes that promise to “make it rain”.
But unfortunately as you know if you’ve ever tried to run ads…much of it is all BS.
Maybe 10 years ago you could get away with something like a boosted post, but those days are long gone. Remember this…
Most short term fixes create long term problems. Many of today’s tactics are tomorrow’s tech issues. And that cool ninja “hack” just got your account banned.
Today more than ever before, if you want to succeed using Facebook ads, instead of using this kind of “spray and pray” approach, you need to be using…
“Algorithm-proof” principles that work now and into the future.
Because in today’s competitive ad landscape, in order to win (and win big) it’s about not just knowing what to do, but why you do it! That’s how you create profitable ads.
Which is why we’re so confident this new “How To Run Facebook Ads 1.0” course is truly unlike anything you’ve ever seen…
Because it’s NOT about tactics, hacks, or short term “fixes”…but instead focuses entirely on proven, “algorithm-proof” principles that will work for years to come.
Instead the entire course is built around Nick’s personal “Make Good Decisions Framework”.
It’s a framework born from Nick’s years of being one of the best Facebook marketers in the world, being in the “ad trenches” day in and day out. Distilled from his hundreds of thousands of tests, failures, and wild successes. And perfected for any business, budget, or background.
It contains the “insider insights” only someone with his level of experience can speak to.
Most importantly, inside this new in-depth program he shows you not just what to do, but why you do it! Because Nick is adamant that the “MGD Framework” and this breakthrough course not only help you grow your business with a steady flow of new leads and sales…
…but give you a behind-the-scenes look into how Facebook ads really work!
You’ll walk away with a completely fresh new way of seeing and thinking about your Facebook ads that’ll help you create profitable ads for any business for the rest of your life!
Whether you’re a complete beginner who’s never run a Facebook ad in your life, or you simply want to level up your skills (and your profits) in a big way…
This course takes you on a journey creating ads from “scratch to scale”. It covers everything you need to launch ads that convert. From creative & copy, to media buying & margin, it’s all here!
It’s NOT one of these courses filled with outdated content and untested theories cleverly disguised as proven methods… Compiled from some “overnight guru” who got lucky with a few winning ads for his one business, in one niche, just one time.
It’s a program with an instructor who’s both an actual founder of multiple companies and recognized throughout the world as one of the best Facebook marketers there is. Who has a track record and client list unlike anything we’ve ever seen in this space.
“How To Run Facebook Ads 1.0” was designed to produce real results no matter who you are.

It’s NOT about wasting time asking you to be the “guru guinea pig” to test unproven theories. Or have you spend all your valuable time learning about and running ads instead of all the other critical things you could be doing as a business owner.
It’s NOT about over complicating everything and creating a 67-step funnel requiring you to be a “ads wizard” to make it work or needing an entire tech team to support you.
It’s NOT about requiring you to have some big budget that allows you to succeed solely because you can throw more money at ads than your competition can.

Instead it’s about using a simple step-by-step process to create Facebook ads and campaigns from “scratch to scale” faster and easier than ever before.
How To Run Facebook Ads 1.0
The Ultimate “Beginners Guide” For Any Business, Budget, Or Background
Easy-To-Follow Blueprint:
You don’t need to be a “tech person” or have any experience with ads. This beginner course guides you through everything you need to know and do to create winning ads from scratch. It’s a simple yet wildly effective process.
150+ Different Businesses:
This course is for all niches, products, and industries. It’s not just for ecommerce or one specific kind of business. It’s worked for 150+ different brands from teeth whitening and glasses, to banking and high-ticket services.
Big Results – Small Budgets:
You’ll learn how to create a predictable, consistent, and reliable flow of new leads and sales no matter the size of your budget.
Hands-Off Scaling:
This course is designed as a complete ads playbook, allowing you to “hand it off” to a team member who can then run your ads for you. You save time by not doing it yourself, but can also jump in and troubleshoot using the playbook at any time.

Simple, Actionable, & Proven Strategies For Ads That Convert
Generate a consistent revenue stream with a high-converting Facebook funnel.
Simplify the entire Facebook ad process with a step-by-step blueprint.
Confidently troubleshoot ad issues which arise using proven advice.
Scale faster and easier by finally using Facebook ads effectively.
And ultimately begin to quickly pass up your competition!

How “one good ad” can change everything for a business almost overnight…
How beginners with brand new business and tiny budgets can use “easy ads” to bring in loyal customers every single day…even if they’ve tried and failed before!
How to structure ad creative (copy, images, video, etc) that consistently converts!
Nick’s proven step-by-step “Easy Ads Formula” that’s worked for 150+ different businesses and helped him turn unknown products — like the fidget spinner & Snow teeth whitening — into viral sensations.
How to use the little-known “insider” strategies of media buying for finding your perfect audience even if they’re hard to find on Facebook! Learned from spending $100M+ on Facebook ads.
How to run profitable ads for each part of your “Facebook Funnel”…prospecting, re-engagement, and remarketing…without over complicating it.
The often overlooked “must-have” building blocks of every successful ad. Inside is everything you must know before ever opening Business Manager and risk wasting a single penny…

Module 1:
Mastering The Facebook Ad Foundations
In this module you’ll discover the “must know” Facebook ad foundations. If you’ve never ran ads before and wondered “where do I start”…this is it. You’ll learn everything you need to do to give your ads the absolute best chance of winning from day one.
Module 1: Mastering The Facebook Ad Foundations
Lesson 1: Welcome To “How To Run Facebook Ads 1.0”
Lesson 2: The 15 BS Facebook Myths That Are Costing You Money
Lesson 3: The 25 Essential Key Terms You Need to Know
Lesson 4: Setting Your Margin To Get Started
Lesson 5: How To Set & Hit Targets (ROAS)
Lesson 6: Setting Up Your Business Manager Account
Lesson 7: Setting Up Your Pixel On Your Site Or Store
Lesson 8: Creating An Easy-To-Use Dashboard
Lesson 9: Breaking down The Facebook Funnel

Module 2:
Top Of Funnel Prospecting – Finding Your
Target Market Everytime
This module you’ll take a deep dive into the art of finding your target market…even if they’re hard to find or “not on Facebook”. Since 60% of your ad budget is typically spent here at the top of the funnel, you’ll master not only driving traffic, but driving the right kind of traffic!
Module 2: Top Of Funnel Prospecting – Finding Your Target Market Everytime
Lesson 1: Prospecting Overview
Lesson 2: How To Easily Plan Your Media (Template Included)
Lesson 3: Naming Conventions & Navigating Your Dashboard
Lesson 4: Campaign Structures (Prospecting)
Lesson 5: Audiences (Prospecting)
Lesson 6: Proven Tests You Can Run (Prospecting)
Lesson 7: Creative Examples (Prospecting)
Lesson 8: Demo: Prospecting, Campaign Setup, & Launch

Module 3:
Middle Of Funnel – Re-Engagement To Drive
Massive Traffic
In this module you’ll learn how to re-engage prospective customers who got targeted from your top of funnel efforts. Middle of funnel ads can be one of the biggest generators of sales in your funnel, so you’ll learn what page to drive them to, what copy to use, and everything in between!
Module 3: Middle Of Funnel – Re-Engagement To Drive Massive Traffic
Lesson 1: Re-Engagement Overview
Lesson 2: Campaign Structures (Re-Engagement)
Lesson 3: Audiences (Re-Engagement)
Lesson 4: Pages To Drive Traffic To (Re-Engagement)
Lesson 5: Copy Differences at Re-Engagement
Lesson 6: Creative Examples (Re-Engagement)
Lesson 7: Tying It All Together (Re-Engagement)

Module 4:
Bottom Of Funnel – Remarketing For Scaling & Sales
This module reveals how to remarket to prospects when they’ve taken an action off of the Facebook platform. Maybe they visited your website or some other page, now you’ll learn how to “follow them” with engaging ads that drive conversions and bring in sales.
Lesson 1: Remarketing Overview
Lesson 2: Campaign Structures (Remarketing)
Lesson 3: Remarketing Audiences & Adsets – Explanation
Lesson 4: Remarketing Audiences & Adsets – Execution
Lesson 5: Pages To Drive Traffic To (Remarketing)
Lesson 6: Creative & Copy Examples (Remarketing)
Lesson 7: Tying It All Together (Remarketing)

Module 5:
Ad Creative That Consistently Converts
In this module you’ll discover the exact “Ad Creative Framework” Nick and his team use for every single client. It’s proven to convert. From which copy to use and the right way to use images and videos, to making the user experience congruent throughout the whole process…it’s all here!
Module 5: Ad Creative That Consistently Converts
Lesson 1: How To Structure High-Converting Ad Creative
Lesson 2: The Most Effective Ad Copy Formulas
Lesson 3: Breaking Down Ad Creative (Image Or Video)
Lesson 4: Message Match – Between Ad & Landing Page
Lesson 5: Branding Ads vs Direct Response Ads
Lesson 6: “The Agency Replacer Toolkit”

Module 6:
Troubleshooting Common Problems
& Avoiding Costly Mistakes
By the end of this module, you’ll have the confidence and troubleshooting framework to dive in and solve any problem that arises. You’ll be equipped with a proven framework on how to think through an ad issue whenever something happens. This allows you to always keep moving!
Module 6: Troubleshooting Common Problems & Avoiding Costly Mistakes
Lesson 1: How to Troubleshoot Properly
Lesson 2: The 6 Most Common Roadblocks & How To Fix Them
Lesson 3: Different Dashboards to Look At When Troubleshooting
Lesson 4: Using The “Make Good Decisions Formula”
Lesson 5: The 7 Deadly Sins of Disapproved Ads
Lesson 6: What If It’s Not The Ad’s Fault?
Lesson 7: How To Run Ads Towards Major Events
Lesson 8: The Roadmap: Who To Listen To?
Lesson 9: Bringing It All Together

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