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Natural Language Processing (NLP) with Python: 2020

Natural Language Processing (NLP) with Python: 2020

Natural Language Processing (NLP) with Python: 2020
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Learn Natural Language Processing with Python, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, SpaCy, NLTK, Sklearn, CNN, RNN & more !
What you’ll learn
The Complete understanding of Natural Language Processing
Implement NLP related task with Scikit-learn, NLTK and SpaCy
Apply Machine Learning Model to Classify Text Data
Text Classification (Spam Detection, product Review Classification)
Text Summarization (Turn 5000 word article into 200 Words)
Calculate Sennt Score from Recently Posted Tweet (Tweeter API)
Refresh your Deep Learning Concepts (ANN, CNN & RNN)
Build your own Word Embedding (Word2vec) Model with Keras
Word Embeddings application with Google Pretrained Model
Spam Message Detection with Neural Network Based CNN and RNN Model
Automatic Text Generation using TensorFlow, Keras and LSTM
Working with Text Files & PDF in Python (PyPDF2 module)
Tokenization, Stemming and Lemmatization
Stop Words, Parts of Speech (POS) Tagging with NLTK
Vocabulary, Matching, Named Entity Recognition (NER)
Data Analysis with Numpy and Pandas
Data Visualization with Matplotlib library
Basic understanding of Python Programming
Recent reviews:
“Very practical and interesting, Loved the course material, organization and presentation. Thank you so much”
“This is the best course to learn NLP from the basic. very is easy to follow, hands on, and practical for industry professionals…It covers almost everything in NLP”

Natural Language Processing (NLP) with Python: 2020: Video, PDF´s
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