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Microsoft Power BI for beginners

Microsoft Power BI for beginners
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This course teaches Power BI from basic to advanced level
What you’ll learn
Fundamentals of Power BI , Installation , importing data , data fields , models , designer ,Visualization component :- Table , bar chart , line chart , pie chart , map , card , stacked chart , Gauge , KPI and Funnel graph.
DAX basics , Cloning , Filter , SUM , SUMX ,FilterContext , RowContext,All , AllExcept,Inner join , left join , right jon , cross join and Summarize.
Covers Calculate columns , measures , slicer , sharing report online , pages in power BI , power query editor, modelling relationships,Import vs Direct Query and Connecting to SQL Server.
Fact , dimension tables, OLAP , OLTP Design , Star schema , Snow flake and Denormalizaed design
No programming knowledge needed.
Learn Power BI Step by Step:- Beginners
Chapter 1:- What is Power BI?
Chapter 2:- Downloading and installing Power BI.
Chapter 3:- Importing Data in Power BI.
Chapter 4:- Viewing data, fields, designer and model.
Chapter 5:- Table, bar chart and line chart components.
Chapter 6:- Formatting visualization components.
Chapter 7:- Applying Analytics.
Chapter 8:- Auto filtering.
Chapter 9:- Exporting report to PDF
Chapter 10:- Adding a calculated column.
Chapter 11:- Adding a measure column.
Chapter 12:- Adding Pages.
Chapter 13:- Stacked bar chart, Column chart components.
Chapter 14:- Legend, Axis and Values.
Chapter 15:- Apply filters using Power Query Editor.
Chapter 16:- Line Chart, Pie chart, Map and Card Components.
Chapter 17:- Slicer component.
Chapter 18:- Modeling relationship.
Chapter 19:- Publishing and sharing report online.
Chapter 20:- The Market place.
Chapter 21:- Themes.
Chapter 22:- Revising things.
Lab 2:- Connecting SQL Server with Power BI.
Chapter 23:- Downloading and installing SQL Server.
Chapter 24:- Importing CSV file data in to SQL Server.
Chapter 25:- Connecting Power BI with SQL Server.
Chapter 26:- Import and Direct Query options.
Lab 3:- Line, Area, Stacke, API, Gauge and Funnel.
Chapter 27:- Line chart, Area chart and stacked charts.
Chapter 28:- Gauge charts.
Chapter 29:- KPI, Key performance indicators.
Chapter 30:- Funnel Graph.
Lab 4 :- Star Schema and Snow flake design
Chapter 31 :- OLAP and OLTP design.
Chapter 33 :- Fact tables and dimension.
Chapter 34 :- Star schema design.
Chapter 35 :- Stressing Denormalized design.
Chapter 36 :- Redundant data issue.
Chapter 37 :- Snow flake design.
Chapter 38 :- Consuming in Power BI.
Chapter 39 :- SQL Scripts of the lessons.
Lab 5 :- DAX queries
Chapter 38 :- DAX Definition
Chapter 39 :- Cloning a table
Chapter 40 :- Applying filter
Chapter 41 :- SUM and SUMX
Chapter 42 :- FilterContext and RowContext
Chapter 43 :- Calculate :- Changing the context
Chapter 44 :- Akk and AllExcept
Chapter 45 :- SelectColumns
Chapter 46 :- Inner Join, Left Join and Cross Join
Chapter 47 :- Joins with out releationships
Chapter 48 :- Summarize, Applying group by
Who this course is for:
People who want to learn Power BI

Microsoft Power BI for beginners: Videos, PDF
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