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Michael Breen – Purest Persuasion

Michael Breen – Purest Persuasion
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Author: Michael Breen
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Here’s A Sneak Peek Of What You’ll Learn…
The Easiest Way To Bypass The ‘Cognitive Gatekeeper’

That Stops A Person From Saying Yes!
How to radically improve your persuasive powers, that require no “trial closing”, test selling, scripted language patterns or “pressure” selling!
You’ll discover a whole new way of persuading with integrity that leads naturally and automatically to the listener saying “yes!”
Discover Michael’s step-by-step approach to persuading others that’s been tested in the real world and used to persuade and win seven figure contracts, change the minds of large groups of people etc.
Why being relational, credible and ethical are some of your greatest assets when persuading others
How to listen so really hear what people are saying
How to find out what’s driving and organising the listener’s world view so your messages get past their internal GATEKEEPER and are able to impact and be acted upon (this is the real trick behind powerful persuasion – the subject feels the idea and change in perspective has come from them)
Discover the top 4 things CEOs say gets their attention, so you can know how to influence senior stakeholders
The Tools & Strategies To Direct Attention At Will
(And Turn Obstacles into Opportunities)
Learn power persuasion questions – questions that shift someones mindset from impossible to possible, from past to present, from internal to external and so much more
What level to shift your persuasion framing to, when conversions get “bogged-down”, if you want to create agreement
What direction to shift to, if you want to deliberately stall things and create a mismatch in a person’s thinking, to help them make a better decision

#1 thing every top persuader and sales professional does BEFORE they ask a question that you should too. if you want to skyrocket your chances of success
The 1 thing you must be willing to DROP if you want to become far more persuasive
The one mindset shift learned from military generals that when you use will greatly help you become a persuasion master
How To Create Credibility Fast
(So People Listen To What You Have To Say!)
Discover the secrets of “image makers” to create credibility and authority so you can leverage their tactics too to increase your credibility (even if you worry you won’t be perceived as credible)
Which attributes you have complete control on that are guaranteed to build credibility fast that many people completely overlook
Why anticipating and pre-reading the governing attitudes present in your audience is vital if you want to gain credibility and not be ignored
Hear Michael share tips and tactics he’s used to gain instant credibility in ‘hostile’ high pressure corporate environments
Setup The Right Mindset
So Persuading Becomes Fun
Discover one of the biggest reasons why so many people’s efforts to persuade fall flat on their face. and how to make sure this mis-step DOESN’T happen to you.
Learn the second most common reason people fail to persuade that Michael has observed in his 30 years as a consultant and professional communicator
Understand why it is vital to set the right conditions early on in the persuasion process if you want a decision to be made
Learn why “self-persuasion” is the first port of call, if you want to persuade and influence others

How to maximise your chances of your persuading others by entering the persuasive process with the right mindset and attitude
The #1 attitude that gets in the way of being an effective persuader and the #1 mindset shift to change to become more persuasive
The #1 thing that you MUST penetrate in your listener’s mind if you want to persuade them before you start your “persuasion”
Why persuasion is never about arm-twisting, coercion, or trying to “dominate” someone else with sleight of mouth patterns, logic-games or ‘point scoring’, but is about something much more effective instead (which makes being persuasive much more rewarding)
Master The “Logic Of Persuasion” & Discover The Most Reliable Way To Formulate Suggestions That Stick
Discover the principles behind Purest Persuasion that radically change how you persuade (and the results you can get!) You’ll learn the same strategy and process Michael and other top persuaders use to influence, persuade and get more yeses!
Why conditional thinking and goal directed persuasion trumps ‘covert’ language patterns and hard selling or pressure cooker persuasion techniques every time
Understand the “logic of persuasion” that starts from inside the person you want to persuade.
Discover the first priority to address before you formulate a single suggestion if you want to be persuade and influence with much greater ease and effectiveness . (expert persuaders are masters at quickly doing this and so are far more effective)
Learn what is the most persuasive thing and why the ‘syntax’ of it, is so important (almost all courses on persuasion overlook this elusive yet vital distinction)
Understand the six principles of persuasion that every persuaders should know and which one is the MOST important (that you can influence in every interaction.)
Why focusing on the “features and benefits” is a wasted effort IF you haven’t first taken care of this vital component (So many fail to address the first priority of persuasion and so their persuasion falls flat on it’s face!)
Discover Michael’s strategy for formulating messages that are tailored precisely to hit their target (You’ll never have to rely on scripts to be persuasive when you understand how to do this)
How to make an imposition and “push back” OK and something you can use. to be even more persuasive
Discover Persuasion Intervention & Influencing Strategies
(So You Know Where and When To Intervene For Maximum Effectiveness)
Learn Michael’s go-to tool for structuring and tracking what a person is saying and how to ask insightful questions that direct a listeners attention and lead them to decide “yes!”

Uncover the art of finding the ‘fixed point’- the point in the conversation where the person you are looking to persuade unconsciously reveals what it will take to create an instantaneous shift in their perspective (imagine knowing ‘the logic of persuasion’ that will shift a no to a yes, for the person person you want to influence)
The 3 emotional triggers you always want to think through if you want your persuasion messages to be be accepted with the least resistance and evoke action in your listener.
The 6 categories of experience you want to filter your message through, used by politicians advisors to create powerful messages that land on target
The 5 ‘time horizons’ to consider to penetrate beyond the apparent problem or obstacle, to ignite action and shift a listener from “I’m not sure” to “Yes!”
In total there are:
18 professionally edited mp3 tracks, recorded from the live workshop
Plus 6 expert assignments created specifically for the home study course to teach you how to apply the key lessons right away.
But that’s not all.
You’ll also receive 8 HD Video Modules
These 8 additional HD video modules were recorded with Michael to extend and deepen your understanding and application of the ideas taught in the course so you can master the art and skills of purest persuasion.

Discover the ‘Persuasion Trifecta’
(The 3 Skills Mastered By Purest Persuasion Experts)
Discover the three vital skills you’ll want to develop to be more persuasive that separates the “ok” persuaders vs. persuasion masters
Learn Michael’s “outrageously powerful” strategy you can use watching TV that will help you greatly enhance your persuasive powers.
The #1 thing you don’t want to do (that most poor persuaders do all-the-time) that generates MASSIVE resistance and causes your efforts to persuade to fail!
The core questions Michael asks every time he’s hired to help a client, multinational or startup persuade others
The 1 skill that is cherished by great persuaders and often overlooked by poor persuaders. Most people are much poorer at this skill than they imagine (and so have a difficult time persuading others)
Learn Insights From Crisis Management Done Badly
(.Yes United Airlines We’re Talking About You)
Michael’s not just a world-class trainer and business consultant, he started his career in Crisis Management.
You’ll hear Michael’s take on the now infamous “United Airlines – Re-accommodation incident in April 2017”
Learn the #1 persuasion priority you must address in a crisis. in the age of social media when points of view can be transmit around the globe in an instant
Discover 3 salient lessons learned from the United Airlines crisis that apply as much in your own life or business
Understand the bigger picture of how persuasion of the masses occurs and has changed in recent years
Learn about the rise of data mining, profiling and ‘frame dominance’, the media, governments and corporations use to precisely target their messages to you and their highly effective role in polarising people
Learn the key question master persuaders ask (that few people know) to shift the minds and attitudes of millions of people
Penetrate Frame Control
(Learn About Frame Wars, Frame Dominance & Frame Control)
Discover what is at the heart of purest persuasion when people change their minds easily and quickly
Learn what a frame-of-reference really is and why it’s so important to the persuasion process
Discover the role of language and perception in fooling us in to thinking we know and how it works
Understand the powerful role frame of reference have in shaping and controlling your listener’s experience of reality
Learn Michael’s key distinction about reality and actuality that is vital to understand if you want to be able change a person’s experience of the world with ease and elegance. (This is one of the reasons Michael is so handsomely rewarded by his clients that you can learn too)
Understand the natural process of how frames-of-reference change over time and how they are dynamic and change often (so you don’t get caught blindsided when they do)
Why you are NOT looking to create a fixed frame of someone’s map or model if you want to be able to persuade anyone effectively
Why you don’t need to “battle” with your listener to persuade them! (And what to do instead)
The secret process Michael uses to zero in on precisely what needs to change to have someone change their mind and say yes!
Learn Michael’s “go-to strategy” for reading the News, so you can penetrate their framing
How in the post Trump, Brexit era you want to pay attention to how frames are created so you can see (and protect) yourself and your family from “fake news” and the massive efforts to persuade you to certain (and often detrimental) points of view.
Expert deconstruction – watch as Michael unpacks common myths about “fake news”, frame wars and frame conflict that are presented as “true” in most persuasion trainings. This is a must watch piece if you want to become a better persuader and penetrate beneath tactics used by people and media that have an agenda for controlling you.
Discover Your Persuasion Blind Spots
Even when you’re good at persuading, if you can’t see your persuasion blind spots you might be trying to persuade with one foot on the brake!
Learn a critical distinction every persuader should know when using any framework or ‘typecast’ to persuade someone else (it’s not what you’ve been told by those who created them)
When labels and descriptions about other people’s personalities are useful for being more persuasive and when they are NOT
What is the mindset expert purest persuaders hold that gives them an advantage over traditional approaches you may have learned about how to persuade others
Three key questions to ask yourself before you begin persuasion that instantly will reveal your blindspots so you don’t shoot and misfire!
Learn The Art & Secrets of ‘POV Design’
(Or how to create tailored messages used by big PR firms to influence and persuade.)
What POV is all about (and why PR firms love it)
Why it’s mission critical you DON’T try and persuade everyone with the same message!
How to design your own POV messages so they hit their target and persuade.
The #1 thing you must do if you want to persuade beyond merely “winning the point” and being perceived as “correct” yet your listener’s mind remains unchanged (when you start doing this one thing; your persuasive abilities will skyrocket)
The 3 factors that drive being perceived as a “persuasion agent” that every great lawyer, every great visionary manager and every great communicator have some of these attributes already in place
Your Instructor For This Training:
Persuasion Expert Michael Breen
This expert training is taught by expert persuader and renowned NLP master trainer and business consultant Michael Breen.
Michael is also co-creator of Nightingale Conant’s best-selling and highly regarded ‘The Power to Influence’.

He has:
25 years experience teaching NLP around the world
is an NLP Master Trainer who has taught over 80,000 students
Co-founded largest NLP training school in the world
For 10 years co-ran workshops with Dr. Richard Bandler & Paul McKenna
Is an expert of behavioral change
Management consultant to numerous Fortune 500 companies
Created the first business NLP practitioner in the UK
Is one of Europe’s leading executive coaches
Is known for renowned ability to teach complex skills in a way that students can learn quickly and easily, with a definite measurable change in their skill set (rather than just know a bunch of theory!)

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