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Michael Breen – Meta Model Parts 1, 2 & 3

Michael Breen – Meta Model Parts 1, 2 & 3
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Take a journey to the heart of language with Michael Breen as your guide in this 3 disk DVD series exploring the structure and application of one of NLP’s core tools. This special set contains all three DVD’s from Michael’s acclaimed Meta Model series. You will be taken through every aspect of the model, from its overall structure to how to apply it in an elegant and effective manner.
The Meta Model was first presented by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in their book The Structure of Magic and is one of the original components that the discipline of NLP grew out of. The Meta Model presents a framework that reveals how a person is currently viewing a situation, and when applied correctly acts as a potent tool for changing the causal modelling behind someone’s thinking making possible rapid and substantial changes of mind.
In this fascinating DVD series Michael presents his arrangement of the Meta Model, developed after working extensively with Richard Bandler, outlines its structures, takes you through some of its powerful applications, before showing you some of the techniques in action during real coaching sessions.
Part 1: The Big View
In DVD one Michael Uses his renowned ability to teach, clarify and entertain in order to illustrate the structure of the Meta Model, as well as demonstrating how it can be applied to create powerful changes in a clients thinking.
Part 2: Deeper Application
DVD 2 follows on from the concepts outlined in part 1 to show the deeper possibilities of the Meta Model. Michael will teach you how to use the Meta Model in an elegant, unobtrusive and professional way. This is a DVD for thinking, doing and developing mastery.
Part 3: Person to Person
In the final DVD of the series Michael shows you how to develop your own skill as a business coach, mentor or guide through Meta Model language patterns, the Compass, the Re-Framing Tool and other unique insights.

Michael Breen – Meta Model Parts 1, 2 & 3: Videos, PDF
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