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Kim Roach – Product Launch Academy

Kim Roach – Product Launch Academy
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“Over the Next 30 Days, I’ll Personally Help You Create & Launch a Signature Product with so Much Built-In Demand it Practically Sells Itself.”

And The Best Part: We’ll do all the “Techie” Stuff for you. If you’re a blogger, podcaster, coach, or anyone who wants to cash in on your expertise, then I can show you how to create and launch high-impact products WITHOUT all the traditional tech-hassles. Even if you don’t “feel” like an expert, have no idea what sort of product to create, and only have 2 hours per day to work on your business.
You’ll get my personal help. 7 years of experience creating and launching products.
Within the first week of coaching, you’ll identify which of your product “ideas” people will actually pay for.
Using our 3 “Profit Radars”, you’ll know with certainty whether or not people will buy your product on launch day.
Not hope or guess.
But know for certain that you have a profitable product idea that motivates people to pull out their wallets and BUY.
Find out how much people are willing to pay for your product.
(This is one of the biggest questions I get asked. And the answer might surprise you.)
How to name your product & create a “Mental Photograph” in the mind of your customer.

During our second week together, we’ll outline your entire launch strategy using my signature “Fill-in-the-blanks” Template.
I call this the “Instant Clarity” worksheet. Because once you finish answering just a few questions, you’ll have immediate clarity on what type of product you should create. How to LAUNCH for maximum impact. And the exact content to include in your product.

During week 3 of our coaching, you’ll learn how to sell your product with confidence.
As humans, it seems like most of us are all a little bit scared of being “salesy”. Here’s how to sell your product with confidence. No need to be cheesy, hypey, or “salesy”.
Plus, you’ll also learn some simple pricing strategies to double and triple your product launch profits.
Have you ever wondered what the REAL differences are between a $97 product and a $997 product?
Let me show you how to transform your offers and start charging what you’re worth.
It’s a simple set of “tweaks” that will double your revenue this year.

During week 4 of our coaching, I’m going to bulldoze every fear you may have once had about creating your own product. This is the week where we create your product. FAST.
After surveying hundreds of solopreneurs, I found that many of them have fooled themselves into believing some very common product creation “MYTHS”.
– I’m not “good enough”.
– I’m not an expert.
– It takes FOREVER to create a product.
– I’m not “techie” enough.

During Week 5, you’ll learn our Step-by-Step Launch System.
After this week, you’ll know exactly what to do on EACH DAY of your launch.
university-icon The exact emails to send your audience on each day of the launch.
(There’s no guess-work involved here. You’ll know exactly what type of email to send on each day of your launch.)
university-icon How to Create a 3-Part Video Series that Gets People Excited and Eager to buy your product.
university-icon How to Drive Your Subscribers Crazy 2 Days Before the Launch.
(I’ve only seen a couple smart marketers using this strategy but it builds up some crazy anticipation and will double the sales you make in the first hour of your launch.)
university-icon Let me hold your hand and walk you step-by-step through each phase of your product launch.

Kim Roach – Product Launch Academy: Videos, PDF
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