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Kenrick Cleveland – Influential Spinning

Kenrick Cleveland – Influential Spinning
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Now you can learn how to put your own spin on your persuasion message affecting the emotions of those you are influencing way outside their awareness while creating hypnotic like compliance.
Over the years, people who have bought Maximum Persuasion have moved on to my more advanced courses, like the Advanced Hypnosis videos, and advanced live training. These courses have state-of-the-art material you can use to make your communication more powerful, once you’ve truly mastered the material in Maximum Persuasion.
Recently, the words “state-of-the-art” changed their meaning to me, just as they did over twenty years ago when I first began my study of NLP and started thinking of how to apply the skills to persuasion and sales. An elegant paradigm has entered the NLP world that extends the concepts into a new dimension. This paradigm is called “meta-States.”
Those of you who have already read books and articles by Dr. Michael Hall have probably walked away with one of three thoughts:

1. This looks like a great concept, if only I could understand it! 2. All of this makes sense, but how do I use it? 3. Or maybe it left you with a big – HUH?!!

For months, I studied Hall’s works on meta Programs so that I could translate these concepts into powerful persuasion strategies. Fortunately, some of my closest friends in the NLP community have been researching these concepts since the mid 1980’s. When they found out I was translating them for use in persuasion, they decided that I would be given all the help I needed, and set me on the right track in understanding meta-States.

The result was a power-packed, intense 2-day training called “Influential Spinning.” Most of the participants were already Master Practitioners of NLP. During those two days we all laughed as they learned how to use the new concepts in persuasion and therapeutic applications. Many beliefs were changed, new and more resourceful frames were set, and whole new perspectives on the use of the basic Maximum Persuasion techniques were gained.
The training was digitally recorded, and just now the editing is complete. The resulting 5 tape (or CD’s) set literally puts you into the training. The quality of the recording is sure to set new standards in NLP, as is the content. You can go through the tapes as if you are a part of the training, so you too can learn…

ï‚· Why “He who sets the frame first wins” is both true and untrue.
ï‚· Why submodalities are not really sub, but meta. And why those that don’t understand this will always get unpredictable results using them. (This knowledge alone, coupled with the secrets in this course will forever change the way you do submodality interventions, like swish patterns etc.)
ï‚· Secrets of using sleight of mouth that will make people like how you use it!
ï‚· You’ll learn how to design your own powerful internal states to automatically turn on your neurology. Become more daring, take appropriate risks, assert yourself in any situation, build unstoppable confidence, incredible charisma or motivate yourself to accomplish your deepest desires.
ï‚· You can also use these strategies to overcome negative issues. Use it to overcome resistance to cold calling, fear of closing or any negative state that impedes your progress.
ï‚· Perhaps MOST EXCITING, is the many specific linguistic patterns you will be taught that allow you to leverage this information to make you instantly more persuasive. Once you blend these new patterns into your persuasion repertoire, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.
ï‚· And much, much more.
You get:
ï‚· 5 cassettes
ï‚· Course Notes (delivered via email) This is a “table of contents” for the training, totaling 4 pages to help you follow along comfortably.
ï‚· 15 minute consultation to answer any questions you may have after you’ve listened to the course
ï‚· Investment – All this for only $247.00 plus shipping and handling (This course is available on CD for a small additional fee.)
But there are some special conditions that you agree to when you order this course.
1. This course does not have our usual 30 days money back guarantee. In fact, you may not return the course for any reason. We will replace damaged or defective tapes for you at no charge, of course.
The reason we have taken this unusual approach is that the only people that should be purchasing this course are those that already own Maximum Persuasion. If you have, you know just how good our material is and you probably can’t wait to get your hands on this program.
This course is smokin’ hot and the temptation for people to do most anything to get it will be very high. Our no return policy on this course insures that fraud will be kept at bay from those unscrupulous enough to try it.
If you don’t own Maximum Persuasion, get it now to prove to yourself JUST how powerful it is.
If you don’t have it and purchase this course anyway, that’s fine just understand that you can not request to return the product. This course is understandable and you can benefit from it even if you don’t have Maximum Persuasion, yet it is meant to be the “Two” of a “One Two” persuasion punch.
2. You may not sell this course, or any of my courses on the Internet and especially on auction sites like Ebay.
If you want to sell your course down the road, that’s ok with me. But by purchasing this course, you agree not to do it online in any manner.
These policies have become necessary due to the huge amount of fraud that has arisen with online auction sites. If you wish to transfer it, just let us know to whom you are selling, and with their written acceptance of these policies, we’re happy to accomodate you.
Tune up your skills even higher with this course and achieve greater power, finesse, and covert effectiveness!

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