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Karla Dennis – Tax Reduction Strategy Programa

Karla Dennis – Tax Reduction Strategy Programa
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Module 1: Turn a Hobby Into A Small Business
This module cracks the secret to the tax code. Once you understand how to take what you love to do and make a business out of it you will then have an endless ability to reduce your tax.

Module 2: Entity Selection
In this module, you will have complete clarity on whether you should be an LLC, C-Corp, S-Corp and/or Partnership. The guessing stops here, This is where you will horn your business entity skills and understand the importance of the right choice and multiple choices.

Module 3: Maximize Business Deductions
In this module, you will understand how to maximize your business deductions. You have everyday expenses that could be business deductions. This module will show you how to maximize your business deductions with out spending more money. This is the master key to tax reduction

Module 4: Income Splitting
This module teaches you how to protect your income, get your family involved and learn the number one secret that the wealthy know that will lower your taxes and reduce your income. Splitting income is how wealth is passed from generation to generation. Use this module to lower your taxes and protect your family too.

Module 5: Income Shifting
In this module, you will learn what the wealthy do. Here is where you learn how to have multiple entities and use them to reduce your taxes. Shift your income, reduce tax and keep more money in your pocket.

Module 6: Tax Credits
This module is the icing on the cake. You have already learned how to reduce your taxes. Now learn how to get the government to pay your tax or refund you some of their money. In this module everyone gets their cake and icing . This is true tax strategy

BONUS 1: Tax Saving & Interest Module
Once you learn how to keep more money in your pocket in this bonus training I will show you how you can save your money and grow interest tax free. This will be a game changer for you and your family.
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BONUS 2: Private Facebook Group
You will be granted access to our private facebook group where you will be with other like minded members and get your questions answered by our staff . Which is great as if your like most students you will have questions and we have answers

BONUS 3: Greater Investments & Less Tax Book + Workbook
In this book we will teach you and you will learn some of the best investments you can make and why they are a game changer. Investing is simple when you have money to invest. We will teach you tax saving tricks around your investments so you get the most ROI possible.
“Why do I need your tax reduction strategy program, Karla?” you may be thinking. “My accountant will know all these things, right?”
No, and here’s why: I am Karla Dennis, a top expert in taxes, I eat, sleep and breath the tax code. I have a masters in taxation, I am featured in media as an expert on this topic because I spend 80 to 120 hours per month studying the tax code. I mine the code for the gold so you don’t have to do so.
Your accountant is busy 50 to 60 hours a week (more during tax season) preparing client tax returns, doing audits, helping clients negotiate tax problems, and a hundred other things. The only tax education most practicing accountants get is for their continuing education they get at a tax seminar.
I don’t study the law just to keep my license current. I study the law to help my students keep up with the tax strategies the wealthy are using.

This is what I do.
Expecting your accountant to maximize every single tax deduction when they are not with you 24/7 is like expecting your dentist to brush your teeth every night. Learning Tax strategies helps you have a better relationship with your tax preparer.
By following our system we have year around you will finally have the data to give to your tax preparer to be aggressive on your behalf and lower your tax liability.
OR, your able to do your own taxes and get rid of your expensive accountant.
Why Your Accountant Doesn’t Know This Stuff?
Enroll now (save 30%)
Get 3x Your Intial Investment in tax savings or your money back
Our research shows that on average, the self-employed professionals and business owners who use my Tax Strategies solution save 3X their program investment into the program per year or more on taxes!
I’m confident you will do as well or better than they are. In fact, I guarantee it.
That’s right. If, after using the tax-saving strategies in my program, you don’t shave at least 3X your investment off tax returns, just let me know.
Then return Tax Reduction Strategy Program to me within 90 days for a full and prompt refund of every penny paid.
That way, you risk nothing.
So what are you waiting for?
One payment of $997 of $99 dollars a month.
To order The Tax Reduction Program. Just Click The Link Below:
“The Tax Reduction Program really put us in the driver’s seat for our business. It took us through the process step by step and gave us the confidence we needed in getting our taxes lowered. If you want to get moving quickly, whether you are a rookie or a seasoned business owner looking to step up your game, TRSP is the way to go. One of the very best decisions we ever made.”
The tax reduction strategy program had to be one of my best investments. As an internet entrepreneur whose making good money, i needed a way to keep more money in my pocket. Following karla system i was able to drop my tax liabilty by over 33% from last year, all thanks to her system that kept me accountable all year long.

What My Students Have To Say
”The program help me save alot of money this year and i was able to give myself a $8,000 raise this year all from simply following the exact program karla laid out and executing on it the full year. Thanks guys!
“Your course has saved me thousands of dollars simply by changing how I document what I already did … much more helpful than years with CPAs and professional financial planners.”

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