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Jordan Cosh – Rogue Marketing

Jordan Cosh – Rogue Marketing
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Hi, my names Jordan cosh and I have kind of an important story to share with you today. But by the time were done, I’ll do alot more than share that story. I’ll give you the solution that took me from cleaning dog crap in a pet store 6 hours a day, 6 days a week to living my life the way I wanted.

I know what your thinking- your probably wondering who I am; “Jordan Cosh? Who the hell is this guy?”..

Well you just answered that question for me; I’m just a guy. I’m not a guru, and I don’t release fancy membership packages or give $5000 seminars.

I’m to busy building my business; and I worked to hard to have that luxury to go and peddle all my secrets for a “Small fee” every other month.

So now you know who I am- Lets talk about what you really want to know-How I went from earning nothing, to pulling in more sales and traffic than I had ever imagined in a matter of weeks.-Yeah, not months or years; just a couple of weeks.

In a single day I had over 500 clicks, and 26 sales; making over $20 for every single one of them.

For less than $40, I had made over $250 in a single day. By the end of the month, that one ad placement brought me over $3000 in profit.

That single concept; A “Media buy” was what brought me where I am today.

Everything you need to run your first media buy on your own is written in this sales letter. In a way, its pretty simple. You find a site with a hungry market, and match them with the right ad. You can do it on your own; and you don’t need rogue marketing to do it.

But it will make it a hell of a lot easier.

Running a successful buy isn’t always as simple as it sounds.

I wasted alot of that first $3000 trying to duplicate my success. Eventually I learned that sometimes an ad placement just doesn’t work; and sometimes understanding the audience your marketing to can be more difficult than it seems at first glance.

I also caught on to one painfully obvious fact; middle men were getting money from me-and the webmaster running my ads, for doing nothing.

If I could find a way to cut them out the picture, I could advertise on almost ANY site-Vastly expanding the number of places I could market-and I would save a huge amount of money on every media buy I paid for.

And that’s what Rogue marketing is for.

In less than 200 pages, I’ll walk you through the system I’ve refined over the last four years to ensure almost EVERY media buy I run is a success.

Here’s just a few of the things you’ll learn

* How to change the ad you run on a site instantly; just in case its losing you money. This is how I make sure every media buy I run is a success.

* How to scope out sites with the perfect traffic, and match them with the perfect offer.

* How to sidestep the middlemen, and cut advertising networks out of the middle. Even IF the sites running ads with adwords or another network.

But most importantly of all?

I’ll show you how to get started with as little as $30 for advertising, and create your first TRULY profitable campaign.

Google “jordan cosh rogue marketing” without the quotes and click the cache version of the first hit to see the original salespage.

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