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Jay Papasan – Time Blocking Mastery

Jay Papasan – Time Blocking Mastery
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Author: Jay Papasan
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How Smart And Successful High Achievers Get More Done In 66 Days Than Most Do In A Lifetime Create a Step-By-Step Process For You To Achieve Any Goal Without Grinding Out 10 Hour Long Work Days
My name is Jay Papasan and Im the co-author of the number one Wall Street Journal bestseller, The ONE Thing.
On this page, we (Keller Williams and I) will show you how you can discover the one thing that will make the greatest, most beneficial shift in your life, how to create reliable habits for achieving anything you desire, and how you can get us support and coach you throughout this journey.
Sound good? Great! Because what were announcing today is 8 years in the making and has never been shared anywhere else!
The Following Information Has Been Locked Behind Closed Doors and Revealed Only To Trusted Staff And Private Clients (Until Now)
What people dont know about the book, The ONE Thing, is before Gary Keller and I published it in 2008, we invested almost 5 years researching the proven principles that drive big achievement in life and business. We accumulated hundreds of hours outlining the very principles Gary and his team used to build the 1 real estate company in the world.

You might be wondering:
Why did writing a book take 5 years of research?
The reason why it took us five years to prepare The ONE Thing is because we wanted to make sure it wouldnt be just another success book about how I did it. We wanted to truly help people with our book by providing an approach that anyone could follow.
We took our time because we wanted a book that created a huge and positive impact on the world. A book that changed how people focus their time and energy to get things done, just like Gary Keller did to create a multimillion dollar company.
What ended up happening once we published The ONE Thing was sales went above and beyond what we imagined. To date, The ONE Thing has sold more than seven-hundred thousand copies, made more than two hundred and fifty appearances on national bestsellers lists, and has been translated into over 25 languages around the world!
Why The ONE Thing Sold More Than 700,000 Copies, Reached 245 Bestsellers List, And Translated Into 25 Different Languages
The reason why The ONE Thing was and continues to be so successful is because the book discloses the simple approach used by achievers not just in business but virtually every pursuit.
We studied the lives of artists, athletes, musicians, technologistyou name it. And we documented what they had in common. Because while we may not be able to duplicate any individuals approach to success, we can absolutely follow a path laid down by hundreds of extraordinarily successful people.

Let that sink in for just a moment.
We essentially outlined exactly how to achieve success, step-by-step
Its no wonder why The ONE Thing has been vital to positively changing so many lives. It doesnt matter whether or not youre a business owner, an employee, or a freelancer the simple principles in The ONE Thing show you how to make your big goals possible, in a fraction of the time it would normally take you.
Your one thing could be about business, health, or even your personal life.
Thats how powerful this simple approach is once you use it.
After Publishing The ONE Thing, We Asked Our Readers What Else We Could Do To Improve Their Lives
This is what our audience told us to do.
Since there were hundreds of thousands of people who were using The ONE Thing to achieve extraordinary results, we knew we were just getting started.
But, there was a problem.
With so many people reading and using our book to better their lives, we were receiving thousands of requests for additional help. Helping people wasnt the problem, the problem was: figuring out what we should help our audience with first.
To help us figure this out, we sent out a survey that asked: what is the one thing you wished you had more help with after reading the book?
It didnt take long before we were flooded with thousands of replies.
The data made it clear what would happen next.
After reading what you told us and analyzing the data, we determined the next thing we could do to help you most would be to show you how to master time using one of the core concepts in our book.
If youve read The ONE Thing, you know about this concept. Its called Time Blocking.

What is Time Blocking?
If you havent read our book, time blocking is a system for making appointments with yourself every day, so you can focus your energy on the most important work that helps you achieve extraordinary results without sabotaging your willpower.
Weve seen people use time blocking to reach their long term goals in a short amount of time.
Time blocking is directly responsible for helping our readers make more money, get into better shape, and improve their relationships.
We Created A Systematic Way For You To Begin AND Complete Any Goal, Even If You Only Have 15 Minutes Available Per Day

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