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Jason Capital – Creating Sexual Tension

Jason Capital – Creating Sexual Tension
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Author: Jason Capital
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OK, I actually have no badass, unique
way of saying “what up” today..

You’re a cold-blooded charge of positive energy,
I have my name engraved in bathroom stalls
everywhere, we get it..

We’re both absurdly awesome.

Let’s begin with the success-making NOW.

GameGiving Week is coming to its final close
tomorrow, and my, what a wonderful week
its been..

It started on Day 1, when I shared with you the entire
22-page tale of my escapades with red bull-vodka
(I think some models and NFL cheerleaders
were there too).

Then I shared with you a little trick I picked up
that makes her SUBCONSCIOUS like you
more than it already does.

And then yesterday, if you are the ACTION-TAKER
you’ve promised to be, I gave you advice that
will forever change the course of your life.

And by change, I mean make 10-100X better..

More girls, more fun, more power, more charm,
more status, more WIN.

*pause for overwhelming inner contentment*


Today, we’re talking about my favorite
thing in the world.


Just kidding.

We’re talking about nonchalantly making her
want your dick SUPER BAD..

See, Jake wrote me this question the other day.

(BTW, big UPS to Jacob. Taking massive action
betting on HIMSELF, and seeing enviable results
because of it.)

“Yo Beast

Just wanted to pop in and say happy gamesgiving!

Your daily letters are a highlight of my life. Your acute insights
are absorbed, processed, mixed with a little of my own magic
and used as fuel to propel me on my path

I’m experiencing some bumps.

More about those later.

Right now. 2 things.

1: Game. Giving it.

The Keanu Reeves line is alright.

Other than that.

“Are you trying to seduce me? ” *smirk*
“cuz you’re like really sucking at it”

Yesterday I called this cute girl (who I’m really into) a “violent seductress”
because she keeps touching me and playfully pushing me etc.

She has great girl game, she’s hot, and cool as fvck. Aka: Winner.

2: Sharing. Awesomeness.

You asked fellow badasses to share awesomeness with you. I gladly oblige.

You also speak of the “best moment in one’s life”

I just experienced mine today.

I was talking to a really fvcking cool and hot girl today (not the one from above,
but strangely enough, they’re both named Amanda.Awesomanda..? Maybe)

I put this girl in my friend zone because
I honestly can’t seem to seal the deal.

But like a good badass in training,
I put her in MY friend zone. No power lost.

Anyways we were talking today and she just gets it.

We had an amazing conversation about life and free expression and
not giving a fvck and how people who do give a fvck end up being creepy and weird.

We both just get it.

We’re not sheeple.

There was a moment of awesome eye contact where she smiled real big and
I smirked and she blurts “I LOVE hanging out with you, Jake”

I felt magnificent.

I’m gonna work on removing her from the friend zone and
put her in the interesting sex zone.

We talk about sex often, she talks a good game, we’ll see if she measures up.

I might keep you posted.

Now to a.


Can you help me to my end game?

Help me transition from FC+charming

To fvcking.

Thank you in advance.

You rock

I rock

Much love.”


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