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How to Use Social Media Professionally 13 Courses In 1

How to Use Social Media Professionally 13 Courses In 1
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Become A Professional In Social Media Marketing: Facebook Ads, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn & YouTube Videos.
What you’ll learn
Discover How To Create Super Simple But Powerful Content For Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.
Discover What You Need to Do Before Setting Up Your Facebook Ads to Get Results.
Discover What You Need to Do To Setup Facebook Ads that Get Results.
Discover how to professionally use Facebook retargeting marketing to bring back that 98% and convert ‘window shoppers’ into buyers.
Discover How to Generate Traffic With Pinterest & Get More Clicks With This Simple and Easy to Follow System.
Learn How to Rapidly Grow a Super Targeted Instagram Fan Base.
How To Get Instant Traffic With Snapchat.
How to get started on LinkedIn and why you need it.
How to Launch Your Product Through A Series Of Videos That’ll Generate The Buzz You Need.
How to Build Video Teasers That Sell Your Video Products.
How To Build A Super High Converting Video Sales Letter Using A Hybrid Strategy.
Rank Your YouTube Channel & Generate Traffic To Your Products, Affiliate Products, and More.
How to Optimize Your Videos For The YouTube Search Engine So You Can Outrank Your Competitors.
No previous knowledge or experience required, just basic computer skills.

Course 1
Create Super Simple And Powerful Content For Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram
Dear Business Owner
It’s a fact. In order to survive in social media you need consistent content.
But not just any content will do. You need content that is engaging but catches your audience within minutes.
Content that is too long can become boring and lose your visitors interest and they’ll soon go to your competitors.
Problem #1 – Not everyone can create content.
If you don’t have the artistic or creative ability to write content, then it doesn’t matter anymore.
Now you can create simple images that are super engaging.
Problem #2 – But not everyone is a graphic artist either.
What if there was a way to create daily content in less than 10 minutes?
Is that even possible?
Here’s What You’ll Discover Inside This Course:
Intro to Simple Social Content
As said earlier – There are all sorts of content marketing – but the goal here is to keep it simple but with a powerful message that will attract and engage the right audience. We’ll also discuss what you need to get started on this blueprint.
Analyze Your Audience
Before we jump in and show you how to create simple content marketing, it’s crucial to understand your audience in a more granular viewpoint. In this video we are going to dive in to gaining a clear inside of your audience. Don’t worry there’s going to be practical information on what to do step-by-step.
Similar Interests
Now that you have a better idea of what your audience likes and dislikes, it’s time to get a list of other topics that your audience is interested in. This is very important because it gives you a more well-rounded view what attracts your audience. This will allow you to branch out in terms of creating more content, so you never get stuck.
Where Do They Hang Out?
Know that you have a better idea of the different topics that they are interested in, it’s time to figure out exactly where they hang out. We want to get a better idea of what content they engage with, what triggers them, and how they speak as well.
Powerful Images
Finding images that are proven to work are important so that you don’t start from scratch. Now this is nothing about how to find royalty-free images or anything like that, this is about finding companies that have already done the testing and to simply mimic what they are already doing.
Powerful Words
Images themselves can be very powerful, however combined with some words can be even more powerful especially when it relates to your audience. So in this video we will be discussing how to find these powerful words that you can use in your own content.
Creation Time
OK great! Now that you have done all the research possible to figure out what images to use and even what words to use, it’s time to put it all together using some graphic editing tools. In this video we will show you tools that we use and have come to love due to their simplicity.
Organizing Your Content
Once you start creating your content, it’s important to organize them. When use this method you can easily create hundreds of contents very fast. Well this may seem simple and boring, it’s actually very important.
Auto Scheduling
Auto scheduling your content not only makes your life a lot easier, but social media sites love it when you post on a consistent basis.But how do you do it?What tool should you use?
Course 2
What You Need to Do Before Setting Up Your Facebook Ads to Get Results
Dear Business Owners,
It’s a fact that – Facebook Ads can be very profitable for your business.
But it’s also a way to lose a lot of money if you don’t do it right.
What I mean is…
There’s a lot of courses out there on ads but they assume you know how to setup the Facebook Pixel and implement the tracking within your funnel.
The reality is there are standard events that track certain steps thru the funnel.
Placing the same pixel code without any changes on all your pages won’t do you any good.
In short – How do you know when people visit your site, your shopping cart, and when they make a purchase?
How do track when someone becomes a lead?
Or perhaps they visit but don’t purchase right away?
How do you make ads to target those people?
Without the proper pixel tracking in place, you would not know. This is why most people lose when it comes to paid traffic.
Here’s What You’ll Discover Inside This Course:
Introduction to FB Tracking
Have you ever wondered why your Facebook ads don’t convert? The reason why is that most people do not train their Facebook pixel correctly. In this video, we will discuss what that means and why that is important. You will also be given a quick overview of the course itself and what you need to get started.
Business Manager Setup
Before you create your Facebook pixel, let’s discuss why you need to have a business manager. There’s a big reason why Facebook created the business manager and why you need to centralize access to all of your pages, your pixels, your ad accounts, and much more.
Create a Facebook Pixel
Now, it’s time to show you how to create a Facebook pixel. Did you know that you can create several pixels per account? The big question is – should you create a pixel for your whole business? Or should you create several different pixels? This is something that most people do not think about and they do it incorrectly. In fact, doing this wrong will give you horrible results.
Standard Events Overview
Before I give you some practical application and real life examples, it’s important to understand why standard events are important and how they can tell you what is happening within your funnel.
Email Opt In Funnel Events
The first real life practical example is a simple email opt-in funnel. This consists of a landing page that asks people to fill out their name and email address in exchange for something for free. In this video, you’re going to learn how to know how many people visited your opt-in page and how many filled out the form. Or how many people visited the page, but did not fill out the form.
Abandoned Cart Funnel Events
The next funnel is crucial if you are selling your product and have people abandoning the cart. Let’s say for example that 100 people visit your site, and 10 people are interested in purchasing. So, they click the ‘add to cart’ button but never purchase the product. Without the proper tracking, you would never know this information, and this is exactly how most business owners run their businesses. You’ll learn how to properly set this up in this video.
Purchase Funnel Events
Next up, you have the purchase funnel which is similar to the previous video. However, we will take it one step further. This allows you to see who came to your sales page and purchased versus who came to your sales page and did not purchase. This will allow you to retarget them at a later date. Or perhaps you want to run an ad solely to people who purchased? This is for you!
Lead Form Funnel
A lot of consulting or service based businesses utilize this funnel. Basically, it consists of getting people to a page for the intent to fill out a form. Perhaps you want to get them to schedule an appointment so that you can sell to them at a later date.
How to Test Your Pixel Is Active
Once you have installed new pixels throughout your funnel, the big question is – how do you know if it is working? How do you know if those standard event pixels were placed properly? More on that in this video.
Course 3
What You Need to Do To Setup Facebook Ads that Get Results
Dear Business Owners,
It’s a fact that – Facebook Ads can be very profitable for your business.
But it’s also a way to lose a lot of money if you don’t do it right.
What I mean is…
There’s a lot of courses out there on ads but they assume you know how to target the right person. They simply go over the technical aspects which anyone can learn.
The reality is if you don’t know everything about your target audience, then you will lose money.
Think about it for just a second.
Waving a sign that says “Lose weight” to a male who wants to gain body mass doesn’t make any sense does it?
Of course not… and the truth is most people do this.
So how do you find data that says – this is what your audience wants and how you should approach them?
How to make sure your ads appeal to the right person?
How do you use the right text, the right image, the right everything?
…and then how do you use that data to setup FB ads correctly?
Here’s What You’ll Discover Inside This Course:
Introduction to FB Ads
Have you ever wondered why your Facebook ads don’t convert? The reason why is that most people jump with two feet and start creating ads. In this video, we will discuss the course itself and what you need to get started.
Paid Traffic Mindset
Before you create your Facebook ads, let’s discuss why you need a mindset shift and what that looks like. This is the sole reason why some people succeed and paid traffic, while others fail. Jumping into Facebook ads without knowing this is a sure way to fail.
Who Are You Targeting?
Doing this one wrong will give you horrible results. In other words, knowing who you are targeting and how to target them is very important. This is the first step to your road to doing Facebook Ads the right way.
FB Insights
After you get a better grasp of WHO you are targeting, it’s time to back that up with actual data. Fortunately – you can use a free, but powerful tool to get this data. This is very important especially before running any type of Facebook ad.
Creating an Avatar Profile
Now that you have gathered the right data from Videos 3, 4, and 5 – it’s time to create your customer’s avatar profile. This is simply a document that tells you what your ideal customer should look like and everything about them that you would need to find out.
Important Ad Rules
You should never setup ads until you’ve understood what Facebook does not like and what they want. Creating ads that violate policy is a sure way to get your account banned. So going over the rules is crucial.
The Pixel
Before you run ads, you need to make sure you have your pixel created and installed. We’ll go over this, so you get the proper tracking setup.
Ad Campaigns
Now it’s time to setup your Facebook Ad campaign. The campaign is what holds your ad sets and your ads and understanding your objective is crucial. In this video – you will get to see us setup an ad campaign in step by step manner.
Ad Sets
Now it’s time to setup your Facebook Ad Set. The ad set is the child of an Ad campaign and it is what holds your ads. In this video – you will get to see us setup an ad set step by step.
Now it’s time to setup your Facebook Ads.You will need to have your creative ad in hand to do this.The ad is the child of an Ad set.In this video – you will get to see us setup an ad in step by step manner.
Course 4
Facebook retargeting marketing
Dear Website Owner,
One of the biggest problems any online business owner will face is making the first sale with a new prospective customer.
Statistics show that, in general, only 2% of prospects convert. The other 98% leave and may never come back to your site. This means that any money you’ve invested to get people to visit has been lost. That can quickly add up to a lot of wasted money!
If we take a closer look at those statistics, the big question becomes:
“Why do online shoppers leave without paying or taking some sort of action?”
Although there may be hundreds of reasons why a potential customer may not make a purchase, these five are some of the most common.
1) They were presented with unexpected costs.
2) They thought the price was too expensive.
3) They found a better price elsewhere.
4) They decided against buying.
5) They were just browsing.
With such a high percentage of people leaving your site, each with their own reasoning, is there any way to get them back without reinvesting more money into new clients?
The answer is, “Yes!”
This is what we call ‘retargeting’.
Facebook Retargeting marketing is gaining more and more popularity with website owners. In fact, I’m sure you’ve run into retargeting ads targeted towards yourself! Let me explain how they work…
Imagine you go to Google and type in a specific item that you’re looking to buy, say BBQ grills.
Let’s say this BBQ grill website owner sets up a Facebook retargeting campaign. You’re interested but you don’t buy at that very moment.
Maybe you’re busy and you leave. Then you go to Facebook and see ads related to the site you just visited.
You’re intrigued and come back and buy.
Retargeting sealed the deal that you would buy from them.
Still not convinced of the power of retargeting?
According to a comScore study, “Retargeted ads led to a 1046% increase in branded search and a 726% lift in site visitation after four weeks of retargeted ad exposure!”
That’s a huge amount of people that, otherwise, would likely never have come back!
The best news about this? You can do it for your own website.
Here’s What You’ll Discover Inside This Course:
Video #1: Introduction and Getting Started
Are you excited about using retargeting marketing for your business? In this video, you will be given a quick overview of the course. We’ll talk about the basic concepts and what you need to get started the right way.
Video #2: Visual Map of Facebook Retargeting
Whenever you set up any retargeting campaign, it can get extremely tedious if you don’t know how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together. To ensure you succeed, you’ll get to see how everything connects to each other – so you know exactly what you need to learn ahead of time.
Video #3: Visual Map of Real-Life Scenarios
Before we jump in and show you how to create a highly-targeted campaign, we need to show you some real-life examples based on what you learned in the previous video. Different scenarios require different campaign setups and are never created equal. We’ll cover basic setups such as blog posts, email list building, purchase / sale, and filling out a form.
Video #4: Facebook Pixel
You may have heard of the famous Facebook Pixel. But what does it do? Why is it important? How does it work? Understanding all of these questions is crucial to learn before you jump in. Not understanding it will put your campaign in grave danger.
Video #5: Adding Pixel to Your Website
Once you understand the Facebook Pixel, it’s time to add it to your website. Where do you add it? What if you use a WordPress site? What WordPress Plugins are recommended? All that and many more will be shown in this video.
Video #6: Pixel Variables and Settings
Once you’ve added the pixel to your website, it’s time to fully understand different ways to using it. In specifics, we’ll cover different pixel settings you can use to track initial visits all the way to actual conversions.
Video #7: Custom Audiences
Now it’s time to understand how Custom Audiences work. In short – they allow you to target the right audience based on the action that they have taken, but we’ll discuss this in more depth here.
Video #8: Creating Custom Audiences
In this video, we’ll cover how to create custom audiences in a step by step manner. If you can follow our mouse, you’ll have no problem doing this. We’ll also discuss each setting and its importance and our recommendations.
Video #9: Retargeting Campaign Setup
Congratulations! At this point, you have reached the end of the video series. It’s time to create your general Retargeting campaign so you can be on your way to getting back lost visitors.
Course 5
Generate Traffic With Pinterest & Get More Clicks
Dear Friend,
It’s a fact that Pinterest is huge and has tons of prospects waiting to find
According to Shopify – from their analysis of over 25,000 online stores –
they found that the customer who initially comes to Pinterest, via Facebook
or Twitter, will spend about twice as much as those who don’t. These are
just some of the countless amazing statistics from Pinterest. If you’re a
business, then you’ll want to tap into this market.
According to new research, “Roughly 25% of consumers reported
purchasing a product or service after discovering it on Pinterest.”
Compared to most social media sites, Pinterest decreases the amount of
steps users take from discovering something interesting to a conversion.
But here’s the problem.
Most people are marketing on Pinterest WRONG!
In fact, you may have tried it and not gotten any results and thought, “This
doesn’t work.”
However, you have to do it properly and provide what we call, “Pin
Worthy” images.
You’re competing against thousands of other images, so how do you
What should you put in your images?
How should you lay out your funnel?
Is there a blueprint or a formula to this madness?
Here’s What You’ll Discover Inside This Course:
While everyone else is pinning their hearts out and wondering why it’s not converting, you’re going to be doing something else. In this video, we’re going to make sure you have the right mindset, so you can successfully implement this strategy. To goal is to ensure you’re not thinking like everyone else. You’ll get an idea of what tools you’ll need as well.
The Platform
Before we get started, it’s crucial that we’re on the same page. You’re excited about learning how to use Pinterest to get traffic, but to ensure your success is high – we want to make sure you’re hitting the bullseye or at least close to it. Part of understanding how to get traffic from Pinterest and convert it, is understanding how it ticks. How it’s different from others is crucial and is a much-overlooked part of the process.
Quality Is Key
Once you understand how Pinterest works and what type of people go to it, we’ll talk about the images that you add to these boards. It’s obvious that you’ll be competing with 1000’s of other businesses or individuals, so your images and other visual content must be extremely high quality. But how do you go about creating these high-quality images? What if you don’t have the funds to hire a graphic designer? Where do you go? What do you do?
When it comes to creating a funnel that generates traffic and converts it into sales, it comes down to congruency. This is an overlooked concept and you need to understand how to apply it in your funnel. So, in this video, we’ll cover each step of the funnel and what you need to do, step by step.
Visual Real Estate Matters
No, we’re not talking about houses here, but virtual real estate. In short, the size of your image matters a lot. You’re going to discover the secret image type and shape that converts the best.
An Attractive Pin
Once you understand the best converting shape in Video #5, you’re going to learn how to apply that to real life. You’re going to learn what tools you need to create a very attractive pin that will turn ugly and boring content into eye-catching pin worthy content.
The Anatomy
As we’re talking about images, I’m sure you’re asking:
“Ok, what exactly am I supposed to put inside the graphic?” “Is there a blueprint or a formula?” Yes, there is and that’s what we’re going to cover in this video.
Reverse Engineering Hack
Now that you understand the formula, how do you go about getting ideas on what images to use? In this video, we’ll reveal a hack that you can use to find trending pins in your niche and reverse engineer it to find your competitor’s secret sauce.
Pin Automation
Congrats, you’ve completed the course! This is sort of a bonus video that will make your pinning easier.Pinning lots of high quality images is crucial and you want to schedule their release as much as possible. But how do you do that when you’re sleeping or on a vacation?We’ll discuss some tools that’s worked well for us that will automate this tedious and time-consuming process.
Course 6
How to Rapidly Grow a Super Targeted Instagram Fan Base
Dear Friend,
It’s no secret that Instagram has grown to be an incredibly powerful social media platform.
In fact, even Facebook saw the opportunity and bought the company out.
This means more opportunity for you as an advertiser and brand.
If you have an Instagram profile and would like to learn how to properly grow it…
There’s a way to do things and there’s a way not to do them.
Have you tried building a following with this platform before and failed?
Here’s why…
Many people fail to create a successful following simply because they focus on trying to get the biggest following.
“I have a list of 100k followers!”
You often hear this, but many people have little or no conversions when it comes to promoting any product or service.
What’s the point of a massive following when they don’t follow you to the end?
Exactly my point.
How would you like to learn how to do it right?
How would you like to learn how to invest your time and money the right way?
Instead of realizing months later that it’s all wrong and you’ve wasted precious time you can’t get back!
How do you build a social following that creates an opportunity for you for the long haul?
Here’s What You’ll Discover Inside This Course:
In this video, you’ll be given a quick overview of the course itself, as well as getting you in the right “quality” mindset before we get started, which is crucial to your success.
Before You Drive Traffic
Before you can drive traffic, there are a few things you must do. In this video, you’ll learn exactly what steps you need to take and why they are crucial to converting as many prospects as possible into high-quality fans.
Broad Niche & Specific Posts
Now that we’ve discussed what you need to do beforehand, it’s time to do a little keyword research to ensure you attract the right person. What keywords should you use? More importantly, how do you find ones that are in high demand? How do you use them to rank your Instagram profile higher within Instagram?
Once you’ve done some basic niche and keyword research, it’s time to verify the exact type of person you are trying to attract. Knowing the type of person will enable you to know exactly what pictures, content and words to use. One of the biggest mistakes people make is forgetting this step and jumping straight into trying to build a massive following.
Traffic Source #1
The first traffic source will allow you to build your Instagram following fast. And while the majority of “fast methods” don’t work, this one does-and it works really well too. It does cost you, starting at $50 and up, but it’s a nice shortcut if you don’t want to spend months on end trying to build your profile up. But again, you must do this right, which is why you’ll be using what you learned in the previous videos and applying them to this step.
Traffic Source #2
This second traffic source can also help you build a large following at a fast rate through the use of software. This software will automate a process that you can do by hand, but just speeds things up a bit. Some software apps are free, while others cost a little bit of money, but in the end they work very fast.
Traffic Source #3
This traffic source is free, and uses a method that is quite popular in the world of social media. You will use what you learned in Video #3 and apply it here. Also, this specific traffic method allows you to piggyback on existing traffic that is already out there, and you’ll learn how to double or even quadruple your exposure.
Traffic Source #4
The next traffic source is all about optimizing your images.Believe it or not, even though this method isn’t related to an outside traffic source, doing this allows you to rank higher within the Instagram search engine.
Course 7
Instant Traffic With Snapchat
Dear Friend,
Are you making the most out of Snapchat Ads? If not, then you’re leaving money on the table.
This is one social networking site that’s only going to continue to grow in popularity. Like advertising on all social networking sites, there’s a learning curve involved.
It can take months and thousands of wasted dollars if you do it on your own. That’s not the way to go.
It isn’t considering that we have an entire video series that will teach you how to run Snapchat Ads from start to finish.
Deliver Exactly What Users Want
The reason why advertising on social networks like Snapchat is so popular is that it allows businesses to target particular customers.
No one has more information on their users than a social networking site does. You can harness this information to only show ads to the ideal customer.
As you can imagine, this information is invaluable when it comes to running a profitable ad campaign.
You will be able to zero in on the exact customer and target them with precisely what they want to see.
Learn The Ropes From Experienced Professionals
If you’re new to the world of advertising on Snapchat, it can seem so confusing in the beginning. There are all kinds of terms you have to learn.
Then, there’s the whole thing of zeroing in on the right customer. How do you know who the ideal candidate to show your ad to is?
Don’t worry, we cover all that and so much more. We do so in a way that’s easy to follow and understand.
You may have run unsuccessful ads in the past. The reason for that isn’t because you’re not a good marketer.
You didn’t understand what it takes to run a profitable Snapchat Ads campaign. It takes know how to pull something like this off.
You’ll have the knowledge and information to make advertising purchases that will lead to conversions.
Here’s What You’ll Discover Inside This Course:
1. Overview
2. Snapchat App Installation
3. Creating Your Snapcode
4. Using Bitmojis to Create Your Snapcode
5. Creating Snap Content
6. Snap Camera Controls
7. Adding Text To a Snap
8. Annotations to the Snap – Part 1
9. Annotations to the Snap – Part 2
10. Annotations to the Snap – Part 3 – Video
11. Snapchat Send Options
12. Snapchat Stories – Part 1
13. Snapchat Stories – Part 2
14. Snapchat Ads Account Set Up
15. The Ads Platform Interface – Part 1
16. The Ads Platform – Part -2
17. Uploading Your Catalog to the Ads Platform
18. Advanced Create In Platform Interface
19. Creating Team Members
20. Conclusion
Course 8
Growing Your Business With LinkedIn
Dear Friend,
LinkedIn is the place where business professionals hang out.
You should think of LinkedIn as Facebook for people who actually get stuff done. Are you making the most out of LinkedIn?
If not, then you’re definitely missing out. Don’t mistake this site as one where you’ll waste your time talking to others.
Sure, you can do plenty of that. But, that’s not why you should be going to LinkedIn.
The purpose of this site is to network and get to know as many people in the world of business as possible.
LinkedIn is completely FREE and available to EVERYONE.
Over the years, this service gained extreme popularity among the general public as well as business entrepreneurs.
With the latest update of the platform, there are so many new features to be learned inside.
Business Is All About Connections
Computer geeks by their very nature are solitary individuals. You’ve got to break yourself out of this cast if you ever want to be successful.
Your success will be determined by how many people you know within your niche. You can’t go it alone, and no one who does is ever successful.
That’s where a site like LinkedIn comes in handy. You’ll be able to get to know the talented people in your industry quickly.
You won’t have to search all day for them. They’re right there just waiting to connect with people like yourself.
Build Business Relationships That Last
The only people who don’t care about building relationships are those who operate fly by night companies.
If you plan on being in your space for any significant period, then you’ve got to network with others.
Doing so will provide the necessary backdrop of both information and people to get the job done.
You’ll be surprised by how much you’ve been missing out on. Business professionals can offer you free sound advice when you need it the most.
They can also help guide you in the right direction when you’re in need of products and services.
Do Business Deals With A Click Or A Tap
It may seem overly simplified to say that you can just click or tap your way into a business deal.
It’s entirely possible if you connect with the right people on LinkedIn. Take the time out to find the people who are serious about their business.
You’ll see there are plenty of people who are looking to wheel and deal. It’s not just another social networking site where you do nothing but gab all day long.
Not only is there useful information being shared, you’ll also find plenty of deals going down.
You can add to your bottom line easily if by connecting with the right people on LinkedIn.
Cut Down On Wasted Time By Watching this Course
You’re not going to know how to use LinkedIn right away. If you go at it on your own, it can take weeks, if not months to become an expert.
You don’t want to waste all of that time. Instead, watch our videos and learn from business professionals who use LinkedIn every day.
They’ll show you how to connect with others and the right methods used to make deals.
LinkedIn is the one site no business professional wants to ignore.
Everything you need to know about this social networking site for professionals can be learned by watching our course.
Here’s What You’ll Discover Inside This Course:
How to get started on LinkedIn and why you need it.
Learn about the multiple pricing packages they have.
Setting up your account quickly and start editing your profile.
How LinkedIn Search Engine works and why you need it.
How to correctly set up your company page for maximum leverage.
How to correctly create a personal profile for instant credibility.
Learn about news-feed and how you can use it.
How to import your contacts to your account easily.
Learn how to make new connections and build your network.
And many more.
I reveal my best tips for using some unknown tactics that only a few elite few knows.
You get to see everything. I explain everything to you. There will be no guesswork.
Course 9
How to Launch Your Product Through A Series Of Videos
Dear Friend,
You may have a great product, but if you launch it wrong, you’re leaving money on the table.
Everyday, product launches are happening. Some do enormously well, and some don’t even make a couple dollars.
You could spend months or even years to get a product developed, but if the product launch planning is done incorrectly, you won’t get the results you want.
You see….our goal here is to get you to launch a good product, so you can help people and in the end, you will make the profits you want.
Remember…Help people get what they want, and they’ll help you get what you want.
Now, keep in mind that this is not a get rich quick system either, and it takes hard work to make these videos. But, just with any business, if you have the right plan to go by, then your chances of doing well is greater.
With that said, you don’t have to make the same mistakes we made by watching this video series.
Here’s What You’ll Discover Inside This Course:
Introduction to Product Pre-Launching with Videos
In this video, we’ll introduce you to product launches and an overview of this video series. See…understanding what you will be learning and how this system comes together will help you speed things up.
Planning Your Pre-Launch
This video covers a first step and an important step to product launches. Without the proper planning, your launch will fail. When I say “fail”, I mean it won’t reach its full potential in impact, whether that may be how many people you are able to help and at the end of the day, profits. So, in this video, you’ll learn what it takes to plan a launch correctly, and the different phases of a product launch.
Prelaunch – What Needs To Be Done
Imagine this. You launch your product. You’re all excited…and then nothing happens. This is typically what happens when the prelaunch is not done correctly or not done at all. Creating the necessary buzz around your main product launch is key.
The # Step Video Blueprint
You’ve likely seen how big product launches use certain amount of videos to pre-launch their product. There’s a certain amount of elements that you need to cover in each one of these videos in order to correctly pre-launch your product. The main benefit of using these videos is that they’re not just for your pre-launch, however, you can also continue to use them after your product has been launched to convert prospects into buyers.
Blueprint Video 1
Now is the time to learn what exactly the first and most important video will include. Believe you’re not getting anywhere, because if you get this one wrong, then the rest of your videos may not be seen. So, first impressions are everything. As you can imagine, getting them extremely excited and pumped up is crucial to this video.
Blueprint Video 2
Once you’ve made some great first impressions, it’s time to reel them in further and get them more excited. Without giving the blueprint away, this video will help your prospects to continue being interested in what you have to offer.
Blueprint Video 3
This video will review your product in such a way that it doesn’t seem like you are selling. You never ever want to appear like you were selling to someone, because that will throw them off or worse, it’ll get them on guard. I will show you how that looks like in this video.
Blueprint Video 4
Last but not the least, we have the final video and as you can imagine, the goal is to close the deal. Get people to buy is the purpose of this video.
Getting Your Video Created
Once you have understood what needs to be included in each and every one of these videos, we’re not going to assume that you know how to create videos. In this video, you are going to learn some tips and tricks on how to get your videos created either by yourself or by a professional.
Course 10
How to Build Video Teasers That Sell Your Video Products
Dear Friend,
It’s a fact that selling information in the form of video courses is very profitable.
There’s so much demand for different topics and there so many problems that need solutions.
So perhaps you created your very own video course, or you bought private label rights to a video course and you have no idea how to sell it.
You also don’t have weeks or even months to create a full-blown video salesletter.
Maybe you tried to create a video salesletter and you got stuck and never created a video to sell your course.
Or perhaps the thought of creating a video is daunting and even overwhelming because you don’t know where to start?
Do you want something fast and easy that you can create within less than a day?
Do you want something powerful enough to get people curious about buying your video course?
Maybe you’re just curious about what your sales funnel is going to look like in order to achieve this goal.
Here’s What You’ll Discover Inside This Course:
In this video we’ll discuss why you need to be in the right mindset. It’s easy to think that a teaser video is the same as a sales video, but there’s a big difference. In order for this to work you also need to have a video course that was created properly, and we’ll discuss what that looks like. You’ll be shown what you need before you get started too.
Why Teaser Videos?
To make sure that we are on the same page, I want to talk about the differences between a teaser video and a full-blown sales video. Contrary to common belief, there is a major difference in terms of purpose and how they are created. Teaser videos can be very powerful, but you need to clearly understand what the intent for them is and how they help you build your list.
Teaser Examples – Part 1
To better understand how you can create your very own teaser videos we want to take a look at two media forms. First you need to understand the psychology behind them and see some examples in action. This video will help things click in your mind.
Teaser Examples – Part 2
Now that you understand how curiosity is being invoked in the previous video and you’ve seen why they essentially tease people to click, let’s focus on the next media type. During this process you will get a better understanding of how your teaser video will need to look in order to get people who are interested in ultimately buying your video course.
To-Do Items
Now that you have a general idea of how these two mediums work, there are a couple things you need to do before we move onto the next video. One of the biggest mistakes that I see people make is they don’t know what they are selling. We don’t want you to make the same mistake so we’re going to go over a few steps that are quick and easy to do.
Brainstorm Your Teaser Outline
Now that you have a good idea of what you are selling and how to create curiosity, let’s brainstorm the teaser outline for your video using a five-step process.
Creating Your Teaser Outline
In the previous video you did a little bit of brainstorming to get an idea of what could be in your teaser outline. The purpose of this video is to take what you have written down and re-organize it into a sequential outline.
Video Software
Now that you understand the most important process of creating a teaser outline, believe it or not, the technical aspect of video creation is actually 10% of the whole process. We’ll show you the video creation software that you can use and what we will be using.
Video Course Snippets
By now you should have the video course video files in hand and a good idea of what videos you will need to extract. This video will show you how to extract the video clips that you need for your teaser video.
Creating Your Teaser Video
Now that you have your video snippets in hand, you simply need to re-organize them to make sure that they follow your sequential outline. If you don’t have video snippets that you were able to extract from the video course, this video will show you what you need to do.
Course 11
How To Build A Super High Converting Video Sales Letter Using A Hybrid Strategy
Dear Website Owner,
According to the Online Publishers Association and Adweek, online video has become a powerhouse to boost sales. These statistics illustrate just how influential video can be:
“From the people that have viewed sales videos promoting a product or service, over half will take some sort of action after viewing a video…including 12% who will actually buy the product being offered. To put this into perspective, typically only .5% to 2% of visitors to a “textonly” web site will end up purchasing a product.”
With markets across the board moving more towards video, video sales letters have become extremely useful in helping companies increase their bottom lines.
During the last 10 years, however, more and more people have seen video sales letters, driving the need for constant evolution and change.
In order to stay ahead of the game and your competition, you need to make sure that you stay up-to-date on the newest technology and utilize it to make your video sales letter stand out.
Thus we would like to introduce you to the hybrid, or smart, video sales letter.This type of strategy will allow you to take different products and services, and use their different technologies to increase your sales conversions across the board.
Here’s What You’ll Discover Inside This Course:
Introduction to Hybrid Video Sales Letters
In this video, you’ll learn how to use what we call a “hybrid video sales letter” to sell your products and services. You will also learn why we do not recommend using the standard video or text-only sales letter, and how we use a new strategy to increase sales conversions.
Who is Your Audience?
Big mistake that many people make when creating sales letters is jumping into writing them before understanding their target audience. In this video, I will show you what tools you can use to figure out who your audience really is. If you know who you’re writing to, it will make the process of crafting your sales pitch much easier than trying to sell to a general audience. This means you’ll connect better with each potential customer, and your conversion rate will be much higher.
What is Your Audience’s Pain?
Part of writing an effecting sales letter is figuring out your audience’s pain: what problems do they face, and how does your product or service solve that problem? By digging deep into that pain, you will be able to directly sell to your audience and make them believe that they need what you’re offering. By applying the brainstorming strategy detailed in this video, you will be able to quickly create an effective salesletter when we begin actually piecing things together.
Common Buyer Objections and Resistance
Besides understanding your audience’s pain, you need to figure out the main reason why many of them do not buy. Completing this step will allow you to list these reasons in your sales letter and speak directly to the customer considering them. In this video, we will cover some of the most common reasons for objection and resistance so that you can safely apply them later on
Video Sales Letter Formula
There are two parts to the hybrid video sales letter. The first part is, of course, to write out the sales letter. The second part is applying technology to what has been written, and then inserting other types of technology into the sales letter itself. In Videos 5, 6, and 7, we will be covering this formula. By the end, you should be able to write your video sales letter quickly because most of the work will already have been done in the previous videos.
What’s in it for me? Why should I believe you?
These are two very common questions that people are going to ask as they watch your video sales letter. Your prospects ultimately want to know why they should purchase from you. Thus, you will need to show them the exact reasons why your product or service is beneficial to them. In other words, what is the end result for them? What will they gain? In addition, they will also want to know why they should believe you in relation to your credentials- something you can back up with social proof. We’ll cover exactly how to do that in this video.
Your Pitch
At this point in the video sales letter, it’s time to make your offer, give your pitch, and get your audience to take action. So in this video, we will be covering six different points that are crucial to closing the sale and getting people to ultimately either buy your product or service, or take whatever action you’re trying to get them to take.
Technology: Video Conversions Bump
In order to complete the hybrid video sales letter, it’s critical that you finish the series with Videos 8 and 9.These videos will show you how to apply technology to the written sales letter, and where in your sales letter you should include certain items to increase your conversion rate. As times have changed, technology has changed as well.
Text vs. Screen Capture
Another way to increase your conversions in application to the hybrid video sales letter is by figuring out when you should use screen capture video. Text-only video sales letters do not cut it nowadays when selling certain types of products. That and more will be covered in this video to ensure that you are ahead of the game, as well as your competition that’s stuck using the old style video sales letter
Course 12
Rank Your YouTube Channel & Generate Traffic To Your Products
Dear Future Video Marketers,
It’s nothing new that YouTube is a huge source of traffic for your products or services.
Video marketing is one of the easiest ways to get highly targeted traffic, but you have to do it right. If you do it wrong and simply upload a video to YouTube in the hopes that it will get ranked both on YouTube and on Google… then you won’t be as effective.
That may have worked back in 2005 where you could just throw a couple backlinks at it, but today is different.
The problem is that ranking on YouTube isn’t as easy as it was back in 2005, or even 2010.
Plus, on top of that, there are tons and tons of different marketing strategies out there online. Many of these work and many of them have faded away.
So what works and what doesn’t now?
What is a long-term strategy that will work for years to come?
It’s simple.
Understanding what Google wants and making sure what you do looks as natural as possible is the key strategy here.
We can’t say what it is other than that, but you can even outsource this process.
Once it is setup, you can let it run.
There’s nothing spammy about this method either.
Rank Your YouTube Channel Higher.
Here’s What You’ll Discover Inside This Course:
Introduction to YouTube Video Traffic
Before we jump right in, we want to make sure that you are in the right mindset. So, we will be discussing where you need to put your 100% focus into. In addition to that, we will discuss a quick overview of what’s inside this video course, so you know exactly what to expect. You’ll also get to see everything that you need to get started successfully.
What This Is NOT
To ensure you are able to successfully implement this strategy, we want to discuss with you what this is NOT about. The reality is that there’s a lot of misconceptions that people have when it comes to ranking videos on YouTube or even Google. These misconceptions or assumptions that certain things working certain ways don’t work or will actually prevent you from succeeding. So, to make sure that these don’t create roadblocks for you, we want to make sure that you understand what this is not.
What Google Wants & The Strategy
In this video, we are going to discuss what Google wants based on the data that we have seen and how the strategy works. Part of being able to rank on YouTube and Google is to understand what Google wants. If you can understand their vision, then you can adapt a long-term strategy to your ranking strategy. By the end of this video, you should have a better and clearer understanding of what you need for your game plan.
The Ring
Now it’s time to focus on the strategy in a very specific step-by-step plan of attack. This strategy is what we call “the ring”. To make things easier for you, you will be given a visual map of what this looks like in practical terms.
How to Automate The Ring
After viewing the previous video, you can imagine how tedious and overwhelming it is to have to maintain the ring, much less get it setup yourself. Yes, getting good rankings is not an easy shortcut by any means. Lucky for you – there is a way to automate it once you have set things up.
Account Creation
In order to set up the ring, you need to be able to apply best practices in terms of creating accounts. Fortunately for you, we have been creating accounts which have been successful and have failed at the same time, so we are able to share with you what has worked for us. Believe it or not, if you don’t follow these best practices – some of your accounts can potentially be removed or banned by these big platforms.
As you can see, creating a ring is very time consuming. It can take a week or two for someone who’s never done this before. So, finding somebody who has done this before and has done very effectively is crucial if you want to focus on the other parts of your business. Lucky for you – we have used several and will show you who we get so you don’t have to lose money finding the wrong person…
Whether you created the ring yourself or hired someone to do it, testing it is very important. In this video, we will show you how to test the ring to make sure that it actually works.
Course 13
How to Optimize Your Videos For The YouTube Search Engine
Dear Future Video Marketers,
It’s nothing new that YouTube is a huge source of traffic for your products or services.
Video marketing is one of the easiest ways to get highly targeted traffic, but you have to do it right. If you do it wrong and simply upload a video to YouTube in the hopes that it will get a ranked on YouTube and on Google then you won’t be as effective.
That may have worked back in 2005 and you could just throw a couple backlinks at it, but today is different.
The problem is that ranking on YouTube isn’t as easy as it was back in 2005, or even 2010.
Plus, on top of that, there are tons and tons of different marketing strategies out there online. Many of these work and many of them have faded away.
So what works and what doesn’t?
What is a long term strategy that will work for years to come?
It’s simple.
Understanding what keywords are in demand and how to properly optimize your video BEFORE you make it live is what will help YouTube know where to categorize your video.
Methods have changed and so has YouTube’s algorithm.
You will learn the most updated SEO strategies that you must do before you make your YouTube videos live.
Here’s What You’ll Discover Inside This Course:
Introduction to YouTube SEO
Before we jump right in, we want to make sure that you are in the right mindset. So, we will be discussing what you need to put your 100% focus into. In addition to that we will discuss a quick overview of what’s inside this video course, so you know exactly what to expect. You’ll also get to see everything that you need to be able to get started successfully.
Competitive Research
The best way to understand how you can rank better is to do a bit of competitive research. This will allow you to see what is working right now and why YouTube may be ranking certain videos over others.
Highly Searched Keywords
One mistake we see many Youtubers make is making their own title and description. Instead of deciding what you think will work, why not use what is already working? The best way to find highly searched keywords is to look at what is already out there and it’s free.
Your Title and Description
Taking what you have gathered in the previous videos, let me show you how to properly create your titles and descriptions. There’s a super easy trick we use to create titles that both convert and rank well.
Video File Optimization
Did you know that all files contains data that tells YouTube what your video could be about? This is one of the most skipped steps because it is a little technical. But you’ll learn how so you can get one step ahead of your competitors.
Your Thumbnail
Since our goal is to get more clicks to your YouTube video, we have to rely on attracting your viewers. The thumbnail is the first thing people see as they are scanning to find what interests them the most. You will learn what your Thumbnail should contain and what to do if you don’t have any design skills.
Video Length
The big question is how long should your video be? Yes, most folks have said to make your videos short and that worked in the past. But what about today? Should it be long? Should it be short?
Secret Tip to Outrank Your Competitors
In this video, we will cover a secret tip that has worked for us time and time again to outrank your competitors. This is one of the few methods that most people are aware of and it’ll be another step you have to be ahead.

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Internet Marketers
Affiliate Marketers
Email Marketers
Business Owner
Digital Product Resellers
Newbie marketers
Online businesses looking to grow

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