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Greg Morrison & Mike Long – OMG No Holds Barred

Greg Morrison & Mike Long – OMG No Holds Barred
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Author: Greg Morrison & Mike Long
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OGM No Holds Barred gives ALL the details of building, ranking and selling/renting/leasing sites step by step. The information can be applied to marketing your own product, affiliate marketing, launch jacking and lead generation. It is not an overview, it is the complete nuts and bolts of how Greg made, and is continuing to make, over one million greenbacks per year. OGM Machines sells for $49. OGM No Holds Barred sells for $2,229.

I generally don’t encounter people who are able to keep up with me unless I’ve personally shown them the methods I use, but even if.
Even if the No Holds Barred coaching speeds your money getting up by just 3-6 months, it can be worth tends of thousands to you, hands down. Heck, you’ve seen my income numbers right off of my paypal statements. If I could have had a course last year that sped me up by ONE DAY, it would have been worth two or three thousand dollars right there.
People ask me how to get clients, and I’ve revealed some successful strategies for doing so already in the vBook, but now you can see the real hammer blow. Imagine you have 5 of the listings for your city’s name plus the word ‘lawyer’, and maybe you also have the same domination for several sub-niches for your town as well, such as personal injury, divorce, contracts, etc.

Going by my own experience, I have to imagine that you would be have a lot of income at that point. Having potential clients take you seriously wouldn’t exactly be a stumbling block.
I’ll take a few moments to describe the OMG No Holds Barred coaching course to you – what you can expect from me, and what I’d like to expect from you when you participate.
My goal, and my belief, is that you will look back 3 months from now and agree that this has been more valuable by far than a $100,000 college education, except it was about 50 times cheaper and 1/16th the time.
I’m going to do my best to explain very clearly everything I know about making money online, and my best is pretty good. The coaching will be focused on but not limited to getting free traffic through search engine optimization. I make good money with affiliate sites, and I make even more money than that by doing sites for clients.
In OMG No Holds Barred, I’ll provide a lot of structure for those who want it. To the extent you wish, you’ll be able to follow an exact step-by-step blueprint process with me for every step of creating a staple website, and then, in the second month, creating a domination website. And as you build one, you can build as many as you desire, with your confidence and skill growing every day.
I’ll lay out for you what you should do each week, such as by leading you carefully through the minefield of getting several different types of links into your website in just the right way at just the right time.
In the final month, the third month, I’m going to show you how to achieve complete supremacy with search engine rankings. This is something super secret and awesomely powerful that I’ve been doing over the past several months. It is so insane that I’m not even going to give any hints about it until I reveal it in complete detail later within the course. I’ll just say that nobody who doesn’t do it will be able to compete with somebody who does.

Furthermore, I’ll consistently provide personal time with me, live. This will primarily take the form of live online office hours, not just once, but actually twice per week, for two hours a time, using GoToWebinar plus Skype chat. Details will be posted in your membership area.
There will be a special email address to write in questions or topics you’d like me to expand on. Often I’ll reply to those, but I cannot promise that I’ll be able to correspond infinitely. What I will do is to add teaching videos based on your requests, in every case where I have, or can find, the knowledge or the demonstration that is requested.
There are going to be a several extras.
An exclusive facebook group for members to use to communicate with each other, as you may want to.

Mike Long and our partner David Mills will be demonstrating the basics of what they call “Red Carpet Conversion” to further help you make sales and build your website business.
I’ve also asked Mike to show you how to make videos for yourself, as that really helps these days and I find that people learn really fast how to do video well when they let Mike show them how.

Ok, so No Holds Barred, this coaching course, isn’t $100,000. It isn’t even $10,000, although I absolutely expect you to look back 3 months from now, feeling so powerful and excited, and feel like it was priceless.

Space in this course is very limited because I am only one person and I refuse to pawn off coaching to some guy who makes $18 an hour. 100 people will be able to participate each new month, and unfortunately no more. And that isn’t some fake number, or else I wouldn’t open up a Facebook group where you can see how many members there are.
Even though I feel that this coaching course is very inexpensive for what it gives, I very much recognize that it is still a significant investment of your hard earned money, and I take that very seriously.
In return, I ask that you be pleasant and positive with other members and with me. I’m devoting a lot of my own time to this, and space is very limited, so, similar to a University or other coaching programs, tuition is non- refundable. The online office hours and Facebook group participation are a privilege that it is very unlikely I will revoke for anybody, but, in extreme circumstances, I expressly reserve the right to block somebody if absolutely necessary.
I’ll live up to what I promised, you can count on that, but what you do with it is up to you. Once you find just one or two clients, or if you make a half way decent affiliate domination site, you can make up the tuition money very quickly – but that is up to you. I earn my money, but I can’t earn yours.
As long as you are fine with that, I welcome you with open arms, with gratitude, and with a passion for your success.

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