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Front Page Formula 2018

Front Page Formula 2018
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The answer: Absolutely. But you’re not going to be able to do it without “insider” knowledge. Let me show you what I mean.
Imagine that someone is searching for you on Google, and first result aside from your own website is a MAJOR publication!
I learned how to position myself as an authority in the world’s biggest outlets. Not only has this given me more credibility, but more opportunities as well.
I used literally everything at my disposal to learn the ropes and went from getting rejected on small “mom and pop” blogs…to getting featured on the front pages of the biggest sites on the internet.
Believe it or not, a few years back I was basically a “nobody”. It wasn’t luck, or connections that got me this far. I had to CREATE this all from scratch..It took me YEARS of constant rejection, trial and error to figure this out.
Getting attention and PR can be a daunting task.but it doesn’t have to be. I developed a detailed formula to figure out the best publications to approach, how find the right editor, and how to construct the perfect pitch.
My mission is to teach you everything I’ve learned to get to this point and dramatically shorten your learning curve.
YOU have the ability to build yourself up as an authority in ANY space if you know the right steps.
One of the coolest things about getting exposure is that you can literally PROPEL yourself into whatever industry you want. Being an authority in your space can allow you to start ANY type of business.
Want to launch a tech startup?
Want to start a product?
Want to get picked up by a TV network or fund a movie?
Cool. You can do all of those things (and more) by building an audience.
In my case, I’ve always wanted to write a book.
Like, the “real” kind. The one that you can pick up in a bookstore.
So I learned how to build my online presence and then “cash in” that credibility to land an agent and a major six-figure publishing deal with Penguin/Random House.(In case you’re wondering, the deal was for just under $200k.)
Now having approached and written for major outlets for a few years now, I have an impressive library of tested scripts to get in touch with editors, and a process for testing content to ensure it’s “virality”. I’ve also mastered directing those readers back to my blog to build a sizeable email list of 100k+ engaged readers, and ultimately, turning all that into revenue.
and you know what?
I’m going to teach you EVERYTHING I’ve learned so you can bypass the frustration of having to figure it out for yourself.

There’s this perception that getting into major publications is like a secret society in which you need to know someone in order to be “let in”.
69 vistiors
“Any one of you guys know an editor at TIME I could talk to?”
Let me tell you, that’s not true.

And lot of people think that you have to have a press kit, or pay in order to get featured.
That’s not true either.
In fact, I’ve never spent a DIME to get featured in major outlets AND when I was first starting out I had no connections.
Over the years I realized that editors are HUNGRY for good content. You might think that the market is saturated and that there’s no more room for writers, but there is.
There’s a lot of room and opportunity to get your voice heard or your product featured.
I managed to figure it out, but it took time. I’m excited to shorten your learning curve by sharing the strategies I used to find editors of the most popular outlets and pitch them my idea.
A few years ago, I had my first piece of writing go “viral.” Fascinated by the experience, I wanted to make it happen again. I wanted to learn the science behind what it took to continually create great pieces that spread.
I finally figured out how to dramatically increase the chances of “virality” for all of my content.

This piece I wrote for Entrepreneur got over 80,000 shares.
This one in Business Insider drew almost 400,000 readers.
And these aren’t freak occurrences. The strategy I developed allows me to replicate this success consistently.
1,000+ likes and over 500 shares. WOAH!
(In The Front Page Formula, I’ll show you how to dramatically increase the odds of getting your content shared like this!)
Once you get into one or more of these major outlets getting traffic is NOT hard. I’ve built an engaged email list of 100,000+ email subscribers and my website averages ~200,000 visitors.

This is a result of directing people reading my content on those platforms to my website.
Almost a quarter MILLION hits over a period of a few months. Clearly, traffic is no longer a problem
THAT is the power of having your work featured in major outlets.
The #1 question I get from my readers is how to turn exposure and an audience into MONEY.
As I started to submit more and more pieces to different outlets my traffic grew and converted VERY well.

Because I was reaching TARGETED leads, and my content was right up their alley.
Traffic to my website is one thing, but were people buying?

Rich20Something has grown tremendously from a little blog that nobody had heard of to a media powerhouse and traffic titan. A large chunk of that revenue came from traffic generated from articles I wrote for major publications.
And with that, revenue from digital products and services we offer has skyrocketed to multiple six-figures.

Check it out:
No matter what type of business you want to start, the right exposure can EXPLODE your business!
You know why I love my tribe? Because you tell me what you want! I posted a status on Facebook to gauge interest and validate whether or not people would find this course useful…
I got a resounding YES. Along with tons of personal emails about specific topics to cover. I took that feedback and used it as a framework to build the content for the course.
It’s provides REAL useful NO-BS answers to the juicy tactics you really want to know. It’s not some watered down course that hides what I really do and only shows you the basic stuff. I’m going to show you the EXACT methods I used to get into outlets like Huffington Post and Time Magazine.
Rich20Something’s Front Page Formula is for tribe members that are looking to get to the next level.

You’ll learn how to:
Determine which outlets are the perfect targets to approach
Find the right editors for your work
Crush your debut article
Write pieces that are guaranteed to get tons of eyeballs through my two never-before-unleashed strategies
Drive traffic to your website and convert leads into PAYING customers
Work your way up the chain to get featured in top magazines
Position yourself as a thought leader in your space and build your brand

You’ll also get a ton of other perks:
Listen in on a REAL behind the scenes phone call an INC editor to learn EXACTLY what they’re looking for (no one outside of the Rich20Something has heard this).
Access to a private members-only Facebook group where all of our material, conversations and Q&A will be stored. You’ll be able to chat with other students, share your wins and help get connected.
ACTUAL email scripts I used to pitch editors – and my notes on why it worked.
Complete, lifetime access to the videos and bonus materials
There’s hours of in-depth video content, a continuously updated library of scripts/templates.

Front Page Formula 2018: Videos, PDF
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