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Frank Shapiro – Dealing With Fame

Frank Shapiro – Dealing With Fame
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Author: Frank Shapiro
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t seems that just about everyone wants to be famous these days. Even if an individual has no talent there are countless television programs that will satisfy the apparent need to have their five minutes of fame. There are many others who do have talent and go on to have ten, twenty and even a few hours worth of fame. And of course there are the very few who have what it takes to make fame and celebrity last a lifetime and beyond.

But what preparation do people have for what is going to happen to their life when fame comes knocking? My experience is that they have none.

This book is not meant to be a serious attempt to prepare or instruct anyone on how to handle fame. Instead it looks at how some people cope with it better than others. After all fame is not an exact science.

The point is that some people handle celebrity with ease and others crumble at the first sign of it. There are myriads of magazines and publications highlighting the lives of individual celebrities. The general public cannot get enough gossip about their favourite idols. But there are few books published about fame itself and the effects it can have on the unprepared wannabe.

Dealing With Fame covers life before, during and after fame as well as looking at specific challenges and how they can be handled to avoid the downward spiral that leads many celebrities to drink, drugs and depression.

About the Author

An astute businessman for over twenty years Frank Shapiro, although having previous interests in the music industry became seriously involved in early 1996 when he co-founded a Music Management Company, a Recording Company and a Music Publishing Company. Following the sale of his highly successful optical stores with over eighty employees, Frank was keen to use his management and business skills on the challenge of making his entertainment management companies major world-wide forces. So when this opportunity arose Frank was not slow to take up the challenge of signing up performers, songwriters and producers. With many years in management under his belt Frank is used to dealing at the sharp end of business. It is not uncommon for managers and agents in the world of entertainment to push clients towards the idea of making hay while the sun shines. In other words it is often believed that there is a window of opportunity, often very small, in which to make a name for oneself and to secure the future by taking advantage of the financial opportunities that come with it. This works for some people but for others the work load and living life in the public glare takes its toll on their life. This often leads to a downward spiral of unhappiness and unfulfilled existence. Frank noticed that some of his clients who were signed to his management company, although seemingly having it all, felt unfulfilled. From the outside they appeared to have it all; plenty of money, good looks, fame, a jet set lifestyle and adoring fans clamouring to be with them wherever they went. The distress he saw in these clients is what set Frank on the road to supporting individuals, many of them in the public eye, as they come to terms with having a private life as well as a public one, through his now well established coaching practice. He equipped himself for the job of supporting individuals, both in and outside of the entertainment industry by training as a Life Coach. Because of his years working closely with people in the public eye, he felt well placed to give some support to those not able to deal with the pressures that their fame brought. Frank now makes himself available to people at whichever stage of fame they find themselves; before, during or after. He recognises and empathises with individuals who feel that fame has been or still is a little hard to handle.

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