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Ed Dale – Going Pro Conference

Ed Dale - Going Pro Conference

Ed Dale – Going Pro Conference
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Author: Ed Dale
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Session 1 – Ed Dale – Why you need to Go Pro!
Ed doesn’t need much of an introduction and opens the conference by talking through the importance of the theme of GoingPro. You can watch this keynote for free… (but don’t forget to Like it too)
Session 2 – Mike Rhodes – What’s new in Google PPC
Mike is the go-to guy when it comes to Google PPC. People tend to fall into one of two camps – tried it, and decided the test didn’t work and so gave up.. or people who really get to understand the best techniques and run their business off the back of it.
In these 46 mins (which you’ll need to use the pause button for a lot) Mikes reveals dozens of new PPC techniques – your job is to pick (at least) one and act on it..
Not all the features are rolled out globally yet – however it’s always good to get sneak previews of new PPC functionality and techniques.
Mike covers, amongst many other things, automation, the importance of ratings, Twitter advertising (coming soon), Google Local advertising, Google Product advertising and MOBILE – in CAPS because – it’s mind blowing some of the stats…
Learn from someone who manages $$$$ of ad spend for clients and has bought (and tested) the t-shirt.
Session 3 – Eugene Ware – How to use Marketing Assets to multiply your profits
Eugene delivers the same presentation he gave in London (note this is the only presentation in the 18 which is the same as the recent London conference!)
He describes how to use marketing assets to multiply your profits in 2011
He lifts the lid on the numbers which underpin his business – Market Samurai, so if you’ve always wondered how successful Market Samurai actually is – this presentation will be for you.
He goes on to explain how to create your marketing assets balance sheet, which in turn will help you to make decisions on what’s really happening in order for you to get your online business on track.
If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it!
Session 4 – David Jenyns – Outsourcing in the real world
David is the founder of Melbourne SEO services and has made a huge name for himself online over the last few years through his reputation in online stock trading training.
Why is everyone so obsessed with outsourcing? Because YOU are the bottle neck!
In this session, Dave walks you through parts of his business and explains how he has outsourced those processes to free him up to work ON the business, rather than IN the business.
What you will learn:
* He shows you his ‘treasure map’ which is his grand plan and even shows real, live google docs from his business which form part of the outsourcing process.
* He shows you how he documented the process for his SEO Method – a step by step process for ranking – which is now completely replicable for his outsourcing team…
* He explains why you should take advantage of Geo-arbitrage and why it’s not ‘taking advantage’ of people.
* He explains why you need to treat people like family and how to interact with them…
This is a step by step approach to getting started in outsourcing and as you’ll hear throughout this conference. You can’t Go Pro alone. Dave has gone Super-Pro.
Session 5 – Josh Bretag – My story of Going Pro
This time last year, Josh was sat in the audience of Ed’s Coming Home conference. He applied to join Ed’s mentor scheme and in 12 months has gone from working 16 hour days as a trainee chef to going full time as an Internet marketer.
He’s done it by making A LOT of mistakes, which he shares in this presentation. He’s done it by outsourcing and he’s done it by implementing critical focus times.
Josh is only 22, and he has a ton of enthusiasm for what he’s doing. If you are looking for inspiration and have the passion to become a full time Internet marketer, Josh’s presentation will help you move closer to your goal.
Session 6 – Gary Vurnum – A 7 step system to publishing a book on Amazon
Gary Vurnum is an author you probably haven’t heard of… however he’s published dozens of books and has many of his books ranking #1 on Amazon for relevant phrases. How does it he do it? Because he has a system!
* Gary will teach you how to have a book written in less than 2 days and for sale at Amazon.com within 10 days.
* He’ll teach you the one thing you need to do to guarantee that your book will appear at the top of Amazon’s search.
* He’ll also show you how to ensure your book gives you a regular income, year after year with zero effort!
Why would you want to do this? Well to earn a passive income, but also the genius of this presentation is that he shows you how books can become the first stage in your sales funnel, with people paying to buy them and join that funnel!
The editor of this site will be launching his very first book in April 2011… that’s how seriously I took this session.
Session 7 – Simon Johnson – The 7 biggest domaining myths
Simon started using the Internet in 1989, and co-founded one of Australia’s first ISPs…
If you want to know more about domaining, Simon is about as knowledgeable as they come and in this session shares 7 myths…
* You can learn domaining in an hour – it’s just a case of buying domains and sitting on them. WRONG
* Domain age is everything – if you can find an aged domain – you’re in the money. WRONG
* Going to the effort of developing a domain with a site is essential. WRONG
* Quick flipping is the way forward. WRONG
* All the good domains are taken – there’s no point in buying any more. WRONG
* When bidding – my information is totally safe. WRONG
* Domains simply cost too much and they aren’t worth the investment. WRONG
Find out why these statements are indeed all myths in Simon’s in depth session…
Session 8 – Anna Johnson – How to choose the right business model
Anna started her first online business in 1994 and made a ton of mistakes however she did enough of the right things and so the business was still profitable.
You’ll hear this theme crop up time and time again in this conference – everyone has a choice about their goals and the type of business they go into. Anna talks through 3 traditional models: Infoproducts, Affiliate marketing and Advertising.
The key take away from this session is the metrics Anna discusses. The idea of matching your business model to your income goals may not be new to you, however if you don’t get it right, you’ll be kidding yourself about how much money you’re going to earn.
Anna also talks from the heart and gives you her tips on how to keep going when everything goes wrong? Because, inevitably, it will at some point!
Session 9 – Leslie Rhodie – A 7 step system for 6 figure blogging success
Leslie’s presentation at the recent London conference was pretty techy to say the least. In this totally new presentation, he steps down a gear and gives you a blueprint for SEO, starting from nothing.
If you have a WordPress blog, sit back, take notes and either tweak what you’re doing or rip the page up and start again, using Leslie’s proven strategy.
* Amongst dozens of things, he’ll explain first link priority,
* He’ll explain the difference (and importance of) posts vs pages.
* He’ll also show you how to leverage the fact that webmasters no longer rule the world any more, when it comes to creating back links. High school students on mobiles are more likely to provide you with a backlink in 2011…
In short, the Godfather of SEO delivers an inspiring 84 mins which deserves to be paid attention to.
Session 10 – Jen Sheahan – 7 steps to Facebook success
Jen is a Facebook guru. She has an outsourced team and runs a successful business in Melbourne working with clients to improve their Facebook presence and their advertising strategies.
If you’ve been playing with Facebook PPC, we’d lay a bet that it may not have worked for you. Jen sees this all the time. People put their toes in the water and then exit stage left as results aren’t immediate. In this presentation, in her 7 steps to success, she puts a huge focus on how to advertise successfully. Specific tactics, specifics on how to target audiences and specifics on how to get more clicks by tuning the words and images you use.
It’s simply awesome, because she’s spent 2 years testing the advice she gives. Some of the biggest brains in the room were writing frantically… we suspect you will too.
You’re going to need to watch this two or three times due to the huge volume of information Jen provides.
Session 11 – Ben Stickland- How to increase your website’s conversion
Ben is the CEO of the company behind Market Samurai. They have built and run dozens of sites for huge businesses in Australia as well as being amazing software developers.
Much of his time is spent working with clients, big and small, optimising their processes. In this session, Ben shares huge insight into his experiences and shows a ton of examples on how a simple headline change can improve metrics huugely. In one example a 77% uplift in sales was the direct result of a small change in copy. Not bad huh?
He runs through the following concepts:
* Testing, testing, testing
* Side benefits of conversion
* Mechanics of testing/conversion
* 7 principles you can apply to improve your conversion
* He gives you a checklist for your website to improve your conversion rate.
* He even explains how one small change has made Market Samurai into the service it is today.
Pen and paper at the ready if you’re serious about growing your business and most importantly, your profits.
Session 12 – James Schramko – My life story
James talks through his story from age 7, where he thought he was going to die… Dramatic but true and it started him out on a certain path. He talks through a number of life lessons and applies them to how he runs his business today.
* He explains what makes someone a good salesperson
* He shines a spotlight on himself and explains how he has gone pro…
* He also explains how he has shifted his mindset over the years.
* He explains his audacious goal of wanting a $10m business and how he has become 100% focused on getting there.
* He explains how he runs his huge outsourced team (which he treats like family).
* He also shows you that when you let go of constraints – you can change.
It’s hard to sum up the power of this speech in a couple of overview paragraphs, but as the editor of this conference site, I think it’s fair to say I’ve never seen a room so silent for a presentation.
James’s story is truly inspirational and is one of the true highlights of the conference.
Session 13 – Michelle and Simon Frost – How to take a local SEO business Pro
Michelle and Simon Frost are a husband and wife team who have been mentored by Ed over the last 12 months. They have set up a local SEO and Internet marketing business in Tasmania (overseas 😉 ), catering for local business.
Over the last 12 months, they’ve made a conscious decision to take their business PRO. They’ve created an outsourced team, created processes and systems to work with them. They go on to explain how they go about winning clients and how they upsell to become a trusted partner.
If you are either running or thinking a running a business off the back of The Challenge’s teachings, helping local business to get online – then you’ll love this session.
Session 14 – Lynn Terry – The other side of Going Pro (her life story)
Most of you will be aware of Lynn as an expert affiliate marketer, who has a huge following.
She started out on her own in 1996. She had a highly successful physical business with employees, locations, vendors and customers and then it all fell apart – her words, not mine. Lynn fell apart too, because of circumstance.
She vowed that it would never happen again to her. Finding herself single, with two children, she sat back, looked at what was working by finding out where she was already making money easily. She then took an active decision not to rely on clients anymore and decided to become an affiliate marketer, before the term affiliate marketing was really born.
She then goes on to give you her best advice on making money will you sleep and talks through some affiliate marketing examples online and points out the good, the bad and the ugly including:
* How to choose a merchant
* The worst mistake an affiliate marketer could make
* The secrets of using redirections
* The difference between an employee mindset and Going Pro.
She’s so good at making money while she sleeps, recently she took a 4 month break and her income grew by 50%!
Lynn tells her story and speaks from the heart and if you’re not inspired by the end of it, then there is something wrong with you 😉
This is such a great example of deciding on goal and working towards it for all the right reasons.
Session 15 – Pete Williams – Lessons in leverage
Pete’s opening question – How many people have too much to do in their day? I’m guessing you’re putting your hand up right now. If so – you will LOVE this session. Note – this is a PC friendly presentation!
Over 90 minutes, Pete literally blows the audience’s mind… and dispels the myth that a magician never reveals his secrets.
You will find out how to:
* Automate forum posts to practice market leadership
* How to improve communications with your team by leveraging iPhone apps
* How to reduce your inbox, whilst improving your communications, whilst potentially adding to your list
* How to outsource content creation
* The best way to manage an outsource team
* How to manage your Facebook friend requests (without looking and feeling bad)
* How to outsource birthdays
* How to arrange interviews with content experts for your blog and membership sites
* How to create processes and systems for your team using the most awesome software ever
Pete got a standing ovation for this session. For good reason. It’s superb and it will help you get more done, faster.
Session 16 – Dan Dobos- A 7 step process to selling more effectively
One of the reasons Apple is so successful is because when Steve Jobs is on stage, NO ONE feels like he is selling… despite the fact he’s one of the best sales people in the world.
According to Dan (and I think he’s absolutely right), “If your audience detects a hint of selling, you’re in big trouble because they know that you’re no longer interested in them, just in their own personal agenda.”
After delivering 1000+ sales presentations to audiences in his own successful business, Dan has refined a 7 step process over several years, after starting out and being absolutely terrible at selling. In his own words, he used to ‘suck’. It’s only through sheer persistence, mentoring and practice he turned things round.
After a couple of his early sales seminars, Dan converted his audience at the not so great percentage of 0%. 700 presentations later, Dan has managed to convert a room at 100%, which is extraordinary and an amazing example of persistence and Going Pro.
If you struggle with the concept of selling and asking for the sale either face to face or online, this is a much watch, as you will come out of it feeling confident about how to sell, without making your targets realise you’re selling to them.
Session 17 – Danny Batellic – How Danny went Pro
Like Josh Bretag, last year, Danny was in the conference audience in Melbourne. Since then after 150+ transactions on Flippa, he has quit his job and is now a full time Internet Marketer, in the niche of buying and selling websites.
In his presentation, Danny tells his story. It’s an emotional one at times as he reflects on the influences on his life and the problems he has overcome.
After talking through how he got to where he is now, he goes on to talk about some of his strategies for buying and selling. He’s even gone on to leverage what he’s learnt by developing a product teaching others.
Session 18 – Sam Witteveen – The 10 commandments of Going Pro
Sam is a legend, there’s no other word for him. He sums up this conference in a presentation written that day to reflect what has been discussed. Like many others at this conference, Sam begins by telling his story – how he took massive action, seized opportunities and followed his vision. He now runs several successful businesses in very different niches, which are run by an outsourced team (can you see a pattern now).
He then goes on to talk about the 10 commandments of Going Pro, based on his life experiences. Experiences which have involved Prince and Michael Jackson believe it or not.
There is so much good, valuable, practical advice in this session it’s hard to know where to start describing it. I think the best thing to say is that if you feel you need a pep talk, a mentor, a coach to say to you, come on, let’s get going, then I’d watch this session time and time again.
It’s like a good old fashioned virtual kick in the pants… a wake up call… a dose of reality and your mum and dad giving you a lecture all at once.

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