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Dr Spencer Nadolsky – Tips When Visiting The Doctor

Dr Spencer Nadolsky – Tips When Visiting The Doctor
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What if there was a doctor who told you that you could replace your medicines with diet or exercise? A doctor who practices what he preaches, and would even take the time out of his day to work out with you, and sit down with you afterward to talk about your life over lunch? A doctor who actually wants to get to know you so they can best manage your patient care? They would be a dream come true, right? You may think such a physician doesn’t exist. But Spencer Nadolsky is no normal physician. Spencer Nadolsky is all of the above, and he’s famously known as “The Doc Who Lifts.”

Author of The Fat Loss Prescription, and family practice physician specializing in obesity, Dr. Spencer Nadolsky approaches his practice a bit. differently. As he puts it, ” Most doctors don’t have as much interest helping those with obesity since they feel it is a matter of just putting your fork down and pushing yourself away from the table. But the complexities of obesity show it is much more than that, and it is fun working through those complexities with my patients.”

So how does he work through these complexities? Well, he recently took a day off to work out with a patient, and then went to Chipotle afterward to talk more intimately with his patient about his life, his family, and his daily struggles. This approach to health care is almost unheard of, and now Dr. Spencer Nadolsky wants to expand this concept not only within his practice, but to other physicians as well.

Here Dr. Nadolsky shares with us some insight into how he became the physician he is today, and his ideas for the future of healthcare.

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