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David Fowler – Ultimate Moneymaking Newspaper Ads

David Fowler - Ultimate Moneymaking Newspaper Ads

David Fowler – Ultimate Moneymaking Newspaper Ads
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Before I ever learned how to create ads that generated amazing response…I created so many bad and mediocre newspaper ads in my early career it’s embarrassing to think about.
And when I say bad, I mean my ads couldn’t sell “free money!”. Yeah, my early ads looked cool, but they didn’t generate leads or revenues for my clients.
What’s worse is, now that I think about it, I won awards for some of those ad “losers” because they “looked good” to other “creative” types.
And not only that, I was invited to judge some of the nation’s largest ad award shows because I was considered “an expert” on the subject.
Some “ad expert” I was…
Then it happened.
One client after another started to “fire” me and my ad agency.
The reason was always the same. My clients would call me into their offices and say some version of: “Our business has spent a lot of money with your agency to create ads that are supposed to generate leads and sales—and yours don’t!”
I remember how painful those meetings were. Hearing the words, “YOU’RE FIRED!” wasn’t nearly as bad as the”crushed” expectations and the disappointment I created.
Looking back, I can say those clients did me (and themselves) a favor.
Because the pain of losing so many clients so quickly (beside giving me lots of “time off” to ponder), instilled in me a desire to learn EXACTLY what strategies make newspaper ads work.
Who am I and Why You Should Listen to Me
The most important thing you should know about me is this: I’ve been an agency Creative Director and Marketing and Advertising Consultant for more than 26 years. In that time I’ve created more newspaper and print ads than you have. And I’ve FAILED hundreds of times more than you have too.
And yes, those are pretty good credentials.
Because rather than give up on newspaper advertising or sulk over my ad “screw-ups”, I used those failures to motivate me to learn just about every strategy, trick, solution, shortcut and idea there is to make newspaper ads effective.
From what I know now I can, with pretty good accuracy, look at your newspaper ad before it’s ever printed and tell you if it’s going to work or not, and why.
Not because I have a crystal ball.
I just have years of trial and error and a lot of very successful ads—that have made a lot of businesses a lot of money—under my belt.
Just like my headline says, I recently created an ad that generated more than $960,000 in brand new revenues for one of the largest Lasik eye surgery centers in Southern California.
I also created an ad for a local casino in my area that generated a whopping $500,000 of new revenues in only 3 days!
Knowing what I know makes it easy to create ad winners almost every time I sit down to write an ad.
And now I’m sharing EVERY successful strategy I’ve learned with you. I’ve taken my 26 years of experience as a newspaper ad copywriter and designer and poured every last drop of know-how into my new book, “Ultimate Moneymaking Newspaper Ads”.
The word “Ultimate” was deliberately chosen because the methods I teach you are “proven” and definitive. I’ll show you everything you need to know to create effective, moneymaking ads—and only what you need to know.
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Why a Book on Newspaper Advertising Now?
The newspapers industry in the U.S. is hurting bad.
They’re losing advertisers—and precious ad revenues—at alarming rates.
But guess what? If there ever was a time to use newspaper ads to grow your business it’s right now!
This advice may run counter to what you THINK.
But here’s the fact: newspapers have millions of loyal readers. And those readers are hungry to buy what you sell IF your target audience reads a newspaper and… if your ad contains STRATEGIES THAT WORK!
I’ve heard people say the newspaper doesn’t produce results anymore. Honestly, that’s dumb! I have overwhelming proof the newspaper not only works, it works like gangbusters!
But you want to know what doesn’t work? It’s those old lame, weak-kneed, ineffective. tired and out-of-gas ad strategies…still used by most advertisers. That’s what doesn’t work.
The people who claim the newspaper doesn’t drive business are the same ones who have no clue what goes into a powerful, moneymaking ad.
I know. I used to be one of them.
There are businesses right now whose ads make the phone ring off the hook. Whose ads cause lines of eager-to-buy customers. I recently saw an ad in a San Diego newspaper that produced a line that extended well over a block!
The point is, highly effective newspaper ads require very specific offers to work. They require very specific headlines. Very specific layouts.
My new book, “Ultimate Moneymaking Newspaper Ads” will tell you exactly, specifically what to do to make your newspaper ads generate more leads than you’ve seen before.
You’ll be amazed at the money you can actually make!
Especially if your ads have never made any real money before.
My book gives you instant access to my years of experience and knowledge that will let you by-pass the mistakes most advertisers make.
Imagine having access to the ad-winners circle…consistently.
There’s a right way and a wrong way to create newspaper ads. Doing it my way is like having a money machine at your disposal.
In my book Ultimate Moneymaking Newspaper Ads, I show you step by step how your next ad can begin generating 100%, 200% even 500% more response than your previous ad.

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