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Dave Rogenmoser – 6K Success Program

Dave Rogenmoser – 6K Success Program
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Author: Dave Rogenmoser
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Learn how to build a lucrative digital marketing business and grow to $6,000/mo in recurring monthly income.

“I’m sharing our most advanced strategies, systems, and secrets that have helped us grow our marketing consulting business from $0 to over $25,000/mo in recurring income. in less than 12 months.”
You’ll Learn How To:
Get Clients
Attract high-value customers that beg you to work with them
Hire Contractors
Find and use reliable contractors to outsource 90% of your work so you can focus on building your business.
Scale Your Business
Scale and grow so you earn more money while working fewer hours.
In fact, failing was one of the BEST things that could have happened because it wasn’t just a SUPER cheap education on how to NOT run a business, but it also what opened my eyes to the consulting business model that has grown my new company from $0 to more than $200,000 in less than a year.
I’ve made a TON of mistakes along the way as I’ve tried building my own businesses. I’m going to use the examples of a few of my friends to share three of the biggest consulting mistakes I’ve seen myself and others make. Hopefully by seeing them here.you can avoid making these mistakes yourself.
The Top 3 Mistakes Made By New and Growing Consultants
Mistake 1: Forgetting the Right Mindset
A few years back, a friend of mine went to a leadership seminar. One of the first activities they did was to raise as much money in 3 hours as possible, to help provide meals for people who couldn’t afford food on their own. Their group started planning and made a goal to help 10,000 people. They made calls asking for money to buy food, found a local shelter to donate the food to, and ended up raising enough money to help more than 15,000 people in just a few hours.
Mistake 2: Building the Wrong Toolset
Another one of my friends is a hard-core (recovering) perfectionist. AND he’s a business owner.
Mistake 3 : Ignoring the Power of Recurring Assets
A few weeks ago I was talking with my friend James. He’s been a freelance software developer for a few years now. It doesn’t matter if he’s building websites or designing software, he’s amazing, so it’s not surprising that he’s built a pretty substantial portfolio of clients. As an example, his most recent client has been worth more than a million dollars to his business.
If you’re ready to grow your business, even if you’re starting at ground zero, here’s how this course will help you succeed:
You will learn:
Day 1
A simple way to start seeing success in your first 4 days in the program;
Day 2
How to set goals (that actually work)
Day 3
How to decide what it is you actually want for your business
Day 4
How to identify the things that will be most profitable for you (and then do them!)
Day 7
How to set your business up for success for the long term
Day 10
How to test the market and identify your ideal prospect
Day 12
What the best services to offer are, and how to present them to your prospects
Day 15
What you need to do to be viewed by potential clients as an expert, and have them coming to you for your help
Day 18
Simple strategies to use on Linkedin, to make finding new clients a breeze
Day 21
What to say when you actually get your foot in the door
Listen to actual recordings of Dave and other members closing deals. You’ll see exactly how simple the process can be!
Day 26
How to be a referral master and have qualified customers waiting for you at the doorstep.
Day 32
How to use simple tools, like landing pages, to increase your profit.
Get exclusive access to all the tools, funnels, and frameworks WE use to drive traffic to our business. This alone is worth THOUSANDS of dollars!

Dave Rogenmoser – 6K Success Program: Videos, PDF
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