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Daniel DiPiazza – Freelance Domination 2.0

Daniel DiPiazza – Freelance Domination 2.0
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Author: Daniel DiPiazza
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Imagine How It Would Feel To Get Checks Like This Mailed To You Every Single Month — For Doing Work That You Love, On Your Own Time, From Anywhere In The World…
This check for $6,450 is only the downpayment on a $13,000 freelance project — and nope, it’s not mine — it was mailed directly to one of my students after she successfully negotiated a five-figure deal using material from my premium course.
Keep reading to learn how Freelance Domination 2.0 can teach you how to start and grow a profitable freelance business with skills you already have. (Soon, it’ll be your name on that check ;p)
With Freelance Domination 2.0, You Will Learn…
How to find a profitable skill that you know people will pay for — even if you don’t think you have any good ideas
Where to find clients who will pay premium prices for your work (both online and offline), and how to craft killer proposals that get the job every time
How to quickly scale your freelancing business to $1,000, $5,000, $10,000 or more every single month
Advanced strategies for creating an endless “funnel” of high-paying clients, and outsourcing the projects so that you can be “hands off” if you choose
“Which Rafter Should I Hang Myself From?”
In Late 2011, I realized that if I stayed at my dead end restaurant job one more day, I was probably going to hang myself from the charming, antique oak rafters of that God-forsaken steakhouse.
Not to be grim — but that’s simply how I felt.
All viable options at one point…
I wasn’t in any serious danger of hurting myself (you don’t need to email me…really). But I was EXTREMELY fed up.
I was so TIRED with being limited to a meager paycheck when everything I wanted to do with my life required two things I didn’t have:
More free time
A lot more money
Now remember, this was 2011 and I’d just seen The Social Network. I was pretty juiced up, imagining that if I just had “the perfect idea”…or could somehow re-do everything and go to Harvard…I could be the next Zuckerberg and finally create something I loved that actually made money.
So I did a lot of meditating. And deep thinking. And agonizing. I was looking for that million-dollar idea. I prayed to a few different gods.

Daniel DiPiazza – Freelance Domination 2.0: Videos, PDF
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